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Raymond J. Pasquale | Founder & CEO | Unified Office

Raymond J. Pasquale: Reinventing Business Communications

It takes strong leadership skills to lead an organization and to disrupt and reinvent an entire market. A leader tries hard to transform potential opportunities into attainable and sustainable success. One such leader is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Unified Office, Raymond J. Pasquale. His unique ideology and methods have helped him to bring disruption to the business communications marketplace, achieving many milestones for his company in the process. He has held leadership positions in dynamic, emerging technology companies for over 20 years, now, starting with DEC—then Cascade, Sonus, and now Unified Office.
Innovative Offerings
“The ability to customize our offerings at scale for different target markets is one of the key competitive advantages at Unified Office,” Pasquale says. Unified Office maintains a vertical market focus so it can drive innovations to help its customers adapt to a constantly changing market. Currently, Unified Office is focused on the following verticals: Restaurants, Hospitality, Healthcare, Dental Practices, Real Estate, Automotive, Agriculture and Technology.
He also mentions that Unified Office’s services must not only demonstrate high quality and reliability but also be able to adapt simply, quickly, and easy to respond to the unique needs of each vertical market and customer. This enables businesses to react to changes as they occur rather than forcing them to adhere to a rigid, inflexible workflow environment.
Unified Office’s industry-leading Total Connect Now communications platform, with its highly reliable network and high-quality business communications services, was developed for companies who can’t afford to miss calls and want to maximize their revenues. With the flexibility of its HQRP™ network platform, the company can quickly and easily customize features for its customers that meet their specific vertical market needs. In the healthcare market, for example, it integrates with the leading practice management solutions so the company’s customers can quickly and easily access their customer/patient information all in one place.
Another example of the company’s vertical market innovations are offerings that Unified Office has developed and continues to develop for the restaurant industry. Initially developed for the restaurant market, Unified Office’s patented Visual Performance Suite™ (VPS™) offering provides a real-time view of changes in operational performance levels along with actionable intelligence for business managers and owners. This enables them to take immediate actions and apply continuous operational improvements thereby increasing customer satisfaction and in turn revenues and profits.
Unified Office also developed TCNOPSTM (Total Connect Now Operations Performance SuiteTM), an Internet of Things (IoT) based operational performance suite to help Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) dramatically improve their operational performance, effectiveness and food safety compliance initiatives. TCNOPSTM extends beyond simple real-time basic monitoring to proactive and predictive analysis, which can help eliminate component failure before it becomes a problem.
The second example of Unified Office’s innovative vertical market approach is its Total Connect Now Dental Management SuiteSM, an advanced business communications platform for the dental market providing automated appointment reminders, confirmations, and texting services.
Unified Office also developed its Virtual Communications ConsoleSM and its Visual Call Flow BuilderTM for dental offices. Virtual Communications ConsoleSM is a flexible virtual operator console that enables receptionists and other staff to work from any office or off-site location. Visual Call Flow Builder™ enables customers and resellers to build, design and manage their own call flows enabling a practice, for example, to centralize receptionist support in one office or distribute it throughout all of their offices. All of these vertical market innovations are easily adaptable to other markets as well. “No other company offers the range of customized features and vertical market applications at scale that can be rapidly deployed for our customers,” Ray said.
Keeping Customers A Step Ahead of the Competition
When it comes to competition, Unified Office does not take time to look in the rear-view mirror. Pasquale believes that one must stay true to their vision, stay close to their customers and do the things that make their customers’ lives better, in order to attain success.
Currently, Unified Office is the only company that can offer high quality, reliable VoIP communications services without the need for expensive legacy T1 or MPLS network infrastructure.
Into the Future of Unified Office
Unified Office’s core mission is to help businesses of all types monetize their communications services and solve problems that are unique to them. Unified Office does this first by being relentless innovators and providing its customers with reliable, high-quality voice communications services. The company then layers on top of that service platform simple, elegant, and easy-to-use, value-added services, and applications that help them improve the effectiveness of their business operations and respond to the needs of their customers at the speed of the market.
Pasquale sees himself continuing to build what he believes to be one of the most disruptive and transformative companies in the market today. “There is no end in sight for what we can accomplish. The time has never been better for a company like Unified Office,” says Founder & CEO, Ray Pasquale.
A Piece of Advice to Rely On
Ray believes that innovation is absolutely essential to successfully lead. a company today. The world is undergoing change so fast it is dizzying; the successful CEO and by extension their company must not only adapt to market changes but also sense the market, get out in front of it and lead it. “Your customers count on you to do this for them,” he said. “All one has to do to appreciate the rate and velocity of change today is to look at Amazon and the Internet and how they have fundamentally changed our lives.”
According to Ray, every CEO must demonstrate constancy of purpose, be willing to pivot when necessary, relentlessly focus on execution, create value and be willing to listen to one’s customers and employees. It is important to seek advice, take ownership and above all, be a leader.