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Doumit Raidy | Managing Director

RAIDY Printing Group: Furnishing 3D Printing and Providing Innovative Printing Solutions

Back in the day, when technology didn’t evolve so much in our lives, printing out essential documents was a hassle. Finding the person with the computer was one thing, but getting it printed was another.

Ever since technological advancements have blessed our lives, work related to a computer has grown a lot easier and hassle-free. And printing out pictures or pages with a printer on enhanced paper material has made it even better.

The digitalization wave has dramatically improved our convenience. Not many companies would offer extraordinary functional printers which print all kinds, including magazines, books, varied printing requirements, and most importantly, 3D prints. However, the company providing all varieties and emerging as specialized and providing high-quality printers is RAIDY Printing Group.

Joseph D. Raidy founded it in 1973, which proved to be the deciding factor in printing. It combines art with technology and beauty with the most significant degree of precision.

With the assistance of sub-resellers, the prominence of 3D printers has expanded throughout the Middle East while constantly working on introducing new technologies. Accompanied with a target to integrate 3D printing technology in industries like Engineering, Design, Education, and Architecture.

Being the Managing Director of RAIDY Printing Group, Doumit Raidy took up the legacy of his father further by following in his footsteps and adding his enhanced touch towards the expansion of the company by adding a portfolio of 3D printers in the Middle East. With such amenities inbound, provision to schools, universities, dental experts, jewelry, engineers, and a lot of different verticals is the primary goal of the prime distributor.

RAIDY Printing Group has operating sites with higher quality assurance systems as an integral part of its structure. Every element of the business is procedurally controlled, with particular attention to the accuracy of products and material specifications. The force works smartly rather than just harder toward its goals.

Let’s take a closer look and learn more about RAIDY Printing Group:

Initiation Chronicle

RAIDY Printing Group evolved from a small printing press when Joseph Raidy, his father, started the business back in 1973, into a leading player in the Middle East. It specializes in all kinds of printing services, from offset to digital and security printing. Always at the forefront of technology and always looking to equip themselves with the latest technology available in the market, their curiosity leads them to 3D Printing.

True that 3D Printing had nothing to do with their existing line of business back then; however, given the name of this additive manufacturing technology, their curiosity led them there since 2013. Since then, RAIDY Printing Group has spent lots of time and effort to better understand this new technology and has realized the potential it has.

Doumit traveled to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Boston and followed up thoroughly on the first exhibitions and conferences to understand the work that goes down with additive manufacturing.

Extensive Offerings

RAIDY Printing Group is the leading distributor and only certified partner in the Middle East, with offices in both UAE and Lebanon, along with a vast reseller network across the region for leading brands such as Ultimaker, Formlabs, WASP, and Anisoprint, to name a few.

This portfolio keeps on growing. While being the only one providing all kinds of printing products like Magazines, Art Books, Catalogues, Publications, Annual Reports, Brochures, Packaging, Promotions, Ads, Posters, Flyers, Fanzines, Novels, Flip Books, Stationary, Calendars, Postcards, Corporate Identity, Stickers, Invitations, Labels, Letterheads, Envelopes, Coasters, Wedding Cards, Business Cards, Passports, Cheques, ID Cards, Gift Cards, Driving Licenses, Security Printing Documents, 3D Printers, 3D Printed Objects and 3D Scanners.

Standing out Amidst The Rest

The brands that RAIDY Printing Group represents, along with their dedicated team of experts, make them a preferred choice for people interested in going into 3D Printing.

Their motto is, “Whenever you are integrating new technology into your conventional workflow, you always need a qualified team to support you whenever you require assistance.”

Now that 3D Printing is also replacing existing conventional methods, and that more and more professionals are using their advanced printers, they need to ensure top-notch support on weekdays, weekends, and even out-of-office hours. And take that extra effort when it comes to their customers.

Introducing 3D Printing

The introduction of 3D printing has significantly impacted their uniqueness and encouraged them to participate in the leading fairs and education conferences with live demonstration machines to create awareness, create demand and familiarize professionals, educators, and consumers with this new technology.

The additive manufacturing horizon is limitless; one needs to understand the technology properly and will directly understand how one can integrate it into their industry or business.

True that today this technology is primarily used in industries such as engineering, dental, jewelry, prototyping, and education; however you can even integrate it into any industry if you realize its potential.

They have demonstration centers in both Dubai and Beirut that are always open to welcoming curious adopters of this new technology where everyone can see all of their machines in various technology (SLA, FDM, LDM, SLS, etc.) live and running.

Quest of RAIDY Printing Group

RAIDY Printing Group aims to keep its clients happy, and that determines its success. Adding to that statement, Doumit says, “To always keep our clients satisfied and assure a superior level of support whenever required.”

De-coding Challenges

Even though the brands RAIDY Printing Group currently represents and distributes are among the most important and trusted brands worldwide, currently, they happen to experience some competition from cheaper brands that provide customers with acceptable quality at a lesser price.

The support behind these brands is not up to the standard, but sometimes, clients looking to save on investments can be tempted to opt for cheaper alternatives. Hence RAIDY Printing Group stands to its strategies of being at the vanguard and delivering the best quality products in each category.

Mr. Doumit Raidy states, “Our strategy is always to be at the forefront of technology and only provide our customers with the best available brands in each category. We look for our customers’ long terms satisfaction.”

Wisdom Words to Amide

The portfolio RAIDY Printing Group is currently growing, offering clients various additive manufacturing technologies to fit almost any need or request.

Being one of the early adopters of the technological wave of advancement, RAIDY Printing Group aims towards making a one-stop destination and

“To make RAIDY Printing Group a one-stop shop for any 3D Printing technology.”


Anisoprint COO

“Our global network of experienced resellers helps us expand our technology worldwide and RAIDY Printing Group is our trusted partner for the Middle East. Being the appointed distributor of the best available SLA, SLS, LDM, and FDM printers, RAIDY’s goal was to add continuous fiber 3D printing to its portfolio. Our patented technology is a perfect match for RAIDY! And with offices in both Dubai and Beirut, a knowledgeable team, and deep expertise across different verticals, RAIDY is a perfect match for us as well!”

Formlabs Channel Sales Manager META

“RAIDY Printing Group is a very professional company with customer satisfaction in mind. I’ve witnessed on countless occasions how they put their customer’s needs before everything else and provide great after-sale service, which is crucial in the 3D printing industry. They are brilliant at identifying your expectations and finding the right application for your needs.

We have been working with them for a long time, and it’s been a fun and successful journey. Here’s to hoping for many more years of cooperation together!”