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Rachel Gomez | Co-Owner | Mountain Air Marketing

Rachel Gomez: Rising to the Challenges

There’s no stopping the growth of women in business today, including those who double as mothers. Especially in today’s ultra-connected digital world, women are leading and supporting each other through growth, commitment and teamwork in order to keep up with an ever-changing landscape.

Having been recognized among “Top 20 Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneurs of 2021,” Rachel tells the story of her journey as the first female of 21 generations to graduate college and own a business in her family.

A Leader in the Making

“As a young Hispanic woman working in male dominated industries, needless to say, I wasn’t exactly handed anything until it was ‘earned’, Rachel told us, reflecting on her experience in the corporate world. She worked exceptionally hard to be taken seriously when she had new ideas and strategic recommendations. “I was first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave. I took the initiative and made it clear to whoever was in the room that I was a strong asset and someone to be respected and appreciated. I always came prepared.”

From being the first female to own a franchise for a large national painting corporation in highschool to maintaining the relationships between Indian reservations and Lockheed Martin’s Department of Renewable Energies before graduating college, Rachel’s hard work started to pay off. At the age of 23, she was managing the marketing efforts for an international mining firm and its 11 international offices.

Fast forward a few years, Rachel was scouted by several large companies to run their marketing efforts. Through the exponential course of doubling her salary in every position she took, Rachel grew to be a strong and highly desired professional.

Rachel exclaimed, “Loyalty wasn’t really something I was concerned with. It was the money. I had doubled my salary in every position. For me, it was the excitement and ability to be pushed and try something new. At the age of 26, I was a well-traveled young professional who worked with high level delegates and leaders.”

Founded By Two Women Who Wanted More

Mountain Air Marketing (MAM) was founded by two young women who wanted more. Owners Rachel and Carly were young women who were each growing their own family and growing a business together all at one time. “We wanted the best of both worlds,” noted Rachel. “We wanted to be home with our babies AND be successful women in the world of entrepreneurship.”

As they started building the business and creating MAM’s culture, they soon realized what their mission was. Their mission was to create an opportunity for like-minded professionals who also wanted the best of both worlds. Whatever that meant. Rachel insisted, “it isn’t just for the mamas we hire, it’s for those who look for balance, inspiration, creativity and wanting to be part of a hard-working team.”

When we asked Rachel what her vision is for MAM she readily replied “Our vision often changes for us, and that’s okay. Carly and I are always talking about the future of the company. Even at dinners out with our husbands and on vacation, that topic seems to always arise. We don’t really know what we ‘vision’ the company to do. Life happens. What we do know for sure is that we envision building a team of highly skilled individuals who love where they work and appreciate the opportunity. We look for members in our company to take key roles in the agency so that Carly and I can find more balance. Currently as a women owned and women operated agency, we look to set a good example that smart women who work together and fix each other’s crowns, create magic.

 Preparing for More Privacy

 Mountain Air Marketing is a thriving business with a team of highly skilled, young women in Colorado Springs. In less than five years, the boutique marketing agency won 15+ awards, including “Top 30 Digital Marketing Agency in the US, 2019 by UpCity.” MAM has been recognized for its leadership and niche offerings in the digital space.

We asked Rachel about her thoughts on the ever changing landscape of privacy rights and how it impacts MAM and their clients. “Privacy Rights are something we read about every day. As you all already know… you spend A LOT of time on your phones. You post about everything you do. You research and search about your wants, desires and needs and up until recently, that behavior has been meticulously tracked. It’s clear there is a growing awareness of digital privacy. Come 2023, Google will be eliminating cookies on websites which track users’ behaviors and offer a bit more privacy options for consumers. Facebook is taking away over 40% of its audience types to target, Google Analytics isn’t as informative as it used to be and with the big iOS update, things are quickly changing for both the customer and business when it comes to targeting. Now is the time for businesses to use a marketing company and get as much data on their user’s behavior before they lose the opportunity,” Rachel advised.

Words of Wisdom

Rachel’s rich experience in business and entrepreneurship yields light to why MAM has become nothing shy of a successful agency in just a few short years. She described that her partnership with Carly has been the best business decision she has ever made. Rachel continued to say that running a business is tough and needs a lot of attention the first few years, and having a business partner that works just as hard through the long days of growing a business is exactly what a budding entrepreneur may need to get off their feet. Rachel continued to say, “Finding a partner that has strengths in your weaknesses is key. Successful entrepreneurs never do it alone. If you think they do, you’re mistaken.

In addition to finding that complimentary business partner, Rachel emphasized the importance of systems, controls and processes. She emphasized her thought “If a business isn’t organized internally, how can it successfully support the customer? 2021 was the year of controls for MAM. We knew that if we built the right team and a VERY streamlined internal system, we will be able to significantly scale in 2022. With Forbes calling 2021 the Year of Resignation, we anticipate 2022 to bring in new businesses and opportunities into the market.