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Qulsar Inc.: Precision Timing Solutions

Precise time is becoming increasingly important for enabling efficient data traffic management, operations, measurement and automation systems involving numerous connected devices. Qulsar, a California-based company, has proven solutions that are disrupting the way precision timing is delivered in mobile networks, datacenters, the industrial IoT, and the new smart grid infrastructure.

Engines designed to deliver high value

Qulsar differentiates itself on unique algorithmic techniques to extract precise time from different references available, refines these timing signals further and distributes this time using cutting edge technology to end points that harness it, e.g. 4G small cells. Its solutions are delivered today on multiple platforms – licensing, modules, sub-systems and systems. Qulsar’s Managed Timing Engine is industry’s leading high performance, rapidly embeddable and field proven platform. Its deployment is proliferating in multiple applications in the few years it has been available.

Today, Qulsar is also pioneering a self- monitoring and self-healing precise network synchronization technology that brings additional value to applications that user of precise time.

Rajen Datta, President and CEO of Qulsar, ‘Un Talent sans Pareil’  is an Entrepreneur and an Intrapreneur. A global marketing and business development expert, he led the team from inception through its merger with Conemtech in early 2014 and into its growth phase. Rajen regularly presents at industry forums for sync and its applications areas. Rajen is a businessman with the soul of scientist / technologist.

Describing vision of Qulsar, he said, “We generate, refine, distribute and harness precise time for emerging growing applications. We are the pulse of your application.”

A solution provided by Qulsar for in-building deployments of small cells, enabled a customer integrate Qulsar’s module into their solution and deploy within 6 weeks – a record in the industry! This is made possible by the team at Qulsar, which is full of domain experts and leaders with their areas of expertise.

There is a dramatic growing demand for the need for precise time synchronization in diverse yet logically analogous growing market segments such as industrial IoT, networking infrastructure, and datacenter infrastructure. Qulsar has already gained a significant footprint in the mobile infrastructure space, and in the industrial IoT spaces, which are seeing rapid growth this year.