You are currently viewing Quesma, a Polish Database Startup, has Secured a Massive $2.3 Million pre-seed Round
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Quesma, a Polish Database Startup, has Secured a Massive $2.3 Million pre-seed Round

Product manager Paweł Brzoska and engineer Jacek Migdał founded Quesma in 2023 with the intention of speeding up client innovation by redesigning database connectivity and application development. The startup’s first offering, scheduled for release in 2024, is intended for customers experiencing problems with the ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana).

Instead of creating economic value, firms are all too often destroyed by legacy maintenance, using the incorrect tool for the job, and data cleaning. Their data is not prepared to benefit from the latest developments in LLM. The average business data migration takes many years to complete and is fraught with significant cost overruns and failures. The CEO of Quesma, Jacek Migdał, states, “We want to change that.”

Despite the difficulties in the industry, Quesma has closed a $2.3 million pre-seed round to expand the team and the product. The investment was co-led by the Polish firm Innovo VC, which supports early-stage companies in CEE, and the Danish early-stage fund Heartcore Capital.

Joining forces with Quesma is a wonderful fit for our objective to help businesses that are about to revolutionize their respective industries. Together, Jacek and Pawel offer a unique combination of abilities and a wealth of expertise in the field of data architecture. We are thrilled to be a part of their journey and were persuaded to co-lead this round by their vision and track record,” says Tomek Swieboda, Partner at Inovo.

We are excited to work with the Quesma team to reimagine the connections between databases and applications. With a dynamic technological vision, Jacek and Pawel are putting together a capable team to take on the task. We love to invest in these fundamental capabilities since Europe has historically created excellent database technology,” says Christian Jepsen, a partner at Heartcore.

Taking on this problem with first-hand experience are the founders of Quesma. Jacek Migdal oversaw Sumo Logic’s technical staff for ten years. Francisco Partners purchased Sumo Logic in 2023 for a sum of $1.7 billion. For fourteen years, Paweł Brzoska oversaw the product team at Dynatrace/Compuware. They brought on six more staff members, including engineers.

The business intends to use the money it received to create a revolutionary database gateway that will have advantages analogous to splitting a monolith into smaller components. CTOs will be able to future-proof their entire stack and seem to swap applications and databases thanks to this. Everyone will be able to use the product independently because it will be open-core.