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Quantitative Business Analytics: Reshaping the Energy and Utility Industry

The sky is the limit for data analytics and meaningful data services that are provided to energy customers on demand and on a subscription basis. For years, CEOs have bemoaned the high cost of IT with very little value to show for it. Terms like “repaving the cowpath” have defined the plethora of ERP solution providers, while providing meaningful management information that has proven to be elusive. In order to provide meaning, value, and insight – professionals must have a deep understanding of “how systems work,” “how business works,” and the “data produced by and for those systems on behalf of the business.”  Hiring an army of “data scientists” is not going to produce results when those professionals do not understand the business.
The energy industry in general, and utilities specifically, are being disrupted by more competitive and customer responsive energy technologies (i.e. Solar, battery, wind, synchrophasers). These technologies will continue to evolve and provide an intimate and controllable experience for customers. Quantitative Business Analytics (QBA) is a data management consulting and solution services provider, developing and employing the strongest technologies and algorithms in the energy industry today. Team QBA shifts through large corporate database structures and elicits business value and management insight. They are expert in capturing and interpreting the data, and providing it to their customers. As energy and utilities continue to be impacted by more cost-effective, cleaner, and customer responsive energy technologies, QBA anticipates an even greater increase in merger and acquisition activity.
BIGEnergy Services
QBA is focused on providing value-added services to the Energy Industry, including Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water), Transmission Companies, Plants, Suppliers, and Exploration. The Energy industry is just the latest to fully automate and instrument its Energy Value Chain. It provides cost-effective assistance in realizing benefits from the information derived from those instruments. These instruments can include smart meters, smart grid instrumentation and other technical devices.
QBA is providing data from solar, wind, and energy storage devices to those industry entities responsible for balancing the grid. QBA is providing this data service on a subscription basis. Team QBA call this as Big Energy Venture. They are working with their partner, Landis+Gyr to implement its Advanced Grid Analytics solution within energy and utility companies around the world. In addition, QBA has developed a deep technical understanding of Advanced Metering (Smart Meters) and the Smart Grid – they are working in tandem with Landis+Gyr to deliver these solutions across North America.
QBA’s expertise in helping clients who want to proactively communicate with its customers during outages. “Accurate” restoration information will be provided to the utility customers via a registered service. QBA is working with their clients to develop a more precise Estimated Time of Restoration (ETOR) and a system to communicate the ETOR with precision and accuracy. The service relies on outage data, meter data, damage assessments, crew and skills availability and other data characteristics.
Partnering for Innovative Solutions
QBA is a business partner with such technology luminaries as IBM, Landis+Gyr, MAPR, PREDICTif, and LivePerson. Team QBA works with an ecosystem of technologies intended to deliver robust analytical capabilities to its clients. Technology solutions delivered by QBA include Advanced Metering Systems, Advanced Grid Analytics, BOTS, and analytical integration with both Oracle and SAP.
QBA is working with its business partner, IBM, to develop solutions and build capabilities within the Energy Industry employing Watson Analytics. QBA is partnering with MAPR to deliver cost-effective storage and data management solutions for customers within the Energy Industry.
Power Source of QBA
Gerard Metzler is the President and Founder of Quantitative Business Analytics; a consultancy and solution provider dedicated to providing Energy and Utility clients with support as they navigate through a highly disruptive energy market.
During his career, Metzler has served Energy and Manufacturing clients around the world.  He has been responsible for numerous complex technology programs at Oncor, AEP, PP&L, NiSource and countless others. He was previously the Vice-President and Consulting Partner at IBM and was responsible for all of its Smart Grid and Smart Meter activity in Texas. Gerry began his consulting career with the “Big Four” consulting – and was Practice Leader in Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, and various solution areas.  Metzler is a graduate of Northwestern University.
Benefits for Clients
The QBA team is a team of experienced professionals who have worked in the energy industry for a number of years. At the same time QBA team contains high energy consultants focused on serving clients. Their clients gain visibility to data that they don’t typically have access to from solar, wind, and storage devices – on a nearly real time basis. Finally, QBA only partners with proven partners focused on innovation.
Culture for Rising
QBA is a culture focused on serving clients. The words that characterize QBA culture is fun, innovative, diligent, and insightful. Team QBA thinks that the term “Insight” has been “dumbed down” by the commercial media, but their track record of providing value and real insight has been and continued to be their focus.

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