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QualiTest Group: Helping Clients Mitigate Risks of Defective Software

We are completely dependent on computers and software for our mundane activities. However, defective software can lead to the loss of clients and users, fallen business processes, impacts on revenue, security breaches, and even violation of regulation. These risks grow even with the increased dependency on software. In order to mitigate these risks QualiTest Group was founded back in 1997. QualiTest was recognized as the world’s second largest pure play QA and testing company (Nelson Hall) and is working on to become the world’s largest. QualiTest has grown significantly over the past few years, typically at a double-digit growth rate percentage ranging from the mid-to-high twenties. The company has been recognized as the only Visionary pure play QA and Testing Service Company in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant” for each of the past 3 years.
The Dynamic Leader 
Ayal Zylberman is the CEO and Co-Founder of QualiTest. Back in 1997, when QualiTest came into the picture, most of the testing firms were focusing their efforts on the impending Y2K bug, but Ayal decided to go against the tide and invested his resources into test automation & performance testing, and technologies that were just being developed. Ayal is a veteran in the area of software testing, specializing in various industries including military, billing systems, network management, networking, and telephony since 1995. He is a pioneer in testing automation, and was among the first to implement Mercury’s automated tools. Thanks to his passion for quality, Ayal is committed in spreading global practices, including Keyword Driven Testing, Scrum Based Testing, and more among QA teams in leading organizations. Additionally, with numerous published articles and an active lecture schedule, Ayal is recognized as an expert in the field of quality assurance and testing services worldwide.
Test Beyond the Obvious 
According to QualiTest, Ayal’s bet on real testing growth beyond the Y2K focus paid off, and QualiTest continued its expansion of new and old services, technologies, and  methodologies. Whether it is about maintaining a legacy system, modernizing to digital technologies, or performing bleeding edge work, QualiTest is always there to help its clients. The organization converts clients into partners, and displays an understanding of not just what the customer wants, but also what the customer needs. The organization achieves this by transcending beyond mere quality assurance needs in order to focus on business assurance needs. Its motto is “test beyond the obvious.” Nowadays, it is easy to find stories about data breaches, website crashes, and product recalls all caused by software that lacked proper testing; these problems are as catastrophic as they are avoidable.
Tackling Challenges 
According to QualiTest, testing has become too generic and is not aligned with the business environment. It is more of a formality and doesn’t add much value to the software. Testers are not asking the right questions and software continues to be deployed with significant amount of issues, that can put businesses at risk. QualiTest Software Testing and Business Assurance solutions offer an alternative by customizing its approach instead of using cookie cutter solutions. The company leverages its deep industry-specific understanding with technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets to deliver solutions that align with their clients’ business context. In turn, clients often comment that the organization’s solutions are amongst the most comprehensive and creative that they have ever experienced while delivering the highest value. The clients also comment that QualiTest’s solutions have increased their trust in the software they release. This has enabled QualiTest to become their primary software testing and business assurance partner.
When Peace of Mind is the Key
Clients trust QualiTest to deliver a fully managed testing service, monitored and evaluated by a pre-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) using customer-defined KPI’s. More notably, clients get peace of mind when customers state their conceptual concern for QualiTest to work towards that end, which may be more complex than the ever-popular “on-time and on budget.” Components may include QualiTest’s service, the quality of its work, or the value of its work. Regarding the industry, the company has a lot of work in Healthcare IT, Finance, Telecom, Medical Devices, Media and E-Commerce. It is these quality experiences that make QualiTest’s customers to return to them with more work, expand to other departments within their organizations.
Where Leaders are Born 
QualiTest only looks for long term career testers with a strong tester mindset, solid understanding of testing concepts and tools, good communication skills, aligned with the organization’s values. The company is not a place for those who do QA testing just to get a paycheck, but if QA testing is ones true passion that person will fit in with like-minded people. QualiTest has different levels of testers; for example, from a skills perspective, the tester will need to know a little of everything, and the organization refers this as an “All Rounder.” An all rounder is a person who can design tests, implement tests, whether manual or leveraged, through some sort of automation, and understand the business context and risk; a person who can generate test assets or test coverage as much as possible through some sort of automation. Additionally, the organization also has specialists and managers at helm. Leadership goals of QualiTest completely focuses on result, commitment to the highest standards of service in every project. Over 90% of the senior testers and 80% of management started at QualiTest as junior testers. QualiTest’s new 360 Degree Feedback program allows it to plan out what career changes an employee wants for themself which can include a shift towards specialization, breadth, a departmental move, or progressing up the management chain.
Getting all Decked Up for a Bright Future 
While the organization has a wide range of methodology, disciplines, and industries, it is always looking for the future of testing, which often means new technologies and trends across of the world. This has recently led the involvement with GDPR Compliance (a data privacy compliance mandate affecting all European data) and AIbased growth of their SAP and cybersecurity areas. QualiTest’s knowledge and innovation team is always looking for new trends and technologies that will be becoming more involved with software testing to add to their repertoire, eventually adding new industries, tools, services and techniques to their in-house education and offerings. The brilliant knowledge and innovation team is at the forefront of new places for it to go and grow. The top 3 trends in which the organization expects to continue its growth in the coming year, are agile DevOps/continuous testing, digital transformation and IoT testing (with an emphasis on security). New areas will continue to emerge as the world encounters new advances and hurdles.
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