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Qilo Technologies: Aligning business strategies with HR technology

Technology and software for human resource departments have gone through a dramatic shift in the past few years. HR software systems have come to the forefront of enterprise technology, as global employee management and sophisticated knowledge requirements are growing more complex. Cloud-based HR Solutions, web enabled HR technology powered by high-tech mobile applications, analytics tools and videos have received the most interest, as its consumer-like interface and easy implementation promises to relieve some of the issues involved in traditional HR software. Human Resources technology covers every aspect of employee management, including recruitment, administration, compliance, talent management, succession planning, resource allocation, and talent demand forecasting.
The development of this type of HR software began in the earnest with mainframe computers before there was much personal computing. In the 1980s, the client-server system was established which made the automation process easily available to the smaller companies. HR technologies and softwares assist the human resources department of a company by integrating many aspects of HR databases into a centralized location for more efficient handling. The functions combined by the software include payroll, benefits administration, recruiting and training, and performance analysis.
Qilo Technologies is one of the most valuable HR technology solution providers with an AI-driven performance enablement solution. It is designed with a purpose to empower organizations and people to unlock their true potential and generate limitless possibilities for themselves. Qilo Technology delivers a real-time analytics on performance, culture, engagement and behaviors. To help HR Managers nurture a more productive and engaging workforce for the organizations and accelerate their growth, Qilo aligns people performance with business priorities to build a culture of high performance.
Prime Members of the Company Management
The founding members, Vipul Mathur (Head of Business) and Vikram Kohli (Head of Customer Success), are driven by a purpose of unlocking people’s potential. Before Qilo, both of these dynamic personalities have worked for various corporate enterprises. Vipul served as a leader in Marketing and Business for 17 years and Vikram was the leader of the technology team with well-known enterprises for 13 years. Before co-founding Qilo, Vipul was an Associate Vice President – Corporate Marketing at Vikram had a wide experience in developing large scale enterprise applications using various technology stacks including Java/J2EE , AngularJS, GWT, Mybatis, Oracle Application Framework (OAF), Oracle Apps, Oracle Application development Framework (ADF) and Oracle SOA suite.
The idea of Qilo Technologies was conceptualized observing the ineffective way of performance management in the organizations and the lack of alignment in business strategies and HR technologies. The founders volunteered and studied with 5000 + professionals across the globe, to find out what does it take to perform in an organization? Building on this research, the company established its 13 dimension model on building performance-based work culture which formed the base of the technology solution.
Products and Services that are focused on Management Needs
Qilo’s core beliefs and the vision are the key attributes, which have been motivating them and would also continue doing it in the future.
The enterprise technology solution achieves priorities by operationalizing CEO’s goals into actions and result for all. It also aligns their team with organization’s purpose and increase level of commitment and belonging. The company’s continuous feedback module helps in drilling for better business output. Qilo has been able to demonstrate the impact on business for their clients, with 45% acceleration in meeting objectives, 18% improvement in overall managerial effectiveness and 106% increase in culture index. In this way they are helping to expose the power of their client’s organization.
Company’s Footsteps for a Bright Future
The modern experience in HR technology with Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and disruption appetite amongst the management teams are the key drivers of an organization. HR technology has always been the second wave, after business technologies, but now the gap is closing with the entry of automation.
To meet with the continuous pressure on revenue and growth, acquiring and retaining customers, technologies disrupting business models and to stay competitive in this environment companies are more focusing on cloud services. Qilo is in search of providing the best of advancements in technology to their clients with the experience and benefits of being on the cloud. The solutions provided by Qilo are designed in a very agile way. Along with their foresight in understanding customer requirements, makes the product very simple and scalable. Keeping focused on customer success, Qilo Technologies are on a wave to the evolution with bots and AI, enabling employees to accelerate their achievement also expanding the company’s geographical reach. The evolution with AI and all other technologies in HR will enable all the corporates to recognize the criticality of collecting meaningful data, drive integration of all HR techs into a single organization from a wide platform and re-skill or upgrade the skills of existing teams and people.

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