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Chayan Mukhopadhyay, Co-Founder and CEO, Qandle

Qandle: Helping Organizations to Build Connected, Empowered, and Engaged Workplaces.

Human resource is the most important pillar for the successful growth of any organization. To ensure the smooth on-boarding of employees and resolving all their queries and helping them learn and grow in the organization is the hallmark of any good Human Capital Management platform. Qandle is an all-in-one cloud-based HR solution, built with the employees in mind. It was incepted with a mission to build connected, empowered, and engaged workplaces. It helps HR teams with both admin and strategic tasks. It provides intuitive and user-friendly platform. The solution offers all possible HR requirements across Core HR, Talent management, Payroll, and Expenses on one interface, in one tool.
Seeing the Gap in HR Services and Deciding to Address the Gap
Chayan Mukhopadhyay is the Co-Founder and CEO of Qandle. When Chayan decided to enter into entrepreneurship, he launched an employee benefit platform- Perkkx. To pitch the solution, when he approached HRs of different organizations, they talked about their true pain point – an end-to-end HR tool. They wanted to know if Perkkx can provide an HR tool that worked seamlessly. They said that employee benefits were like vitamins (good to have), but a well-functioning HR tool was the painkiller (a must have) they needed. That is when Chayan saw the gap and decided to address the same.
Chayan and Himanshu, now CEO and CTO connected serendipitously, and Himanshu had faced similar dissatisfaction with the HR tools in his previous organizations. Himanshu had been a techie all throughout his career. They discussed the idea with each other, realized they had complementary skills and decided to start Qandle together.
Top-Notch Solutions
Qanbot (AI Chatbot): Qanbot serves as each employee’s assistant to take care of their HR queries. It automates the answers to day-to-day general queries of employees on behalf of the HR department and frees the HRs’ time for more important activities. By chatting with Qandle Assistant, employees can get their tasks done quickly and easily. It keeps employees updated on their leave balances and attendance and allows them to apply for leaves and time offs, request attendance regularizations, and raise helpdesk tickets for issues they are facing.
Qandle Touchless: Qandle Touchless helps to mark employees’ attendance while eliminating the need to touch any common surfaces. The idea behind the solution is to give an alternative to Biometric or Card based attendance systems to organizations. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, using such attendance systems requiring physically touching a common device can be very risky.
Qandle Touchless actually includes an array of 4 different solutions to track attendance without the need for employees to touch any common surface, while increasing the accuracy of measurement. Through Qandle Touchless, the brand is offering significant convenience and safety to both employees and the HR teams.
Adapting to Culture of Remote Working
The area of focus for Qandle is adapting to and helping clients adapt to the upcoming culture of remote working. When the pandemic struck last year, Qandle launched remote tracking and task management modules to better track the work of employees.
Moreover, the customer support provided by the team is highly talked about by all clients and is one of the main reasons for preference over other competitors.
Qandle is a feedback driven company and seeks feedback from all stakeholders to ensure solving what is most important to the customers at any point in time.
Benefiting Both Employers and Employees with Automation
Sharing his views on the impact of the current pandemic on the HRM, Chayan mentions that Human Resources Management is one of the sectors which is in dire need of automation, to shift the employees and working professionals from mundane and repetitive tasks to more strategic ones. Pandemic has brought forward the need for automation and tech implementation in the HR department of organizations that can benefit both employers and employees significantly.
Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Employee SelfService (ESS), Customised Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), are some of the solutions and techniques being used by HRs in companies which are winning the talent war. The use of such technology is helping the organizations provide a conducive work environment and multiple growth opportunities to people based on their skill sets and aspirations, communicate and engage with them efficiently, and streamline their payroll, attendance, performance, and other related processes to ensure they feel cared for.
With the adoption of these technological advancements, not only are the employees happier and more productive at work, but they are also growing faster as professionals.
Embracing New Digital Technologies to Boost Efficiency
Qandle is continuously improving to address the evolving requirements of customers. When the pandemic struck last year, and most companies had to move to a remote set up overnight, it launched remote tracking and task management modules to better track work of employees.
Qandle also modified its collaboration module to ensure it is more suited from a remote working set up. Once people started coming back to office, it launched touchless attendance to ensure the risk of transmission is minimized. For HR teams and professionals, remote working proved to be quite challenging in the initial days, but this is the new normal now. Remote working is giving the required shape to the HR industry. HR leaders are embracing new digital technologies and tools to boost the efficiency and productivity of employees because of the absence of person-to-person interaction.
Making Solution More Intuitive and Configurable
Qandle is continuously improving the solution to make it more intuitive and configurable. It is a technology first company, and one of the very few HR tech companies in India with a Tech Co-founder, which is essential for any Tech company.
Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-founder and CTO, drives the tech backbone as feature requests are poured in from customers, in order to make the solution better. Qandle ships new releases every 2 weeks. The product roadmap is visible to all customers and they can vote on the features in order to prioritize what they want shipped sooner. It is a very transparent process and something that has really assisted in customers getting visibility into what Qandle is building at any point in time.
Satisfied Clientele
“One thing that I really liked after we started using Qandle is that we have started onboarding candidates digitally. It is cost-effective and environment- friendly as we are using paperless methodology to onboard candidates. It is very easy to onboard people as we can access all the forms on Qandle.” — Priyanka Sharma, Senior Executive, Human Resources DJT Retailers Pvt. Ltd.
“I would like to thank Qandle to change the way we look at the Performance Management System, even though we are in the industry for more than 15 years. Right now we can have the right platform for our people to measure the performance. Great job, thank you.” —Kiruthika Prasadh, Senior HR Manager, Prochant