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QA Mentor: An Expert Software Testing and Quality Assurance Solution Provider

Our daily lives are becoming heavily reliant on software technology to function, to grow and to redefine future horizons. A smartphone is a prime example of such development. A glitch in the software can turn an incredibly helpful machine to release data to hackers and become a curse overnight for millions. Hence, it is no surprise that product testing services are no longer anomalies in the businesses. Their independent position allows them to provide quality evaluations and strategies to turn good products into great ones.

QA Mentor is taking the next leap in the field of software testing to minimize costs and maximize innovation. The company started as a one man shop in 2010; not so long ago. Today, it has become a pioneer in software testing and quality assurance outsourcing solutions by acquiring various innovative firms located in different parts of the globe. On its way to success, the company acquired firms located in India, France and Ukraine. The company continues to set a benchmark for QA services with more services at its disposal than any other company around the world. Moreover, the company leadership goes out of its way to engage in knowledge sharing conferences to help shape the software testing industry of tomorrow.

A Thought-provoking Journey

Any journey is bound to deliver a memorable experience, but journeys that push an intellect towards its limits can be enriching as well. QA Mentor faced several challenges during the initial phase of its journey. As mentioned earlier, the company was essentially a oneman shop. Apart from the limited size, the company also lacked a clear strategic direction. However, the leadership at the helm made some wise decisions to turn these difficult situations into learning opportunities. After engaging their clients on a continuous basis, the QA Mentor leadership carved a clear roadmap for the long term success of the company. It quickly occurred to them that the clients were not merely looking for a strategic service but the actual execution services.

Similarly, in order to address the need to hire the best and optimal resources, the company established a presence in India. It hired quality resources from the country and established the first outsourcing testing center. The company, realizing the potential of multiple, distinct services to its clients, opened a shop in Ukraine. QA Mentor keeps innovating the testing services to empower its customers with new ways to build great products. For example, it recently launched QA Coverage, a test management platform that allows more effective and efficient management of testing cycles. It has now integrated QA Mentor’s test methodology for requirements static testing, traceability, test case coverage, defects workflows, regression test cases repository management, metrics, and KPIs.

Innovation Quotient

In the era of cut throat competition, QA Mentor always strives to be ahead in the race with their unique and innovative service offerings. Newest of all, the ‘Business Process Management Services’ sets it apart from all other Software Testing firms. It is a combination of 4 unique services that integrates the QA & the BA practices. This will revolutionize the Software Testing industry. With the new ‘Business Essential Software Testing (BEST)’ Framework, QA Mentor will start testing very early in the lifecycle, right from the requirement gathering phase. This is a unique, innovative and one of its kind approach where the company pairs BAs with QA resources to tightly control the quality right from the requirement gathering phase.

A Unique Approach To Leadership

Leadership has traditionally been defined by dominance over others. The attitude of exerting power over others seems distasteful to many today and most progressive thinking leaders reject this approach to make way towards a brighter way of cooperation and knowledge sharing. The CEO and Founder, Ruslan Desyatnikov seems to embody this approach in his attitude towards his work. QA Mentor wishes to let the world see it for what it is: An Expert software testing solution. The company also adopts a unique approach to reach this goal. The company leadership regularly churns out rich educational material to enrich the incoming hordes of eager learners in the industry and established professionals as well.

The company is one-of-a-kind in the industry with its established QA learning platform that trains thousands of QA professionals in a variety of testing solutions. Additionally, the company will launch a new book for newcomers to become QA tester in 30 days. Ruslan takes a personal interest in making the company a thought leader in the industry. He contributes and interacts regularly to the industry with quality insights through published articles on Forbes and Linkedin. He believes, “If the companies around the world wish to achieve something great with their business, they have to think about quality and start thinking differently”. His initiatives and vision has not gone unnoticed. Currently, QA Mentor boasts of 260 clients based in 27 different countries around the world.

A Future Full of Opportunities

Every company dreams of becoming the next big thing in its industry. QA Mentor on the other hand, continues to prove its exceptional discipline with a firm belief in core fundamentals. The company has opted to retain a small sales team which pushes the company to create innovative products and approaches to seal its position at the top. The company also invests in its employees heavily which has led to a resounding victory in terms of employee loyalty with near 1% attrition rate over the years.

Additionally, the company has also adopted an innovative and unique approach to aggressively challenge clients to test their products. QA Mentor offers a two week free trial to its clients with the backing of a five member mentor team to execute the testing solution. This has resulted in several new clients boarding the bandwagon of QA Mentor and leaving with an unparalleled experience to cherish. The company has also saved its costs considerably with low investments in marketing and passing on the benefits to the consumers. The company boasts of 25-35% lower costs as compared to its competitors in nearly every product segment. The company has introduced over 50 new KPI’s and metrics to its new product QAMometor to help clients welcome a future full of pleasant surprises and golden opportunities.

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