You are currently viewing Q Sciences:  Empowering People in Health and Financial Independence

Q Sciences:  Empowering People in Health and Financial Independence

In the wake of the passing pandemic, with its destructive influence on health and finances, society is now focused on bolstering these two important areas. People are increasingly looking for wellness products to stay healthy while also attempting to boost their financial position with additional income.

Q Sciences offers the best of both worlds; cutting-edge fitness and wellness products to address real-world health concerns, plus a generous opportunity to bring in extra money.

Q Sciences was founded by visionary leader Marc Wilson. He started the company in 2012 to make a difference in the lives of people and families. Marc, a former NFL Quarterback, has an impressive track record of athletic achievement, including being a member of two Super Bowl Championship teams with the Oakland Raiders. He leads Q Sciences with the same commitment and dedication to success.

Marc Wilson | CEO & Founder of Q Sciences
Marc Wilson | CEO & Founder of Q Sciences
Marc Wilson | NFL Quarterback
Marc Wilson | NFL Quarterback

Let’s gain more insight about the direct selling success of Q Sciences.

Offering a Unique Partnership Opportunity

Q Sciences is built on a strong foundation of quality products, a one-of-a-kind culture, and a revolutionary compensation plan. The company uses these pillars to differentiate itself myriad other organizations.

Q Sciences provides its ambassadors with not only the best products and culture, but the most innovative tools for sharing and training on the things that make Q Sciences so unique. Amazing products and systems mean nothing, however, without the right commission structure. So, Q Sciences has innovated a compensation plan that is unrivaled in its simplicity and generous payout.

Collaboration is ingrained in our DNA. A true partnership with our sales force has produced cooperative success in all things Q, including product development, product launches, compensation plan enhancements, and global expansion,” says Marc.

Maintaining the Highest Product Standards

The Q in the company’s name stands for “quintessential,” meaning the best of the best. For the products of Q Sciences, this means research and innovation where science meets nature. Accordingly, Q Sciences product development centers around four questions: Is the product quintessential? Is it backed by science? Is it innovative? And will it make a difference in people’s lives?

The product mix consists of unique, proprietary formulations that include the use of synergistic ingredients, effective delivery systems, and advanced, quality manufacturing processes to ensure the best products possible.

Q Sciences won’t settle or take any shortcuts because the goal is all about having products that absolutely make a difference for people and families. Marc says, “We believe in consistent improvement. Our flagship product, Q MAX PREMIUM, has been updated multiple times over the years as new research shows ways to improve.”

He adds, “We are not locked into a single category, technology, or ingredient. We keep pace with innovation. After all, science does not stand still.”

Q Science is recognized by the FDA as a registered seller of dietary supplements and functional foods. The company only partners with facilities that are registered and certified to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices for the highest quality foods and dietary supplements.

A wide array of health and wellness products
A wide array of health and wellness products

Pioneering Mobile-First Technology 

Technology is constantly evolving, creating new challenges and opportunities in business and in life. One industry that has failed to keep up with this ever-changing landscape is direct sales. “At Q Sciences, we knew we had to break this cycle of outdated websites and apps that don’t provide value to our partners,” says Marc.

He adds, “As a solution, we’re pioneering mobile-first technology that will give our partners the best tools for success and a more engaging customer experience.”

These robust tools include Shop Q and the ARQ app. Shop Q will provide the business partners of Q and their networks with a compelling e-commerce experience and ARQ will allow consumers a unique way to experience Q Sciences products and brand.

Q Sciences believes in the power of choice.

Marc shares,“Our partners should have the power to choose what tools they need to support them in their business-building efforts.”

With the collaboration of Q Corporate and our field leaders in creating Shop Q and the ARQ app, users can be assured that they can take full ownership of their business, making data-driven decisions with compelling content and features,” he adds.

This partnership has ensured that users get exactly what they need out of our technology to grow and sustain a profitable business

In addition to a smart business app for its distributors, Q Sciences has also developed an in-house fitness app called MyQFIT. The MyQFIT app outlines many workout regimens for all fitness levels and ongoing menus and nutritional plans.The MyQFIT team is made up of expert fitness trainers and professional nutritionists. Both the business app and the fitness app are free with enrollment for all distributors.

The future is bright and full of innovation and opportunity,” quotes Marc.

Fostering a Strong and Unique Culture

Q Sciences is proudest of fostering a strong and unique culture, centered on supporting and encouraging progression – not perfection – in all aspects of one’s life without sugar-coating the realistic difficulties of building a business.

We are honest with our distributors and strive for complete transparency with them because they are our partners in business,” notes Marc.

He shares, “Q Sciences has built its business on pillars we call the 5 F’s: Faith, Family, Finances, Friends, and Fitness. At Q, Faith and Family always come first.”

With respect to finances, Q Sciences has created a culture that celebrates having more money in the bank instead of promoting conspicuous and irresponsible consumption. “You will never see Q pushing lavish lifestyles or extravagant expenditures; we focus on equitable commissions and financial literacy,” says Marc.

To help people truly work toward becoming financially independent, Q Sciences has arranged for free financial coaching for its distributors. These financial coaches work to help families reduce or eliminate debt, improve credit scores, establish a living budget, a reserve cash account, and a retirement plan.

Sarah Spencer | Founder & Director of the Financial Freedom Movement
Sarah Spencer | Founder & Director of the Financial Freedom Movement

Overcoming The Pandemic Challenge

The pandemic taught Q Sciences several unique lessons. While many companies pulled back resources due to the uncertainties associated with the pandemic, the company continued to push forward.

In 2020, the company converted its normal mass gathering events like conventions and regional invitationals into intimate retreats with key leaders at its owners’ lodge in the mountains of Utah, now known as SILVER SUMMIT. Each SILVER SUMMIT offers dynamic leadership training, high-impact collaborations, and long-lasting motivation for Q Sciences’ leading business partners and corporate executives alike.

In addition, Q Sciences established two separate councils composed of its top leaders for collaboration to address domestic and global operations during the pandemic and beyond. Q also dramatically increased its Zoom presentations and training sessions both domestically and internationally for the benefit of its global Q family.

In 2021, the company hired the necessary staff to bring all IT development in-house. And while it allowed all employees to work from home during COVID, its corporate staff elected to return to the office as soon as it was possible.

“We have an incredible corporate team. We have created a fun, stimulating, and engaging atmosphere in our offices. Our employees enjoy coming and putting in the work necessary to facilitate real change,” Marc tells us.

Moreover, he says, “At Q Sciences, we work to offer the same opportunities for growth and financial gain to our corporate team as we do for our distributors in the field.”


Q Sciences Innovation Team
Q Sciences Innovation Team

The Future Looks Bright

Q Sciences is in the process of becoming a truly global company. In 2022 alone, the company plans to establish corporate affiliates in five different international markets to pave the way for explosive growth outside of its huge US market.

“We want to share the same passionate innovation, affordable and effective products, and unique e-commerce opportunity with the rest of the world,” Marc notes.

Q Sciences is going global
Q Sciences is going global

Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

When asked about what advice he would like to give to budding entrepreneurs, Marc said, “The advice I would give would be the same advice I was given when I first started: if you are going to do it like everyone else – don’t bother.”

Furthermore, he adds, “Unless you are willing to commit to spare no expense to do it right so that you truly can make a difference, again, don’t bother.”

Additionally, he says, “We hope to offer an opportunity beyond just money.” Every day, we endeavor to be a company that cares about our people and maintains and expands our capacity to care. Above all, people and families deserve safe and effective products, along with life-changing opportunities and services that live up to our promises.

IGNITE | Q Sciences Corporate Event in Salt Lake City
IGNITE | Q Sciences Corporate Event in Salt Lake City

The Prime Mover

Marc came out of retirement to start a company that would make a difference for people and families around the world. Initially, he targeted health through nutritional supplementation, but Q’s health and wellness product line quickly expanded to include several verticals with a focus on bioavailability, convenience, and effectiveness. Wilson also chose to market products through the direct sales channel to provide a powerful, positive opportunity to improve the financial well-being of its consumers.

The pinnacle of Q Sciences’ growth, however, came when Marc met Jake Spencer in 2017. Since Marc and Jake joined forces, Q Sciences has expanded and never looked back. The company has recently been recognized as one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies in the world.

Jake Spencer | President of Q Sciences
Jake Spencer | President of Q Sciences

Let’s Hear it from Q Sciences’ Brand Ambassadors

Brittany Hitch
Brittany Hitch

Brittany Hitch: Q Sciences is a company that does things a little differently. We are aggressive and innovative with both our products and our fair compensation plan. We know that science doesn’t stand still, so neither do we. Our goal is to supplement your life, your health, and your finances.

Mariel Filippone: Q Sciences is the fastest-growing health and wellness company online. Numbers speak volumes. The company did $15 million in 2017, $51 million in 2019, $62 million in 2020, and $100 million in 2021. Q is growing faster than any other company in this space because they offer a broad range of holistic and science-based products that actually work!

Pure goodness with the highest ingredient sourcing standards—all sourced and made in the USA, you will not find these proprietary formulas anywhere else in the world.

The compensation for sharing these products is unheard of. The commission structure is extremely partnership-based and lucrative for those who want to be business owners and not just “distributors.”