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Pyramid Analytics: Cultivating Strategic Data and Analytics Excellence throughout the Business

Microsoft has come a long way as a leader in the mainstream technology market, as well as in the visionary technology market. Today, with a consistent focus on providing cross-platform software and services, along with a bold vision for the future, Microsoft has transformed business operations in the modern era through a thriving partner ecosystem. There are numerous partners—in fact, over a million—offering prominent solutions and consultation, driving insights into cross-market and domain-specific best practices. An exclusive set of cloud-focused, line-of-enterprise solutions has influenced the decisions across IT, and in many cases now forms the infrastructure backbone of every organization.
One such platform-agnostic, ecosystem-agnostic and ‘Microsoft Gold Partner’ is Pyramid Analytics BV. The company began its journey in the Microsoft ecosystem and is now expanding to other ecosystems, which is helping it to navigate the complexities of the business market. The company offers an enterprise-grade Analytics Operating System that scales from single-user self-service analytics to thousand-user centralized deployments.
This enterprise-grade platform covers simple-but-effective data visualizations to advanced machine learning capabilities that feature shared data, content, and business logic, eliminating the typical chaos of self-service analytics. Pyramid fits on the top of the Microsoft stack and permits organizations to scale their BI and analytics experience across all sectors and customer types. Pyramid Analytics is also recognized as one of the 20 Most-Recognized Vendors in the BI space and actively participates in CDO engagements.
Leading Lights of Pyramid Analytics
Omri Kohl is the CEO & Co-Founder of Pyramid Analytics. He is also the Founder and Chairman of the Kohl Group. Omri has an MBA from the Leonard Stern School of Business, New York, and is a lifelong entrepreneur. His personal passion for data, and for helping businesses across a range of disciplines thrive, led him to establish Pyramid Analytics in 2008 along with Co-Founders Avi Perez and Herbert Ochtman. Their vision was to create an enterprise-grade BI platform with a scalable multi-tenant architecture.
Before Pyramid, Omri’s organizational innovations included technology companies Newton and Pdway. Newton helped students to learn enhanced technology skills and Pdway enabled mobile micro-payment processing in a constantly changing technology environment. Today, he leads Pyramid as CEO, guiding the company through a competitive analytics and BI market. He spends a lot of time building relationships with partners and mega vendors, which has proven vital to Pyramid’s success.
Ground-Breaking Services
The company acutely believes in Microsoft’s database offerings. The platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. It focuses on the continual development of a leading analytics and BI front-end platform that provides self-service, web-based access, enabling all clients and end users to easily create and share information. Pyramid is easy to use and features one-click data visualizations, drag-and-drop presentation and report building, graphically based end user data prep, code-free calculations and more. It is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with solutions operating in several Microsoft environments by extending self-service BI across different sectors.
Out-of-the-box Strategies Outshining other Competitors 
Unlike other custom-developed solutions which require years of investment, Pyramid delivers immediate value. The company competes against two major types of vendors in the business intelligence market. The first group includes self-service solutions for very specific use cases and customer profiles. The other group includes legacy BI providers like Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. Pyramid Analytics is effective in balancing governance and self-service, which makes it flexible and better than either group. Its market strategies and solutions align on a single integrated platform, which enables it to outshine other competitors.
Pushing the Standards for Client Benefits
Pyramid’s initial inspiration was customer demand for a best-in-class front-end for Microsoft’s back-end analytics products. The platform can be deployed in any vertical—banking, retail, healthcare, and more—for both mid-market and enterprise organizations. Pyramid’s solution crosses all roles and sectors, creating significant benefits for organizations that thrive on data. It is a balanced solution that delivers governed, self-service analytics which can be scaled across any organization to all users and departments. The company provides its clients with a technology-agnostic platform which allows them to explore all their data in a centralized manner. This platform fuels Pyramid’s growth and customer benefits beyond the horizons.
Pyramid’s take on the New-age Technology
Today, there are industry solutions that plan to integrate big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence concepts in their products and make advanced analytics more commoditized. However, Pyramid is unique because it exposes AI and machine learning as a core component, making it the most comprehensive, end-user-driven data analytics platform available in the market. This vision has kept it ahead of the technology curve.
Future Footsteps
The company’s vision is to be a leader for mid-market and enterprise organizations seeking scalable BI solutions that can adapt to their evolving data needs. As Pyramid Analytics has adopted AI and machine learning, the company will be more flexible in adopting other new-age technologies in the near future. The company’s solutions will empower organizations to withstand tomorrow’s data and technology challenges.
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