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PwC Inserts Veteran to Lead scandal-plagued Australian Arm

PwC has strengthened its authority over the local business as it works to restore its reputation by appointing a senior partner from its global network to run its scandal-hit Australian branch.

PwC veteran Kevin Burrowes, head of the PwC Network’s worldwide clients and industries division, will move from Singapore to Australia in order to take over the local partnership.

He will succeed Kristin Stubbins, who took over as acting CEO less than two months ago after Tom Seymour resigned.

“Kevin’s experience across other parts of the PwC Network ensures that as he takes over the leadership in Australia, he brings a fresh perspective to the firm, and he will work with his colleagues and management team to re-earn trust with PwC Australia’s stakeholders,” said Justin Carroll, chair of PwC Australia’s governance board.

The consultant is at the focus of a scandal in Australia after it was discovered that a senior partner in its tax practise revealed secret government information to associates there and abroad about initiatives to crack down on multinational corporation tax dodging.

Although the industry watchdog in February barred Peter Collins, the partner at the centre of the controversy, the tax leaks scandal has continued to make headlines as Australian lawmakers released emails demonstrating how PwC utilised the information to win business. Until a review is finished, the Australian government has prohibited PwC from bidding for new contracts from a variety of public and private sector companies. Additionally, it has sent it for inquiry to the police.

Last week, PwC Australia also decided to sell its government consultancy division to private equity firm Allegro Funds for A$1 (US$0.66).

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