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Purple Global Services and Technologies: Pioneering Fleet Management with Efficient Tools

The duo of two aspiring women—Mrs. Radha Abbi, in her late 60’s now, and Mrs. Sonal Abbi in her 40’s, were evaluating opportunities in the market, when they realized a gap in the Fleet Management Services being provided. Almost everyone provided vanilla services and there was a large gap between the needs of the markets and the offering Fleet Management companies provided. While data was available in abundance, there remained a gap on making data help take action. The gap was in 4 areas — Delivery of Commitment, Timely completion of projects, Local Support and Cost. The reason for the gap was a desire by some of the service providers to force fit existing solutions with minimal modifications.
On a mission to bridge the gap, these dynamic ladies mapped the same and Purple Global Services and Technologies came into existence. Soon, the duo was able to fulfill and as they created value—customers stated to the Understanding that fleet management was a lot more than just track and trace. This eventually helped both these ambitious ladies gain the confidence of their customers while building and adding new value added services that the customer can pick and choose.
Equipping Clients with Efficient Tools
Today, Purple is known for equipping clients with efficient tools that are ideal for personal or business use which guarantees increased productivity, efficiency, and rapid return on investment. Purple achieves this by observing and analyzing the customer requirements and applying the proven best practices through highly skilled resources. Moreover, Purple’s high quality solution ends not just with meeting clients’ requirements but it goes beyond exceeding expectations. The Challenge in business is meet unstated and unarticulated demand of customer’s .What’s more? Purple shares its portfolio of premier brands across the globe that serves customers in more than 10 countries, with associates and partners.
Surpassing the Competition by Delivering on its Commitments
Like all industries Radha believes the challenge in the industry today is providing all information to the customers for them to be able to take the most informed decision. It’s very easy for many to get defocussed from the problem in statement and focus on the costs alone, she thinks. This leads to dissatisfaction and impacts the trust in the ecosystem. “While costs are critical and we cannot and should not undermine the importance, it’s critical we focus on the problem statement that got us into the door in the 1st place,” Radha shares.
Competition is a reality in the business and the only way Purple surpasses the competition is by delivering on its commitments made to the customers. There is no other way. “We believed our projects are successful only when we have got additional business from the client or we have a referrals from them that we are going to be working on. 65% of our customers are refereed to us by our existing customers,” Sonal asserts.
Learning from the Challenges Every Step of the Way
Like every business, Purple Technologies had its set of challenges, failures and successes. “The most important lesson we learnt early on was — Tell your customers everything that’s happening. Keep it transparent. Don’t be scared of failures. Because, everyone will fail some time or the others — winners get up, dust them self-up and run again. Also, don’t be afraid to make a mistake — just don’t repeat it. ­­- Ensure your teams are aware of what’s happening — they are your internal stake holders. Finally, don’t lose hope — there is always light at the end of the tunnel … Every time any of us felt low… we check against the faith statements and they helped us as through the  journey and made it interesting and enjoyable,” sums Radha.
Determined to Innovate
Purple recognizes an opportunity in the security market with new technologies being made available; the firm needs to keep reinventing itself and the services. The next couple of years will be critical as Purple ventures into the space of E-authentication using Block Chain for various business verticals. Furthermore, Purple is also developing IOT and AI based services that can be used by the customers and the team is currently piloting some of these in labs and the results are very encouraging.
Beyond this, Purple is also in touch with its customer base who have been making demands of the firm and the firm aims to be able to meet those demands and try and build products and services that can be replicated and reproduced with zero defects. Purple aspires to be in at-least 20% of all countries in Africa by 2020 and this is something the organization is serious about. The people at Purple are working with various partners and customers to achieve this goal and dream, and the industry will soon see some great products from the firm.
Dynamic and Ambitious Ladies Leading the Wave
The company is floated by two dynamic ladies. Radha Abbi, Executive Director and Promoter, and Sonal Abbi, Executive Director. Both are passionate about meeting and exceeding customer expectations and building the organization where both Customers and Employees are equally important, and have both nurtured the organization as a child. Radha is a Graduate in Science from Osmania University and Sonal is a Management Graduate with a specialization in Finance.

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