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PURE Canadian Gaming: Making GOOD Things Happen for Other People

PURE Canadian Gaming is the largest and longest running casino operator in Alberta, Canada. Additionally, PURE Canadian Gaming continues to be at the forefront of the Alberta province’s gaming industry with implementation of its guest loyalty and rewards program, superior service standards, and exciting entertainment experience. The Alberta gaming industry, which parallels the local economic trends, encountered tough times over the past few years during the economic downturn. Consequently, with the current positive shift in the economy, Alberta casinos are enjoying a renewed surge and the promise of increased growth and revenues.
As the standard setter within the province, PURE Canadian Gaming has maintained its competitive edge via property upgrades and renovations, thereby encouraging repeat visitation and enhanced customer experience. The company has invested in improved dining options with world-renowned chef designed menus, a posh and innovative state-of-the-art entertainment facility at CasinoYellowhead, the province’s newest poker room at Casino Calgary and the city’s best banquet services at Casino Lethbridge. Casino Edmonton, currently the highest slot grossing charity casino in the province, is slated next for a complete upgrade. PURE’s patrons enthusiastically welcomed the recent opening of Casino Yellowhead’s new Pearl Showroom, a room truly unique to the market with its sophisticated yet relaxed ambience bringing to the city a higher level of entertainment acts. The PURE team takes obvious pride in their upgraded casinos, and that pride is reflected in the outstanding service they provide to the casino patrons.
Maestro of Pure Canadian Gaming
George Goldhoff is President and CEO of PURE Canadian Gaming based in Edmonton, Alberta. He brings a wide range of experience, leadership, and expertise to the casino and hospitality industry.
George was recruited to assist in the opening of Steve Wynn’s, Bellagio, Las Vegas’ first Five Diamond casino resort. He continued to work with MGM Corporation at the Four Diamond Mississippi property, the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, later becoming General Manager of Gold Strike Hotel and Casino in Tunica, Mississippi.
Throughout his career, George has been privileged to lead teams at some of the most iconic hospitality venues, such as The Rainbow Room and The Plaza Hotel in New York. George is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and holds an MBA from Columbia University in New York. George is the visionary and the driving force behind PURE’s success. His enthusiasm and energy is not only inspiring but also infectious leading the PURE team to strive ever higher daily.
“Since joining PURE Canadian Gaming, I’ve been creating a new culture from the ground up that gives our guests more than just a fresh coat of paint, but a feeling that they are truly valued and appreciated. We can build ornately appointed luxury casinos, but if people come in and our employees don’t make a connection with the players and patrons, then all of that investment is for naught. Building that connection begins with recruiting and training the right people. One of our main areas of focus for the company over the last few years has been creating an internal culture that encourages employee engagement and rewards those who go out of their way to enhance the guest experience. Communicating effectively and being good at listening and responding to our teams is very important to us, and we focus on these things daily. I know we have done a great job in building and instilling this culture of service as our guests have shown us their appreciation through their repeat visits and positive comments.  We may be in the casino industry; however, in reality, we are first and foremost in the business of entertainment. It’s all about entertaining the guests, and as such, we need to consistently deliver that exceptional service experience every time,” says George about his journey of improvements over the years at PURE Canadian Gaming.
Excellent Service Begins with Building an Extraordinary Team
PURE Canadian Gaming believes that team development is the key to success. In a time when many employers are reducing hours as wages and costs rise, PURE offers more internal training for all levels of employees to help them reach their potential and provide opportunities for advancement. Whether the training is developed in-house or provided by their excellent external resources, the company knows employee development leads to increased employee engagement and retention.
PURE believes that in order for the staff to make good things happen for others, the company first makes good things happen for its 1000 employees. With employee recognition programs such as their Employees of the Month, and Leaders of the Quarter, these programs culminate with huge year-end celebrations at every property.  Happy employees who feel acknowledged and valued inevitably leads to satisfied customers, which then leads to increased business.
Customer Satisfaction is the Motto
PURE Canadian Gaming is proud of introducing PURE Rewards, Alberta’s best casino loyalty program, and has recently re-launched the program to address and supplement additional benefits and rewards, in response to members and guests’ feedback. Alberta is the last jurisdiction in the world without the support of the carded/tracked play. All casinos outside of Alberta utilize the carded/tracked play as the standard for data collection and for determining player worth. As such, PURE developed its exclusive CRM platform, to better target and establish player worth/value in a data-less environment, thereby allowing the company to better reward and recognize guest loyalty.
Mission and Vision
As a service-oriented company, PURE Canadian Gaming’s mission exists as a guiding principle for its properties every single day, in every interaction with its teams and their guests.  “Making GOOD things happen for other people” is not so much a mission as it is a way of life for PURE Canadian Gaming.
PURE Canadian Gaming continues to evolve and continues to be employee and customer focused. The company capitalizes on its strengths, ever alert to fresh opportunities for expansion and improvement.
PURE’s leadership team is highly engaged and endeavors to be the best within the industry. They have an entrepreneurial approach to their business, like to think outside the box, and continually look for ways to improve.
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