You are currently viewing PUBG MOBILE to get new survival mode amidst Covid-19

PUBG MOBILE to get new survival mode amidst Covid-19

PUBG MOBILE to get new survival mode amidst Covid-19The team at PUBG MOBILE has developed a new in-game mode, which will be open to everyone in the next three days. The mode is called “Cold Front Survival” and the rollout will take place on the 16th of April, Nothing about this mode has been shared from now, except for the teaser that shows some players fighting a snowy blizzard.
From the one-line summary and the new teasing image, Cold Front Survival seems to be in an icy environment such as in the Vikendi map. The photo shows a player holding his partner’s hand, with two other players behind who appear to belong to the same team. They are all caught in snowfall or what might be a blizzard. The caption reads, “Things are getting a bit…chilly here.”
Gamers expect some tasks may include burning wood in order to light a fire and searching for animals to hunt. Players are also alerted that cold waves are coming, and they are given the time to brace for it. There is also a Cold Front Survival teaser image that shows a heating element. It would also be one of the things that players use for cold weather survival.
The mode is also the first time that drones come into the game. An official team teaser searched the area with a supervisory drone. This thread was taken out later, but this is enough to indicate that PUBG MOBILE will actually have drones scanning areas.
Players will use drones to map the area and look for opponents, weapons, and equipment. Call of Duty: Mobile already has this feature in Battle Royale mode, where players can use a drone for mechanical surveillance.
PUBG MOBILE has been drawing a lot from COD lately. However, whether the PUBG MOBILE drone is controlled by one player in the related COD Mobile squad, or whether it is available in arms to anyone, is to be seen.
More info will be available on the 16th of April when the mode rolls out to the public.
PUBG MOBILE to get new survival mode amidst Covid-19