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Psychology of Speedrunning – Motivation and Strategies Behind Competitive Gaming

The gaming industry consists of different concepts and terminologies. Other than speedrunning, score attacks, glitch-less runs, tool-assisted runs, etc., are all part of different gaming techniques that are used to play games. Then, there are play to earn games (P2E), role playing games (RPG) and many more. Hence, the genre of video games is very diversified, and today, we are going to talk about speedrunning. It is the art of playing video games with the goal of completing the game as quickly as possible.

The strategies and techniques used to implement speedrunning in video games differ greatly from those that gamers use in playing other games. In certain tournaments, gaming translation services help translate speedrunning games so that multilingual gamers can easily understand the rules.

Games like Neon White and Super Mario 64 come under the category of speedrunning games. There are different levels and missions that require fast completion in order to win from opponents. In this read, we are going to talk about the psychology of speedrunning, what it is, and what are the driving factors that motivate gamers to play these games.

What is Speedrunning in Video Games?

As mentioned above, speedrunning accounts for the completion of a game with the fastest speed. Many games have some levels or missions where fast completion is the key. Likewise, there are games that are completely based on speedrunning. Reaching the end of the level or game is all that matters in it. Most of the time, the goal is just completion while other times it is necessary to collect all the coins and rewards along the way.

Tactics such as glitches which are often banned in games, are astonishingly allowed in speedrunning games. These tactics enable gamers to complete their missions earlier than the actual time needed. The perfect execution of techniques like jumping and fast falling not only earns players time but also grants them rewards and coins in the game.

These speedrun games are also played for charity. In the United States, Games Done Quick (GDQ) is a semiannual gaming competition that raises money through charities for cancer patients, for instance.

Motivating Factors of Speedrunning

One might wonder, why gamers are so invested in speedrunning when they can play other games in a relaxed way, enjoying the process all along. There are several factors that are responsible for the enhanced presence of speedrunning games in the gaming world. There is a website called Speedrun, which contains all the speedrunning games. Games such as Ultrakill, Celeste, Minecraft Java: Edition, Lethal Company, Helldivers 2, and even Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies are specifically speedrun games.

The Thrill of the Challenge

The main reason why gamers indulge in speedrunning is mainly because of the thrill and “kick” (a new terminology that Gen Z often uses) that these games provide. There is constant pressure on gamers to improve their time which causes them to focus more on the game. Games like Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time contain speedrun communities or games. The speedrun timing for these games is less than the time required to play the whole game, sometimes even less than one hour.

Games in The Legend of Zelda Universe Speedrun Timing
A Link to the Past (1:31)
Link’s Awakening DX (4:34)
Ocarina of Time (16:58)
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (18:02)
Four Swords (20:42)
Breath of the Wild (27:29)
The Legend of Zelda (Original Version) (28:17)
Majora’s Mask (28:17)
Wind Waker HD (54:15)
A Link Between Worlds (1:21:01)

Mastery of Gaming Features

These speedrunning games are about taking a game that you love to play and competing against other players to complete the mission. This challenge makes the game ten times more thrilling which elevates the gaming experience. Speedrunning isn’t just about playing fast. Rather it is about mastering the mechanics of the game and giving responses in record time. Gamers learn about the in-game features and gaming patterns of their rivals. This allows them to play more efficiently and earn points.

What Strategies Should You Use For Speedrunning

Speedrunning is very much different from a normal gaming experience. Strategies like going for the fastest route to end the mission and using glitches to save time are a few of the strategies or tactics that speedrun gamers use. In a competitive gaming scenario, the role of a translation company is highly crucial as they translate in-game features for the gamers so that all players can play fairly.

Route Planning for the Fastest Path

Gamers go for the quickest routes, skip unnecessary tasks, and prioritize items essential for victory. For example, in Super Mario Bros, players can bend time zones to jump over levels in order to save time and complete the game.

Using Glitches to Move Forward

Glitches are often considered a cheating method during gaming competitions. Oftentimes players are expelled from games for using glitch codes. But in speedrun games, glitches are allowed. It is because they save time and allow players to go from one place to another in seconds.

It might seem simple but speedrun games are difficult games. Players spent hours practicing jumps and climbing walls just to save their time. In the above table, the least timing for the speedrun game is one minute and 31 seconds for the game, “A Link to the Past”.

Final Words!

To sum up, speedrunning games involve finishing a game in record time. The excitement to come to the first position is one of the motivating factors of the speedrun games. Knowing all about the features of the game is an important point in these games. One should know the fastest route as well as glitching features to complete a game as soon as possible.