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PropertyGuys Optimizing Buyer-Seller Experience in Real Estate

One of the basic dreams of any individual is to own a house. However, it turns out to be one of the most difficult tasks to buy or sell one. With the current scenario of real estate and the complexities created by expensive middlemen, often buyers and sellers fail to navigate the process, costing them a portion of their equity. Putting an end to these issues, provides a safe and practical way for buyers and sellers to connect and avoid the high cost of commission. They believe that selling privately is the Future of Real Estate®. was founded in 1998 and is Canada’s Largest Private Sale Franchise Network. In that time, they have helped close to 90,000 homeowners discover “A Smarter Way to Sell™”. Their founding belief is that real estate is broken, and so they aim to be the catalyst for change in the industry by providing a solution that relies on both people and technology at a fraction of the cost that sellers would expect to pay an agent. specializes in connecting buyers and sellers directly, helping them save a bundle in unnecessary commission. Its system is designed to help customers sell quickly and confidently. From negotiations to paperwork, and even setting a competitive asking price, customers have all the help they need in every step of the process. The company provides various amenities to its franchise owners as well, including the trust of Canada’s largest private sale franchise network, 20 years’ experience in the industry, no real estate license requirement, low initial investment, and ongoing support from both colleagues and Home Office.
Rely on Experts 
The center of’s disruptive model is its flat-fee approach based on service, not a percentage of a property’s sale price. Its system deploys a team of experts to help sellers feel confident every step of the way. This team consists of real estate lawyers, marketing experts (franchise owners), pricing consultants, and a professional answering service to name a few, that help make the process seamless. The company believes that anyone can sell their house and it shouldn’t cost a fortune to do so. That’s why its platform allows buyers and sellers to connect directly – in essence avoiding the high cost of commission.
A Driven Entrepreneur 
Ken LeBlanc is the CEO of and has been a defining visionary behind the brand since day one. Over the years, he has remained laser-focused on driving the company toward its ultimate goal – to change real estate forever. Alongside his business partners, there is no problem or opportunity that LeBlanc won’t tackle head-on.
Over the past 20 years, has continued to grow into a dominant force in both franchising and the Canadian real estate industry – due in large part to LeBlanc’s fearless leadership. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is always asking, what’s next?
Ken is a highly driven entrepreneur, savvy franchise sales expert, and experienced contract negotiator. Ken has previously held the position of Chair of the Canadian Franchise Association Board of Directors and remains a member to this day. He is a strong supporter of youth entrepreneurship with organizations such as the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Futurpreneur, and Junior Achievement. He also holds a BBA from Crandall University, where the idea of spurred from a business class project.
A Fateful Call 
According to, one of the main pivots that helped to shape the company into what it is today was the idea of franchising. The company didn’t start out as a franchise nor was it originally part of the plan. However, the idea arose from a chance phone call with a prospective franchisee from Prince Edward Island. It was obvious to the team that franchising was going to be a key vehicle in expanding its offering across the country rapidly. Within months of franchising, the company saw a vast interest in its offering and the rest is history. As for that fateful PEI caller, he is still a franchise owner to this day.
Differentiating Factors believes that the most significant difference between the company and their competitors is that they selected NOT to be a licensed brokerage – they’re not real estate agents. Instead, they are a national franchise system with local franchise owners who help homeowners in their communities sell their property privately and save thousands in commissions. Their disruptive model has propelled rapid growth over 20 years, capturing tens of thousands of property listings across Canada.
At, instead of employing a jack-of-all-trades mentality, often typical of traditional real estate agents, sellers enjoy a team of experts who help them understand each part of the real estate transaction with knowledge from the best professionals in each field (legal, pricing, marketing etc.). The company not only has a bold approach to real estate, but it’s customers also notice their bold branding, which includes the iconic, 36 in round lawn signs that ensure that each property stands out from the crowd.
What’s next? continues to focus on changing the real estate industry forever and is already doing so, one round sign at a time. Expansion into the United States remains a top priority. The company also continues to focus on cutting edge technology that will further improve user experience and refine the digital real estate transaction for the next generation. Big things are coming for
Words of Appreciation from Clients 
“The process was straightforward, offered lots of marketing exposure and it allowed me to save on a lot of potential commission costs.” – Kim T.
“Great system, great results, great support!!” – Gerry & Debbie R.
“After using property guys I will definitely never use an agent again. They do so much more than any agent I know, and at only a fraction of the cost! I will recommend property guys to everyone I know for sure!” – Dana D.
“We sold our condo about a week after the sign went up. No large real estate fees which saved us thousands of dollars. They offered different packages based on your needs. Very helpful. Will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone selling a property!” – Connie H.
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