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Procera Networks: Delivering Exceptional, Universal & Seamless Broadband Services

Being the only company that delivers end-to-end DPI solutions to OEMs and end users, Procera Networks is leveraging purpose-built Datastream Definition Recognition Language (DRDL) and Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL) DPI engines. Procera focuses on delivering the best data to network operators to help them deliver the best experience to their subscribers through unique products like ScoreCard, which measures the actual experience delivered to subscribers.

Procera Networks’ operator customers find more data, see it in more perspectives, and do more with it to effect transformational change, especially in the area of network virtualization, where Procera is a leading supplier of virtualized DPI solutions. There are four key values for Procera:

Technology Leadership – Procera is committed to the very highest standards of performance, continually improving their own skills in order to better serve their customers.

Innovation – Procera has the confidence to talk about the future and make predictions.

Efficiently – Procera implement ideas quickly, work efficiently and produce results that exceed the customers’ expectations.

Grounded – Procera is confident, but not arrogant. They define themselves by what their customers say about them, not they would like them to say.

‘Best in Class Solutions’ offered by Procera

With the vision, ‘to create a world in which networks deliver exceptional, universal and seamless broadband services profitably, everywhere’, Procera is offering best in class solutions to the clients. Procera’s solutions structure broadband data, transform it into actionable intelligence, and empower broadband operators to make informed business decisions immediately. Procera’s solutions are built on their industry-leading Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology and combine the capabilities of the Pro•ID, Pro•View, and Pro•Act product families.

Procera is focused on delivering the best DPI technology to the market. Procera continue to serve their existing customers and acquire new ones, and they are most excited about the trends that are occurring with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). NFV will revolutionize how operators are able to utilize their technology by simplifying deployments and enabling new use cases throughout their network infrastructure for analytics, traffic management, and policy enforcement.

Lyn Cantor, CEO of Procera Networks, over the course of his 30-year career, has accumulated a broad executive leadership background in the Telecom, Enterprise and Information Technology software industries ranging from Fortune 200 and Mid-Cap ($1B+) companies (including Visual Network Systems, Inet Technologies, QMS / Minolta and C.Itoh Electronics) as well as experience taking a private company through a very successful IPO and ultimately to a market leadership position.

Prior to Procera, Lyn served as President of Tektronix Communications (a Danaher Company). While at Tektronix, Lyn’s scope was the full P&L accountability of the multi-national business with over $460M in revenue, 27% operating profit and 1,300+ associates. In addition to his earlier career learnings, Lyn’s eight years of service in Danaher and exposure to their DBS methodology provides a great set of experiences using specific and relevant lean tools and techniques to help sustainably drive growth, improve business processes, strengthen product reliability and internal operations.

One of the satisfied clients of Procera Johan Andsjo, CEO of Orange Switzerland says, “We selected Procera due to the strong value proposition offered by the PacketLogic solutions for personalized services”.

One more client, Yousef Al-Mutawe, COO at Zain says, “Zain has used Procera for the past three years and the solutions have met the business requirements to help Zain in understanding the customers’ behavior”.