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Patrick Panayotov Partner Proceed Innovative LLC

Proceed Innovative LLC: Assisting Companies to Expand Their Brands Using the Internet

“In the digital marketing field, there is always something new, something game-changing that we can test,” answered Patrick Panayotov, Partner at Proceed Innovative LLC when we asked about their ideology.

Proceed Innovative LLC has been driving growth and success for a range of business owners and their teams for over 14 years as a full-service Chicago digital marketing firm. The company uses interactive marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ad Campaigns, Creative Web Design, and Web Analytics Consulting to help businesses enhance brand visibility and sales.

Proceed Innovative’s team learns the nuts and bolts of a business and then conveys that understanding to Google and a digital audience, with a well targeted content and an optimized website. This high-quality content increases the online presence of a business, and more importantly gets them in front of the right audience. Proceed Innovative aims to collaborate with outstanding businesses, have them succeed online, and provide a fantastic experience for their customers.

Aim Behind the Establishment

Proceed Innovative was founded in 2008 with a core focus on digital marketing. At that time, digital marketing offered business owners one of the most effective growth opportunities, which is still true today. Many businesses still struggle with taking advantage of the opportunities the internet provides. The foundation of Proceed Innovative was to offer business owners a trusted partner in the digital marketing space.

Philosophy to Work By

The company’s core focus is to bring new sales opportunities to its clients. In order to guide this core focus they follow these core values:

  • Be effective, efficient, and results-driven
  • Be passionate about our work and our clients’ success
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Keep our commitments to our clients
  • Keep our commitments to our team
  • Build a financially strong and profitable company
  • Keep it a fun place to work and create

It is simple, the owners and businesses that Proceed Innovative works with are incredible at what they do. They are an integral part of their community and are trusted to provide high-quality and reliable service. Before working with Proceed Innovative, many of these businesses did not exemplify this same level of trust and expertise with what would be found online. Proceed Innovative’s goal is to highlight these great businesses digitally so more people can find them.

The team follows its success-proven process, which has been refined consistently since 2008. These consistent steps have created a powerful online presence for over 150 businesses. The company’s team translates business owners’ industry knowledge and reputation into something that Google and a digital audience will understand. This quality content drives their visibility online and gets the business in front of the right people. These are products and services people need, Senior Home Care or Disaster Restoration for example, and they need a trusted company to call. Working with great companies, getting them found online, and driving a great experience for their customers is the philosophy behind Proceed Innovative’s work.

“We have a passion for our client’s success,” says one of the team members.

“Results-Based” Focus

The company’s team members are certified experts in Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, and Web Design.

What makes them stand out is their “results-based” focus on digital marketing. One can spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week putting in work within digital marketing. Part of their process is finding the results a business owner is looking to achieve before starting their work. With those results in mind, the team can determine if this business is a good fit and what strategies will meet their criteria for success.

There is never a one size fits all solution. With every project there are variables that need to be accounted for: client objectives, competition, time constraints, and budget. Taking these metrics into account formulates the best strategy for a successful outcome.

During the life of a project, the experts at Proceed Innovative continue this “results-based” conversation with the business owner and his team. They connect the investments made in their successful online presence to the new business opportunities finding them and converting to bottom-line results. Proceed Innovative is a great partner for established businesses that are looking for new channels to drive growth. For many, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization provides that incredible opportunity.

Overcoming Challenges

Google adjusts its algorithms often, and these changes need to be accounted for. This is a common challenge that the industry faces and why a one-and-done optimization strategy is no longer a long-term option for owners.

Additionally, businesses are getting more and more engaged with their online audiences. Proceed Innovative works with various businesses that have seen tremendous growth from its work. Throughout the years, there are competitors constantly striving to rank for those top positions on Google. It takes consistent, high-quality work to continue delivering great results and staying one step ahead of the competition.

Adapting to New Trends

The last two years of pandemic-driven lockdowns and evolution to a remote work environment have highlighted the importance of digital marketing. Many of the businesses that Proceed Innovative worked with during the initial lockdown found most of their traditional marketing efforts inefficient. Overnight many of these businesses looked to their online visibility as the main way to continue driving growth. Proceed Innovative’s clients were well placed to take advantage of the growing digital audience during this span. The company’s team is incredibly grateful for their client’s trust and support!

In many cases, the businesses they worked with had already laid out a vision for the year and were determined to continue growing. The focus on their online presence was a major part of generating new opportunities and achieving those goals.

In one example, a business found that they no longer had to send thousands of dollars’ worth of catalogs annually when the digital version generated similar results. Besides, if no one is in the office, where would you send them?

Keeping Up with Technology

The Proceed Innovative team is highly dynamic with new tools and processes. The culture of the company fosters creativity and learning from the bottom up. Consistently, the company sees team members test, implement, and train the organization on new tools and strategies. Every year, the team implements companywide changes that make their lives and work more efficient and impactful.

There is always something new, something game-changing that specialists can test in the digital marketing field. The team at Proceed Innovative is fortunate to have an abundance of information and tools at their disposal and a team willing to test, learn, and innovate to stay at the forefront of its field.

Supporting the Growth of Communities

Proceed Innovative is invested in the growth and success of the local Schaumburg, IL community. Proceed Innovative has been a member and supporter of the Schaumburg Business Association (SBA), the premier local business organization, since 2007. Patrick Panayotov currently serves as a Vice-Chairperson on the Board of Directors and the Chairperson for the Ambassador Committee. Proceed Innovative continues to work together with the SBA on events to engage local business owners and foster growth in the community.

Looking Ahead

Over the last 14 years, the company has driven growth and success for various business owners and their teams. That will continue to be its core focus. The next chapter for Proceed Innovative will be to increase the scale of its focus. The team’s work online is now starting to impact business growth worldwide. The goal will be to provide businesses looking to be premier players in their industry with an opportunity to drive growth at a massive scale.

At the same time, internally, the company will continue growing a team passionate about its client’s success. The team has the experience, tools, and, most importantly, the autonomy to drive growth for the clients that invest in their work.

Customer/Client Testimonials

“We have been working with Proceed for over five years, and they have been wonderful to work with! They have redesigned 2 of our websites and provided us with SEO on each, and since then, we have seen a tremendous increase in online exposure. They are quick to help you and resolve any issues you have along the way. I would recommend this company to anyone.”  – Kiefer USA

“I have been working with Proceed Innovative for over two years. My visits to the website have increased dramatically, but, more important, so has my business! They are interested in how their efforts affect my results. They are always making recommendations to improve my website. Jasmine Panayotov, the owner, is involved and always has excellent input. Enis, who works directly with me, is professional, responsive, and creative. I cannot recommend them enough.” – Marina Ramirez

“We have worked with Proceed Innovative on disaster restoration lead generation for a few months. Since we began our digital marketing work together, our return on investment has been through the roof. We have had a wave of new opportunities sent directly to our businesses. The team quickly answers any questions and provides detailed reports on our results. Great people, great program, and hands down the best Chicago SEO Agency.” – Patrick O’Conner