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How to Prevent Jump-ships

“People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their boss” is one such quote which is now heard very frequently. The employees might be hired by one of the best companies in the market, but still they are willing to quit while actually they are quitting their managers. When the boss is mismanages, employees get demotivated and lose their will to stay and work, instead they jump-ship.
Hence the question that arises is how you can be a good manager or a leader.  A great mentor should think like sculptor. Sculptors have a unique way of approaching their arts. They believe that an inimitable and beautiful piece of art already existed within the stone and all that they had to do is to release it. A similar method should be approached by the mentors; they should be able to carve out the uniqueness within each of their employees. A great boss or manager can always make or break the company. Being an unforgettable boss is difficult but not hard to be. They have the ability to change the people around them; their aura can encourage the employees too.
An Unforgettable Boss
Another matter for consideration is who is an unforgettable boss? A leader who is passionate can influence all the people around him. The last thing an employee wants is the boss who is bored of his job and life too. They are the kind of leaders who put forward your dreams, and assure them that there is nothing that cannot be achieved without working hard. They encourage the team to dream big, and work towards it. Remarkable boos would be fervent about their work. They are willing to put all their effort towards it and they have a firm belief in their achievements even if it is just a small step towards success. Such attitude towards work would boost the employees’ engagement too.
Being True To Employees
Another trait of an unforgettable boss is that they always have the same face. In short we can say that they are who they are, always. They are always open to any suggestion and don’t hesitate to accept their mistakes. They clearly know that while working in a company, it isn’t always about dictating and stating that they are always right. They know that it is a continuous process of growth and learning and so they are willing to learn from their employees and in return the employees learn a lot from them too.
 Being a Mentor
An unforgettable boss is always there to help his employees.  People can count on him to always coach them and to move away the obstacles in their way. In short they would always pull them from under the bus and not throw them under it and blame them for everything.  They play chess where they are the ones who command all the moves but only after knowing all of their coins and using them wisely.
Employees seek for such bosses who are humble, yet willing to stand like a pot in storm. They want superiors who would guide them, who will trust them and who would encourage them to do more. They prefer places where they are appreciated, where their ideas are valued and a boss who would put their ideas into consideration.
– Crescent CU