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Present: A Holistic Vision of a Beautiful Era

We have entered a renaissance era; exiting the ‘modern’ world and entering the ‘postmodern’ world. In the modern world, it was acceptable, even admired to work long hours, to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow, to be tired, to be under stress even.
In the new world, the ‘postmodern’ world, we want to be happy, enjoy life, have fun at work and we want more time for our passions. It is more radical with the millenniums, but it can be observed at all ages now.
But never before have we had so many demands on us. We need to be fast and we need to do more with less, as global competitiveness increases every day, and most predictions indicate that it’s only going to get worse.
These two situations are conflicting. How is one supposed to deliver more and more without spending their life working in an increasingly demanding environment?
Present has adapted its offer to meet today’s challenging IT demands in business and as importantly, work with individuals to deliver more and save time and stress for a more balanced life.
Present achieves this by uncovering and focusing on the dream results for its clients’ company, the department and the individuals. Then, it pulls all resources together, both internal and external, with their network of partners, distributors and manufacturers, to work towards the dream situation.
This is the holistic vision of the company for its clients and it strives every day to work with them to achieve this.
A Proven Leadership On its Way to the Next Horizon
Present distinguishes itself with a unique vision and an iconic leadership. The company is led by Marc Beaulieu, the Founder and President of the company
Marc started out his professional career as an IT developer, where he began to see the need for IT companies to better serve their clients. His colleagues describe him as someone who never runs out of ideas and opportunities to better serve his clients. His vision constantly drives the company to reinvent business practices and stay ahead of the race to meet the requirements of its clients.
In the 27 years since the inception of Present, Marc has experienced his share of turbulent times but took the difficult times in stride and viewed them as opportunities. His track record is proof he has reinvented the offerings over and over, englobing the saying “the one that survives is not the strongest but the one that adapts”. Also, he knows how to make life fun to work as a team and choses people that will work well together and that create outstanding value for the client.
Thanks to a new approach of the IT industry
In the past, IT was worshipped within the business. IT earned respect because it helped companies by saving costs, providing speed and automation to the business. But in the new millennium, IT gradually became a commodity, a service to the business and a cost center, even referred to as “the frustration center” at times.
According to Marc, “People now realise that it was a mistake and are working to put IT back as a strategic ally and a true contributor to the business”. But there are challenges: the speed of business today is so fast, and IT needs to be deployed so carefully, that there is a clash between business needs and what traditional IT can deliver.
Present works with IT in regaining speed and leadership in the business and to provide proactive ideas and solutions to grow the business and contribute to profits.
The company works on what it sees as core IT challenges such as meeting the needs of all business applications, deploying new applications faster, upscaling applications to deliver better performance, reducing IT costs and ultimately freeing up resources to help IT companies focus on innovating core products and services.
Keeping in mind that technology is both the driver and the enabler for rethinking the efficiency and even the survival of enterprises, Present works with companies of various sizes in gaining leadership by providing innovative technological approaches and solutions that deliver real value.
They provide agile IT solutions that respond to fast and evolving business demands and free up employees so they can work on projects that matters to the business.
The postmodern era now requires IT to have greater agility, and much shorter response times to their demands, with the ultimate goal being to rethink the customer experience and operations as well as reinvent business models.
But IT is still largely monopolized by the tasks associated with the maintenance and availability of infrastructures inherited from the past.
With such daily challenges, it’s easy to forget that applications, not infrastructure, should be their primary focus.
Today, it is imperative for IT to reverse the trend to truly be able to:

  • Meet the needs of all the business’ applications
  • Deploy new applications faster
  • Manage application requirements in terms of performance, availability and placement on site and in the cloud
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Free up resources and time for innovation

For IT, this means adopting, in stages, an architectural flexibility in order to dynamically place business workloads where they make the most sense.
The cornerstone of this strategy is the establishment of a software-defined data center using hyper-converged technologies.
With their centers of expertise covering infrastructure, cloud and managed services, Present supports companies in their modernization efforts to make infrastructure as unobtrusive as possible, allowing IT to focus on what really matters: their applications.
A difference that has a big impact
One of the main differentiator of Present is the understanding of the visible and hidden needs and problems. The company comes in with a different set of glasses, where it is not only responding to needs and certainly not pushing its products but laying out a plan for the bigger picture.
The company prides itself by being client centric and will do everything possible to give a world class client experience. Since it approaches things from a totally different angle, the end result is not only an innovative infrastructure solution but a better value and perception of IT in the business and more pride, freedom and pleasure at work.
An All-Encompassing Beneficiary to Client
Present is a true contributor that has a methodology and invests the time to immerse itself in the client’s business and becomes an extended team towards their success.
The leadership at the company believes, in the end, it is a better life for everyone; for the IT team, for the rest of the people in the business that are impacted, for the end clients that will be better served and the stakeholders because they will have better results and less problems to solve. Marc often says, “When you make a 360 analysis of the impacts of doing things differently, you actually see those elements that are so profitable, both financially and emotionally”.
Making the Industry better one Step at a Time
With a combined approach based on vision, values and methodology, Present is a true partner in providing value to client’s businesses. It helps its clients by solving recurrent problems that have been around too long. Such problems can often become accepted as a ‘necessary evil’ but they cost a fortune in terms money and stress.
Present is stirring the pot by raising the bar with new standards and aiming to deliver everything its clients want and need. The company often goes beyond the call of duty to recognise deeper problems and possible opportunities with an objective and balanced perspective.
The company envisions a brighter future on the horizon for the industry where there is an opportunity to recreate the IT ecosystem where the client always comes first.
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