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Precious Metals Investing In 2023: How To Get Started

When owning an investment portfolio, it’s important to diversify it to protect you from market uncertainties. However, diversification is easier said than done.

There are several things you can do to diversify your investment portfolio. One is investing in traditional plans such as stocks, bonds, and shares. Despite their popularity, however, market movements such as inflation might affect these investments, compromising their overall value.

Due to this, investors are now looking for alternative assets to include in their investment portfolios. Enter precious metals. Investing in precious metals can be challenging too. The good news is that this blog outlines what you need to know before investing in precious metals.

What Are Precious Metals?

Precious metals are rare assets with intrinsic value. They have a wide range of applications, from the electronic world to manufacturing industries; hence, they tend to maintain their value.

Investing in precious metals can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time venturing into this ever-growing industry. You have to equip yourself with all the necessary know-how and skills to understand all the risks involved and make the process easier for you. You also have to choose a reputable precious metal company to work with.

How To Start Precious Metal Investing In 2023

The following tips will help you get started in investing:

  • Choose The Best Precious Metal To Invest in

There are several precious metals you can choose from to include in your portfolio. Demand, price, volatility, and more may hugely influence the metal you choose. Please take a look at these popular options.


Humans have been using this yellow metal for thousands of years. Gold symbolized status amongst the royals and wealthy families in the ancient era. In the modern era, including gold in your investment portfolio may play a huge role in protecting it against market collapse.

It has various uses in different fields, including electronics and the dentistry sector. Due to this, gold remains valuable and is a stable investment. Additionally, considering the enduring value of gold, many investors opt to store their precious metals securely through safety vault services. These services offer a reliable solution for safeguarding your gold investments in a secure and controlled environment. Gold, with its various uses, remains a stable investment and tends to maintain its value even during uncertain periods such as inflation.


This is another popular precious metal you can consider choosing. This metal also has a broad range of applications in the industrial area, including the electrical sector. Also, silver is used as storage of value in the form of jewelry, coins, silverware, and more.

However, the dual role of silver as an industrial metal and storage of value makes it more volatile than gold. The high volatility might impact the prices of silver stocks.

Other precious metals to consider including in your portfolio are platinum and palladium. For example, The Assay notes that palladium prices could grow as high as  4.0% in 2025, thanks to driving industrial demand from the electric vehicle sector. Each of the metals has a wide industrial application, making them preserve their value during market movements.

  • Determine The Ways To Invest In Precious Metals

There are several ways you can invest in precious metals, each with its own benefits and risks.


Bullion refers to the physical form of precious metals. Bullion is usually available in two forms: coins and bars. Bullion is ideal for investors who want to feel their wealth on their hands, giving them a sense of security. Also, precious metal bullion is easy to transfer from one location to another, improving the physical flexibility of your investment.

Despite the above benefits, bullion also comes with its own set of risks. To purchase bullion, you must have a secure vault or physical space to store or hold it. Otherwise, you risk exposing it to theft, misplacement, and other issues. However, you can reduce the investment risk by relying on a reputable company for storage and management services.

Precious Metal Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

This is another way to invest in precious metals. It’s a self-directed IRA that allows you to include precious metals in your account, protecting it against inflation and other issues. Besides precious metals, you can include other investments, such as real estate, cryptocurrency, and art, ensuring you have diverse income channels. Additionally, you might enjoy tax advantages when you include precious metals in your IRA.

However, it’s important to understand that precious metal IRA custodians and companies may charge higher fees to manage and maintain your precious metals. Hence, it’s important to visit more than one vendor to understand the average fees in your locality. Also, you should understand the money you invest in your precious metal IRA is tied up until you retire unless you’re willing to pay penalties.

Mining Companies

You may decide to invest in a company dealing with mining activities. Hence, when their productivity increases, the value of your investment may increase. Note that if the market price of precious metals changes, this will also impact the value of your share.

That said, investing in a mining company is a high-risk venture. If the company collapses, you risk losing your money. For this reason, choosing a company with the potential to expand soon is important, protecting your investment.

  • Understand Your Motivation For Investing In Precious Metals

Why are you planning on investing in precious metals come next year? Several reasons might motivate you to consider including precious metals in your portfolio. As mentioned above, during market uncertainties, precious metal investments maintain their market value.

Precious metals tend to be good assets to hold for a long period, unlike other investment vehicles. During market fluctuations, they have proven to be stable and solid investments.

Smart investors have long realized that this investment choice can help with their long-term financial stability and independence, as well as their retirement. Consider exploring the idea of precious metals investment further and gauge whether they’re a good fit with your investing and wealth-building plans in 2023.

Bottom Line

For many years, people have been looking for ways to diversify and protect their investment portfolios. Some have been including paper investments in their portfolio; however, these investment vehicles can be affected by market forces.

For this reason, investors are now turning to precious metals to protect and diversify their portfolios. It’s advisable to ensure you’ve done enough research before investing in precious metals in 2023.

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