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Andy Henderson | VP of Engineering & Data Science | Praemo

Praemo: Helping Companies to Transform through Technology

Many forward-thinking manufacturers and industrial product companies around the planet have made great strides in connecting their operations to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in recent years. Succeeding in the IIoT era demands the transformation of operating and business models. Determining how AI and IIoT can benefit any organization’s operations is the hidden key for the future of work. So, enters Praemo, an organization which is creating a future without disruptions by extracting the power of data and turning it into actionable insights. Praemo was founded by industry veterans, and its core technology Razor™ was developed utilizing real world experiences to solve problems leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning by providing a non-intrusive solution for the customers.
When RazorTM Started Breaking Grounds 
Praemo’s Razor™, an analytics engine combining industry expertise with AI and the IIoT to predict and prevent disruption to operations, utilizes existing IoT data and operational systems to provide insights that allow teams and operators to take appropriate action before negative trends manifest themselves in quality or production losses. This product creates a future without much disruption, shifting from traditional operating and business models to one that exploits the IIoT and advanced tools such as AI which are critical to remaining competitive in a data-driven world.
The Trailblazer 
Andy Henderson the VP of Engineering and Data science has a broad range of practical operations experience in utilizing data to solve seemingly intractable issues in some of the most challenging manufacturing environments. Data acquisition, data analysis and process modeling have been central to every role Andy had at Caterpillar, during doctoral research and at GE. Andy led efforts inside GE in order to implement data collection and analysis systems in GE internal factories and worked with GE Digital customers to define their needs for digital transformations inside of their factories. He remains a practitioner, applying digital technology within industrial operations, and a zealot for the value that comes from leveraging those technologies.
Andy has built technology in collaboration with some of the largest Research teams in the industry and is considered a leader in the space.
Focusing on Critical Areas 
Everything Praemo does, starts with two critical areas of focus – first, delivering value in real industrial use cases and second, delivering lean technology. Essentially, Praemo’s deep customer focus on both operational and technology teams sets the organization apart. That customer focus and empathy also guides how the company works internally.
When it comes to tackling competitors, Praemo believes strategy without execution is a hallucination. The company came out of the industry, and has executed in the spaces it serves with Razor™. That’s the real difference here, this is not tech being brought to industry, this is industry guiding the application of tech. The difference is subtle and incredibly powerful.
The Ability to Avert Disruption can have an Impact 
When it comes to tackling challenges. Praemo believes proper use of advanced tools like AI is at the heart of enabling the Digital Transformation at any company. Praemo’s team has successfully driven that transformation at the world’s largest industrial companies and has embedded that experience in how it delivers its technology. The technology has to work and must provide sustainable returns, that’s a given, but whether it can be deployed quickly – with little to no risk – and scaled rapidly in complex organizations – that is the real key to supporting a company’s transformation.
When one really digs into what Praemo is building, it becomes evident that this is not a technology that solves a specific problem for any particular industry, it solves a class of problems exhibited in all industrial operations, ie, the challenges in recognizing and alerting teams or systems to patterns in a disparity of data before they impact performance and productivity. When one thinks about individual machines, coordinated work-cells or processes, and integrated supply chains – the ability to avert disruption can have an extraordinarily large impact on performance.
Client Testimonials 
“Praemo’s Razor™ is giving us real live connections to machine and man, and helping to harvest the abundance of data and make good business decisions in a business with little room for delays.” — Karl Wadensten, Chief Executive Officer, VIBCO “Praemo’s Razor™ has allowed us the visibility to foresee hidden risk potentials within our operational environment before they escalate.” — Ernie Addezi, Vice President Operations, Precision Record Pressing
“Our manufacturing processes are world-class, and leveraging technologies like AI allow us to take them to the next level of performance — this is critical as we digitally transform operations. Praemo’s domain expertise and lean approach were key for us, allowing us to launch the First Use quickly and support our Industry 4.0 initiatives.” — Eric Stockl, Chief Operating Officer, CH Guenther & Son