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PractiTest: Take Your Test Management to the Next Level

Today the most prominent issue for the IT industry is the increased demand for the quick “time to market” releases. This means the pace of every part of product development and testing is“fast and furious”. Therefore, we see a trending shift to Agile testing, and SCRUM methodology, alongside increasing automation efforts, geared to support this growing demand. This calls for a reliable and quick testing solution provider that helps their clients become leaders in this crowded market. PractiTest is one such advanced test management platform, which provides an overall testing solution that fulfills today’s QA demands of the industry.
Comprehensive Testing Solutions from the Experts
PractiTest is a complete test management solution that can manage every step of the QA process from requirements to tests, runs and bug tracking. It was founded by a team of testing experts in order to allow growing organizations to better manage their testing process without the need to install On-prem solutions that lack support for their need for flexibility.
PractiTest’s unique data management approach is using Hierarchical Filters. The dynamics of filters is an efficient way to sort and manage the QA process of any project, promoting visibility and traceability which are key for a smooth release. The unique filters which are at the core of PractiTest’s solution give better support for Agile and DevOps teams as well.
To complete the package, PractiTest offers seamless integration with popular bug tracking tools such as Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla, and more; as well as automation solutions such as Selenium, QTP, TestComplete, etc. Or user can make use of PractiTest’s API to connect other external frameworks.
Designer of PractiTest
Joel Montvelisky is the Co-founder and Chief Solution Architect of PractiTest. He has more than 20 years of testing experience both as a tester, and a test manager as well as a QA blogger and lecturer in events such as STAREAST, CAST and more. “The uniqueness of PractiTest is the fact that it was built from the tester’s point of view. Knowing what the pain points are in the everyday work of a tester”.
Benefits for Clients
Some of PractiTest’s Unique Benefits are;
Agile Testing Teams: PractiTest helps organize the work of the test team based on User Stories and Epics, while at the same time based on the different Sprints of the team.
Quick and painless: It is lean SaaS test management solution, so starting up a new project or migrating projects over to PractiTest is quick and painless. This is true for the daily use of PractiTest as well. Team PractiTest believes that the client should be able to concentrate their time and efforts on their testing and not on managing or maintaining their testing tool.
Distributed Teams: As a SaaS solution PractiTest can offer the flexibility to work with distributed test teams, so the projects can be worked on from anywhere with access for anyone. PractiTest’s application is designed to work fast regardless of the user’s internet connection or location. This means that users can work seamlessly with PractiTest whether they work In-House, Offshore, Outsource, Crowdsource, or just in multiple geographic locations.
Best support: Another strong point of PractiTest is to offer their human methodological support. This means that team PractiTest offer expert support of their platform throughout the project, helping clients to customize and use the software so they can get the most out of it.
Well-balanced Work Culture
Team PractiTest believes that they should treat customers in the same way they’d like to be treated, themselves, as customers! Their first objective is to help and create value with each interaction.
Team PractiTest have an approach of working as a lean company, focusing on their core strengths, but at the same time utilizing outsource services when needed. They believe in both gender equality in the workforce, and also see a great value in the correct work-life balance.
Pioneering Solutions
The PractiTest team is constantly growing and expanding. Product-wise, they plan to continue expanding their integrations, and also on expanding the ways they help QA Teams to communicate their work with the rest of the organization.
PractiTest is also aware that the reality of testing teams is constantly changing and so it is working on including functionality and features to help these teams excel in meeting their new challenges. For example; PractiTest has added features that help teams streamline their testing when working with multiple devices and environments, it is also adding functionality to help teams to manage different type of testing.
PractiTest is also looking at functionality to help drive geographically distributed testing teams, as well as more interactions with other departments in the organization

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