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PQ Media: Delivering Actionable Market Intelligence and Strategic Consulting

Management consulting is usually a practice of helping companies to improve their overall performance. Companies can seek the services offered by the management consultants for various reasons, including general guidance or specialized expertise services. Consulting firms are generally aware of the industry best practices and hold the ability to offer strategic consulting and actionable market intelligence to the companies seeking it. PQ Media is one such management consulting firm which is offering various consulting services to the companies seeking its help. It delivers intelligent data to companies and helps them make smarter business decisions. PQ Media offers Comprehensive Media Intelligence that is always one step ahead of the curve.
Global Project Outcomes
PQ Media delivers intelligent data and analysis to highlevel executives at the world’s leading media and technology organizations through a wide range of  syndicated market research, custom research services and strategic consulting. PQ Media uses a proprietary econometric methodology to define, segment, size and project outcomes across over 100 traditional, digital and alternative media spanning all global regions, countries, media platforms, channels and generation groups.
Identifying Critical Market Shifts
PQ Media’s methodology is driven by an exclusive Global Opinion Leader Panel of key industry stakeholders and proprietary databases that track all three of the industry’s KPIs: media operator revenues & growth; consumer media usage & exposure; and consumer spending on media content & technology. PQ Media analysts also identify critical shifts in the Top 20 Global Media Markets, including key political, economic, social and technology trends, and then apply its methodology consistently across all media, markets and demographics worldwide, triangulating multichannel data to deliver the only holistic view of the global media economy.
Pioneer in Media Econometrics
PQ Media is widely recognized as a pioneer in media econometrics, leveraging its proprietary methodology to become the first market researcher to define, segment, size and project outcomes across multiple digital & alternative media that were previously untracked, including branded entertainment, digital out-of-home advertising, content marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, mobile & social media advertising, and smart technology marketing.
Various Research Report Series
PQ Media has published over 50 editions of its various research report series covering every traditional, digital and alternative media segment, including its annual three-report bundle, the Global Media & Technology Forecast Series.
It has also executed over 100 custom research and consulting projects for blue-chip clients, including top  media companies, investment firms, management consultants, trade associations and brand marketers.
Unique Data and Trends Analysis
With the myriad of changes to the media ecosystem, key media stakeholders reach out to PQ Media for customized strategic intelligence to help in their decision-making process because of the unique data and trends analysis that it offers.
Increasingly, PQ Media is being contacted because data sources are shuttering their practices, cutting back data releases or putting the data behind paid firewalls.
Meeting Growing Needs of Clients
Using its proprietary methodology, PQ Medianomics™, PQ Media has been able to develop a broad portfolio of custom consulting services to meet the growing needs of its clients. These services include: Actionable Strategic Intelligence Reports; Perception Surveys; Industry/Segment Briefs; Educational Webinars / In-Person Presentations; Legal & Regulatory Expert Witness; Phone Consults; and Licensing PQ Media Reports. Through its proprietary econometric modeling system, PQ Media’s venerable research analyst team develops primary research reports that have influenced strategies, investments and tactics for leading media, entertainment and communications stakeholders worldwide. PQ Media continues to expand its library of primary research reports on emerging media, which have received global recognition. PQ Media also offers Educational Consulting.
To determine which of its services best suit one’s needs, PQ Media executives discusses the parameters and logistics of the project to ascertain how the research will be used. PQ Media then prepares a preliminary proposal that clearly defines the project parameters, including:
-Current Situation: Reason(s) PQ Media contacted and chosen -Objectives: Project parameters and final outcome -Scope & Methodology: Project details, organization & process
-Schedule: Timetable for preparing all materials
-Deliverables: Types of documents, such PDF and excel datasheet
-Fees: Cost structure
Contribution to World’s Leading Organizations
PQ Media’s brand today is synonymous with global leadership in the delivery of actionable market intelligence  and strategic guidance to executive management teams of the world’s leading media and technology organizations. PQ Media is widely considered a pioneer in the development of first-ever econometric data and analysis defining, segmenting, sizing and projecting growth across a wide range of previously unmeasured digital & alternative media, including digital out-of-home advertising, branded entertainment & product placement, content marketing, social media advertising, online & mobile marketing, brand activation, and word-of-mouth marketing.
About the Leader
Patrick Quinn founded PQ Media LLC in 2002 and launched the private company into its first full year of operation on Jan. 1, 2003, following a distinguished career as an award-winning journalist, editor, and market research analyst and management consultant. Patrick has since guided PQ Media through 15 consecutive years of profitable growth and new product expansion, as it has developed into a highly respected market research, business intelligence and strategic advisory firm. He is the President & CEO of the PQ Media.