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Popular Podcast Hosting Platforms That Might Interest You

What do you need when starting a Podcast? As a beginner, you will need some recording tools and a platform to host your podcast. There are hundreds of podcast platforms you can choose from. This situation makes it overwhelming and stressful to choose the best platform for your podcast. You will have to be careful when selecting the best since making the wrong decision will hamper your progress. When you choose the best and the popular hosting platform, you can grow your audience, manage your files, and promote your episodes. Which are the popular hosting platforms? Check on the list below.


If you are a beginner in podcasts, BuzzSprout can be the ideal platform for you. It is among the best platforms for carrying out any podcast and enables users to manage their files effectively. This hosting platform has an intuitive, analytical dashboard that provides users with insights to improve their podcasts and plan their promotional strategies. It enables you, as the user, to decide and plan which apps people can use to listen to your podcast and the countries to hear your content. Is BuzzSprout for you? If you don’t know much about the apps to broadcast your content or want to have it easy, BuzzSprout publishes your episodes to popular channels such as Google podcasts, Alexa, and Spotify. You will also enjoy an optional transcription service. Is it free? This hosting platform provides you two hours of free hosting per month and charges the rest with unlimited storage.


PodBean is among the popular hosting platforms for individuals looking for an all-rounded, easy-to-use platform. With this platform, you can easily submit your podcasts to leading directories, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iTunes (Now Apple Podcasts). Besides making you reach your targeted audience, PodBean enables you to make an income out of your podcasts. You can easily connect with any advertiser and feature their products or services in your podcasts. There is also a platform, a sales model, where content creators can market and sell bonus subscriptions and content episodes. Is the platform free? You can upload files of up to 500GB for free and pay for the extra. 500GB will guarantee you at least 5 hours of audio content. The paid plans provide unlimited storage, while the website plans will give you lots of other premium features.


Do you use a WordPress website? Will you want analytics for your podcasts? If you answer yes to these questions, then Blubrry will be an ideal hosting platform for your podcasts. Here, you can share your podcasts to leading outlets, including Apple and Google Podcasts. This hosting platform offers three primary services. There is the Powerpress plugin, a hosting service, and podcast statistics. What does the powerpress plugin do? It enables WordPress users to manage their podcasts from their websites effectively. There is also a social media site button where individuals can share and advertise their podcasts. The website provides only premium plans, where you get unlimited storage and podcast statistics to let you manage and monitor your content. There are also professional plans designated for commercial companies and other heavy users.


Like Blubrry, the transistor offers you built-in analytics for your podcast. It is among the largest hosting platforms in the market, with plenty of tools to enable users to grow their audience in various ways. You can distribute your content on some of the popular platforms and create a customized website with your unique domain name. Besides this, you will also be able to interact and share your content with some of the largest podcast marketing platforms, including MailChimp. Advanced analytics enables you to check how your podcasts are doing and how to improve them. You can know the number of subscribers, downloads per podcast, and the total downloads since you created your channel. You can also host various shows and manage as many users as possible in your single account. There are only premium plans which offer unlimited podcast uploads.


If you need a hosting platform that will help you grow your audience, Captivate is the top choice. The platform automatically creates a website, call-to-action links, and many other compelling features upon signing up. All these features enable you to attract and interact with your listeners to build your audience. The website also creates ads and works with advertising bureaus to allow you to monetize your podcasts. The platform price depends on downloads, but you will get a 7-day free trial to test your podcast and see the platform’s effectiveness. The plans come with the unlimited upload, analytics, a podcast player, and slots to add additional podcast members.
There are many podcast hosting platforms available outside there. We have chosen five of the best to use in broadcasting your podcasts and to build your audience. Before settling on the platform, it’s essential to check its reviews, features, and payment plans. The best platform will not be cheap, while the most inexpensive will only offer you the essential services.

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