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PONFAC: Redefining Image Processing Systems and Designing Milestones in the Industry

The only constant thing in the world is change. Similarly, the industry has remained in constant evolution, but the turbulent political and economic scenario reflects on the technological innovation sphere. Today, what the industry demands is a practical and fast solution for realistic problems, mainly those resulting in cost reduction, as due to these needs the operations in real time became essential. In the so-called Industry 4.0 where the market for technology in the industry grows quite steadily, the demand for technological innovation remains constant.
The company which is staying ahead of the race by constantly being innovative and adaptive to the market demands to help its clients continue to outstand in their fields is PONFAC, a company specialized in developing image processing systems. The company primarily operates in three different segments including Industrial, with systems for process control; Retail and logistics, with solutions to reduce losses; Intelligent cities, with flow control and suspicious activities.
Established in 1997, the company has now grown to a renowned name in the sector of image processing with a bag full of awards and recognitions. PONFAC is an AIA Certified company which stands out internationally with the title of AIA Certified System Integrator of the Automated Imaging Association. The company is not only one of the best Vision Systems companies in the world, but also the only company in the Latin America among the four pioneers to receive this certification.
PONFAC has also won the Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Providers Award from Manufacturing Technology Insights, making it once again the only Latin American company in the industry to obtain international recognition and to enter this leading edge list of machine vision solution providers, influencing and directly impacting the market.
PONFAC’s Path to Success
PONFAC was founded in 1997 with the partnership of engineers while they were taking their Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. The company was first incepted under the name of PONFAC Automação Ltda. Soon, the partners decided to focus on the complementary knowledge in which they specialized in as Image processing, Process Control, Real-Time Systems Automation.
With the full understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Machine Vision technology, PONFAC offers the best-suited solution to the needs of its customers. Its solutions allow direct contact with the manufacturer, giving the customers the flexibility to update the systems already implemented. Technical support is immediate, complete, personalized and direct since there is no need for a middleman between the customer and the manufacturer.
In December 1999, the company received investments and turned PONFAC S/A – Sistemas de Visão, an innovative and dynamic company, focused on the objective of being a reference in Vision Systems.
Currently, the company is leading the industry. It has expanded its business by serving three main segments, that is, industrial, retail and logistics and intelligent cities, with various products and special projects, with the mission to improve the performance of its customers with innovation and intelligence in Image Processing.
Factors differentiating PONFAC from others in the Industry
With the main strategy of delivering customer satisfaction, PONFAC maintains a great relationship before and after sales, always seeking the satisfaction in the services provided. The company claims, “We can prove that this is our main differential by the number of re-purchases we have. Satisfied customers return with new projects and refer to other industries. This relationship is differentiated due to the fact that we are the developer of our own systems, we are also very close to our customers in Brazil, that allows a broader understanding of how our technology can be applied in an innovative way so that these customers can outstand in their markets.
Constant innovation and its concern in understanding the customers and their needs is the key to success for PONFAC. The company constantly adds intelligence and innovation in its solutions to ensure that its customers take the advantage of its technology to the highest level.
PONFAC has contributed majorly in the industry by improving the performance of its customers with innovation and intelligence in image processing, making them outshine in their fields generating process optimization, cost/loss reduction, speed and accuracy in the information, resulting in final products and services of higher quality and bringing in more profit.
About the Figure behind this Leading Company
Moisés de Moura Behar Pontremoli is the Founder and CEO of PONFAC S/A – Sistemas de Visão (Brazilian Machine Vision Company). Being an industry leader for more than two decades, Moisés is an extraordinary entrepreneur with a wealth of work experience. He has a rich academic background with an Undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering – UFRGS, Masters Degree in Industrial Automation-UFRGS, MBA in Business Administration- Fundação Getúlio Vargas and MBA in Business Intuition- Faculdade Antonio Meneghettti.
Apart from being a leading entrepreneur, Moisés has successfully played many other roles as a University Professor and a renowned author. He has served Universidade Luterana do Brasil as a Professor during 2001-2002. His extraordinary contributions have earned him various awards including Entrepreneurial Engineer of the Year 2002 by Sociedade de Engenharia do RS. He has authored FuzzyCad, which was elected as the second best software tool at the Brazilian Symposium of Intelligent Automation. This leading entrepreneur has also been the director of ASSESPRO/RS-Brazillian Software Association, Counselor of the IT Thematic Group of FIERGS and the Vise-President of the Administrative Council of IT Park of São Leopoldo.
The Future of the Next-Gen Image Processing Company
The present status of the company and the current scenario of the company states that PONFAC will continue its trajectory of growth and differentiation in the market without losing its core values of commitment, loyalty, and constant innovation. It is currently structuring itself to advance more vigorously in the international market during the year 2019.

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