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Plexxis: Revolutionary Thinking. Relentless Customer Focus

There has been a tectonic shift in the construction industry towards cloud applications and it all begins with mobile apps designed for the field. As of now, only few have moved their entire operations from estimating, project management, accounting and mobile apps to cloud applications, while others are still considering making the shift. It has been widely observed that the subcontractor market is suffering from a significant amount of fragmentation. Departments within a single company are typically using a barrage of separate systems, spreadsheet and mobile apps to operate. The gaps in between these systems have hindered everyone in each company from performing their best and hence, it significantly impedes these companies on a daily basis.
With the sole purpose of making segregated systems obsolete and to help customers outperform and outpace their competitors, Plexxis Software designed its mosaic enterprise suite on a platform that can be hosted, for those wanting a cloud solution. They can also arrange for an in house server for those who want their data in house.
The Subcontractor specific Software Suite
Plexxis software eliminates the gaps between all systems, spreadsheets and apps in such a way that the subcontractors can easily deliver their best at all instance. They have achieved this feat through their much acclaimed Plexxis Mosaic Enterprise Suite.
Through this sophisticated and well-developed suite, Mosaic offers role-specific features designed on a single source, collaborative platform. Mosaic unites the entire company and enables cross-departmental collaboration without any APIs to support or extra databases to maintain.
The Plexxis mosaic enterprise suite includes-
Plexxis mosaic {PM|Accounting}
Through the revolutionary field first features, Plexxis combined enterprise accounting and financial controls, helping PMs to achieve impressive margins while giving CPAs the highest levels of data integrity, insight and control.
Plexxis mosaic {winbid|dto}
This is the platform that allows an organisation to escape from segregated silos and all the inefficiencies related to yesteryear estimating systems. The mosaic WinBid|DTO solution enables instant bid-to-budget. It also enables tight purchasing protections and security in bidding. With this software, drawings can be easily dispatched with takeoff properties and the best part is that, the orders can be changed effortlessly.
Plexxis mosaic {mobile}
Mosaic apps are pre-loaded with key information from every department and are built on company-wide collective data. It features API-free job info, Data-Ready timecards, Admin & Job Docs, Organizational Cohesion, Plan room and enables you to witness progress as it happens. With this platform, the field and the office can work together with no APIs or extra databases to support.
Plexxis mosaic {insite}
With features that include single source API-free, Big Data Visualization, Trend Watch and Dynamic Workflow, the insite platform is powered by the collective data from every worker. This highlights opportunities that drive intelligent growth.
Birth of an Entrepreneur, Growth of an Enterprise
Plexxis software gave birth to the entrepreneur, Chris Loranger. He is currently the CEO of Plexxis software. Brought up on a dairy farm, he inculcated the essence of hardwork, dedication and core values and transpired them into his career as a software engineering graduate and later on as a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Plexxis. He has showcased his ability to take on the most arduous challenges with an ardent passion for technology and with an extraordinary ability to connect to people at every level.
It all started in 1999, when Chris Loranger, a dairy farmer with a love for technology, was helping a drywall contractor, Gabe St. Denis, with his computer. During his brief interaction, he found out that the contractor was frustrated with his construction software because it was not able to handle the needs of a subcontractor. Chris took on the challenge to build a custom drywall solution and with the help of his cousin Jason Fraser, Plexxis was born.
Soon they realized that many subcontractors in Toronto shared the same frustration. With a detailed research, it came to light that most of the best softwares in the world were moving towards a single source model designed on Oracle. From then on, Chris and Jay took prompt but calculated actions and negotiated an agreement with Oracle to begin creating the solution. Jeni Mitchell and Chad Pearson soon joined to lead implementations and business development. Today, Plexxis software proudly stands strong with 64 employees, who serve the most elite subcontractor in the world.
Evolving and Leading as the most Innovative Solution Provider
Previously, many subcontractors were running their company on an accounting-centric system which required an increasing number of software, spreadsheets, and apps. Plexxis software has gained much of its recognition due to its field-centric operations and accounting solutions which helped to convert fragmented and frustrated subcontractors into one single unit.
As part of its initiatives, Plexxis software integrates with every person in every department in a company so as to unite them and convince everyone to make the change. With the power of Oracle, Plexxis has been able to aggregate all the data, including blueprints and graphical measurements, pictures, videos, documentation, financial data, communications, etc. from all departments into a single database while still maintaining lightning fast reporting and functionality.
Satisfying customers and Pushing for Innovation
Clients are driven to Plexxis for their relentless drive for excellence. They have never settled for “good enough” and have always striven for the best. With the aim to unite the entire supply chain with a global distribution portal, Plexxis has idealistically lead the current trend in the industry through relentless innovation and with an unquenchable thirst to delight, surprise and exceed what is expected.

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