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Plastic Mobile: Changing How The World Experiences Mobile

Founded in 2007, Plastic Mobile sensed the mobile software industry was lacking a focus on technology, a user centric approach and ultimately, innovation. Since then, Plastic Mobile has evolved with the exponential growth of the mobile industry, and have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to consistently develop industry-leading solutions for their clients.

Their expert team of master professionals, well versed in their respective fields, keeps Plastic Mobile at the top of their class and ahead of the ever changing digital landscape. With the initiation of The Innovation Lab in 2011, Plastic Mobile never retires from striving to be the best, creating new ways of integrating bleeding edge technology to bestow clients with solutions of the highest quality.

Plastic Mobile is built around a culture of innovation, always striving to find new ways to ensure their clients differentiate themselves and remain ahead of the curve. Having Innovation as a keystone of their organization inspires them to always think outside the box and attack any roadblocks from multiple angles, before they decide on the correct path to take.

Plastic Mobile recognizes that the mobile space has become an invaluable facet of their everyday lives, which is why they pride themselves on being at the heart of that evolution; moving it forward and setting the bar for the standard of quality in mobile user experience.

Sep Seyedi, CEO and Co-founder of Plastic Mobile, has accumulated over nine years of experience within the mobile industry. His diverse portfolio includes bringing forward mobile initiatives for internationally known organizations such as NASA, Citibank, Mitsubishi and Michelin. Sep’s vast experiences, knowledge and understanding of mobile technologies have allowed him to devise innovative use cases for new technologies and devices to create industry leading mobile applications for brands such as Pizza Pizza, Student Price Card, RBC, OLG, and many more.

Melody Adhami, President & COO of Plastic Mobile and Sep fused their backgrounds in software engineering and strategy to change the face of mobile and help shepherd a young and vastly under-appreciated industry into the burgeoning digital force that it has become today.

Full-service Spectrum of Mobile Initiatives

Plastic Mobile offers a number of services across the full-service spectrum of mobile initiatives – including strategy, UX design, development, QA and post-launch support – across all available channels. Their strategy is defined by a team of experts who understand the mobile landscape and recommend industry leading solutions that make sense for their clients.

Plastic Mobile’s services include: Auditing – Physical, Landscape, Competitive, Technical, Research – Qualitative, Quantitative, Testing, Strategic Roadmap Development, Software Architecture, User Experience and User Interface design, Usability Testing & Prototyping, Mobile App and Web Development, Quality Assurance and Engineering Services, Mobile Research & Development (Innovation Lab), Ongoing Support and Maintenance and Marketing and Distribution.

Plastic has developed a wide array of applications to solve a diverse range of objectives. Working with Pizza Pizza on all of their mobile offerings, Plastic was able to drive millions in ordering through their newly created mobile commerce site. For AIR MILES, the world’s largest coalition loyalty program, they created a mobile offering which was able to drive a 5-20% transactional lift for the AIR MILES program.

In February 2015, Plastic was acquired by Havas, one of the world’s largest marketing and communications agencies, which has given Plastic new access to a vast network of resources and clients spanning the globe. Plastic is excited to continue making use of this partnership, allowing them to continue to grow and expand within the digital realm. Plastic’s Innovation Lab is hard at work around the clock to keep abreast of what is coming next, and find new ways to integrate these technologies into practical solutions for their clients.