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Jordan Meinster | President & Founder | PickUp USA

PickUp USA: A Better Way To Play

It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day. That’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.”
                                                                                                            – Jillian Michaels
Your usual fitness routine can get a little, well, routine. Fortunately, a new slew of game-changing gyms, fitness clubs, and workout regimes are enhancing the experience of fitness-fanatics. Facilitating such exercise experiences with the most unique fitness concept, PickUp USA is delivering an unparalleled gym experience to its customers.
PickUp USA Fitness Franchise Company, LLC, operating round the clock offers a variety of sports and fitness services like group and private basketball training, weight, and cardio rooms. The centrepiece is PickUp basketball with referees that serve the young and adult clients in clubs across the country. The club is equipped with best-in-class cardio and strength training amenities, and everything else you need to get an incredible workout.
The Irwindale, California-headquartered firm operates franchised gyms in five states of USA where players can use workout equipment and courts to hone their game. five more new sites are on the agenda to begin in other states.
Groundbreaking Services
PickUp USA provides a lively yet challenging basketball boot-camps and result-focused private training sessions to athletes to learn and develop skills. Another key differentiator is it’s organized and officiated PickUp games, delivering a true full-service fitness club to their subscribers. The enrolled members have the advantage of availing the daily competitive PickUp games that retain all of the fun aspects of PickUp basketball and cuts out all the hassles.
Distinguishing Franchise Strengths
Successful PickUp USA franchisees flawlessly follow the concepts, offerings, and operating methods established by the brand. They possess an aptly developed team that implements their services and meet customer satisfaction goals.
The firm has a clearly defined playbook for franchisees to follow. Those franchisees who strategically implement the designed game plan, and stay focused on growing their club have a high probability of succeeding within their system.
Many of its franchises comprise NBA players, working professionals who started the club continuing their primary employment while some have left their jobs to focus fully on a fitness goal. Regardless of the franchisees coming from a different professional background, the team at PickUp USA assures, “if you are willing to put in the work, you can succeed as a PickUp USA franchisee.”
The Passionate Fitness Freak
Jordan Meinster, the President & Founder played PickUp basketball his entire life, and always dreamt of incepting a gym that would improve the basketball experience for millions of players in the country.
He has served his initial years in financial services. Later, under his leadership PickUp USA was launched in 2011 and began franchising the concept in 2016. Currently, several branches are operating all over the nation, including multiple locations owned by NBA athletes.
Jordan aims to deliver ‘A Better Way to Play’ to communities everywhere in the country and to drive strong financial returns for the company’s franchise holders.
Motivating Learning Experiences
Jordan says, “the development process that brought the firm from an initial concept to where we are now has been a challenging yet valuable journey.”  He believes that he has learned countless lessons through the rough road of trial and error as to how to best meet customer’s needs and thrive as an independent gym.
From site location, construction, scheduling, staffing, training, to sales; PickUp fitness has encountered a whole gamut of problems, and thus can now confidently implement a true system to fitness entrepreneurs looking to avoid those same pitfalls.
“If you love to play basketball or want to improve your skill, I suggest coming by and checking it out. I don’t think there is another place like this in the nation. Once you come here, you will never want to play ball on the streets or at a large fitness gym,”- Jordan expresses.
Most importantly, the team at the club has learned from the customers and always structured the services based on what the consumers are demanding.
Testimonials Extolling the Virtue of their Services
Few of the many exhibitions describing PickUp USA’s credibility and appreciation are as mentioned below,
-Mike Z.
PickUp USA Fitness club is AWESOME!
First of all, it’s huge! There are multiple basketball courts, a full weight room, a stretching area, and a lounge. The environment is very clean and well kept.
The basketball games are very organized. It’s easy to jump right in and the refs do a good job of officiating. The other members are friendly and run the spectrum of beginners to advanced, women and men, big and small, young and older.
The weight room area is really nice. They have a bunch of new equipment like bench press, squat rack, cable machine, dumbbells, step-ups, leg press, etc.
They also offer group training sessions. They have two trainers work your butt off for an hour. I’m telling you if you do these sessions a couple of times a week, it’s guaranteed you are dropping some Lbs from all the calories your burning. It’s no joke!
When your done working out you can chill out in the lounge area, grab a towel and Gatorade, and watch the games that they have playing on the TV.
The bottom line is this place rocks! Super clean facility, super friendly people, super good workouts!”
-Jarrett R.
“I have been a member at PickUp USA for years, so I know what I’m talking about. PickUp USA offers a unique experience by combining elements from officiated basketball with pick up basketball. This means that the games are professionally regulated, complete with scoreboard, clocks, and referees. However, unlike playing in a league, you’re free to play whenever you want rather than at an appointed time. You won’t find anything comparable to this.
On top of the basketball, this gym also has a complete weight room. This allowed me to cancel my membership with other gyms.
I also need to mention the quality of the staff.  Every person on the staff is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.
Finally, the members of the gym are people who love basketball. They are friendly and easy to get along with. Put simply, the gym had a good vibe.
With all that said it’s no wonder I have been a member for so many years.”
PickUp USA envisions to be a nationwide brand that will operate in all 50 states and possibly beyond. The focus of the company is on delivering strong unit-level economics at each franchise location and continuing to refine the model to ensure PickUp USA delivers world-class service to the customers and strong economic returns for the club owners.
To know more about the fitness services provided by the club, visit or connect with Jordan on LinkedIn or Facebook.