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Lihong Yu | President & Founder | PHT International

PHT International Inc.: At the Forefront of Green Chemistry through Innovation and Technology

The applications of chemistry are used worldwide for several purposes. One cannot really imagine a world without chemistry and its applications such as production of medicines and many other sectors that aid human well-being.
The concept of greening chemistry developed in the business world as a natural evolution to control pollution created during the manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products. Green chemistry and sustainability are the new paradigms that promise to have a deep and lasting impact on the science of chemistry. It is one of the most fundamental and powerful tools on the path to sustainability.
A company which has embraced the discipline is PHT International Inc. With passion, innovation, and an unrelenting belief that the right relationships produce the best results, PHT has become a sought-after leader in chemical manufacturers in the industry.
The following interview highlights the consistent endeavors of team PHT International Inc. that treads the extra mile to quench the needs of its client organizations with utmost excellence.
1. Brief us about your company, its inception story.
PHT International was established over 26 years ago in Charlotte, North Carolina as a chemical trading company for textile and dye intermediates.
PHT started as a vision to bring the benefits of low-cost, high-quality chemicals to US in the early 1990’s.  Lihong was working for Sinochem at the time, servicing the west coast territory and saw that the east coast of the US was relatively unexplored. She wanted to bring these cost and production benefits to the east coast producers. That is why PHT was started in Charlotte.
2. Kindly provide a brief overview of your products and services.
With a full-service manufacturing facility, key industry alliances, and a global network of relationships, the company provides individualized, start-to-finish chemical industry solutions for the customers, including customized chemical creation, research & development, procurement, and chemical trading.
PHT provides custom solutions in the chemical industry with a full range of services: manufacturing, strategic sourcing, technical innovation, supply chain management, distribution, quality assurance and compliance.
3. With regards to your organization’s profound industry experience, how has the chemical industry and market have evolved and what can be expected in the forthcoming years?
Although crude oil price for 2019 slightly softened compared to 2018, Many of the RM prices went up due to China blue sky policy, and many non-compliant manufacturers have shutdown. More CMO (Custom Manufacturing) opportunities will come to USA and Europe. The trend will continue in 2020 also.
4. What are the benefits gained by your clients/users from your services and solutions?
The clients at the company get quick response with one stop solution providers. The services provided to the clients are integrated with latest technologies, experience, flexibility, and accountability.
5. Considering the necessity of adapting to the volatile technological disruptions and/or development of cutting-edge solutions, how does your company sustain its competency in the Chemicals market?
We only supply what we are good at, not commodities. Most of the raw materials we provide are regulated when serving customers in pharma and Crop Protection industry. Of course our own innovation in technology is very important, especially in today’s environmental responsibility.
6. What obstacles did you face while growing or sustaining?
Trade war between China and USA created uncertainty and impacts our customers decision, that directly impacted our business.
7. Could you list out the most growth-deteriorating challenges for your organization till date? Talent acquisition and infrastructure.
Talent acquisition shortage between age 20’s and 50’s in USA specially.
8. What does the future hold for your organization in terms of internal as well as holistic development?
We will focus on investment in talent infrastructure, encouraging more and more young generation to study and love science, especially in Chemical engineer or chemist. Also investing more capacity in contract development and manufacture (CDMO ) to meet big pharma and big Crop Protection customers outsourcing need.
9. Would you like to highlight any awards, accolades or testimonials your company has achieved throughout?
PHT International, Inc. ranks 3rd in Charlotte’s Largest Minority-Owned Companies list by the Charlotte Business Journal.
About the Founder
Lihong Yu is the President and Founder of PHT International. Through founder Lihong Yu’s conviction to providing top-quality products and services, PHT saw significant growth early on and expanded our offerings to serve agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, in addition to the industrial.
Founder and President of PHT International, Lihong Yu established PHT in 1993 to provide exemplary service and products to the chemical industry. Originally from Ningbo, China, Lihong holds Bachelor degrees in both English Literature and American Culture & Society from Beijing Foreign Languages University.
After spending many years as a sales manager at Sinochem, she founded PHT International. As a well-respected leader in the chemical industry, Lihong’s vision sets the path for PHT.