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PhoenixNAP: Delivering IT Services That Fulfill Diverse Infrastructural Needs of Companies

Whether it be smart homes, internet-connected vehicles or the abundance of smart devices and sensors, digitalization is very much the norm today. The data generated by these devices are harnessed and analyzed behind the scenes to assist business decision-making. It is believed that by the year 2020, more than 7 billion people and almost 35 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. This will further increase the amounts of data which will require greater efficiency and speed in its manipulation, storage and transfer. To store and process these immense volumes of data Cloud, IaaS and Data Center solutions providers will keep playing center stage and have a great impact on performance of all kinds and sizes of businesses. PhoenixNAP, a global IT service provider with six strategically located data centers worldwide, is one such company which is well-equipped to fulfill the diverse infrastructural needs of businesses of different sizes.
Since its inception in 2009, phoenixNAP’s mission has always been to provide best-in-class value and service to its vast customer base. Through its high-density colocation, flexible storage, bare metal dedicated servers, hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) and globally available Hybrid and Private Cloud solutions, as well as backup and disaster recovery options, phoenixNAP responds to the surging market demands for reliable IT-based solutions. These services help customers achieve business continuity, data availability, and global connectivity. They remove the stress from the shoulders of the IT management to provide its clients with the scope of focusing on their core business processes.
Quality Services is their Best Business Strategy
PhoenixNAP opened the door of its flagship data center back in 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, they have stepped on the rungs of opportunity to climb the ladder of success. Recent opening of two new data center locations based on customers’ demand has allowed phoenixNAP to add a secondary European location, assert its physical presence in Asia-Pacific expanding its previous U.S. and European assets, and grow in terms of both reputation and global footprint. Currently, phoenixNAP’s service portfolio is truly diverse and is continuously expanding to meet the increasingly sophisticated market demands. PhoenixNAP is a VMware® Premier Service Provider and Veeam® Platinum Partner, and as such provides world’s leading cloud, virtualization and disaster recovery technologies.
While providing colocation, Hybrid and Private Cloud, and hardware leasing services, phoenixNAP goes a great distance to offer advanced virtualization & hybrid solutions, managed services and a plethora of security solutions that include disaster recovery, backups, DDoS protection, and firewalls. With security continuing to be the hottest topic within the industry and the primary driver for new technology adoption in medium-sized and large business, phoenixNAP continues to invest in developing security solutions as well as continuously improving its global networks and infrastructure. Combining its in-house expertise and years of experience, latest systems, best security practices with the new-age technologies, enables them to offer a high-quality business focused solution to their clients.
The Man Who Transformed his Vision into Action
Ian McClarty, President of PhoenixNAP is the visionary who has spearheaded the company towards resounding success with his extensive knowledge and experience within the industry. A veteran in the IT sector with a comprehensive market knowledge has led the company from the front to make its vision a reality.
Ian boasts a proven track record in relationship building, vendor management, network operations, colocation, and data center administration, along with project methodology and processes, both at strategic and tactical levels. His continuous efforts have encouraged multiple departments of the organization to work together, thereby increasing the productivity of the company. Ian’s approach of Being the chief but not the Lord has made sure that each individual has a significant contribution to the company’s overall growth. He has also dedicated his time and effort to build effective relationships with their partners and clients, to develop a better understanding regarding their challenges and needs.
In education, he has worked to acquire an MBA from Thunderbird, The School of Global Management, and another MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. Add to that, he also holds a bachelor’s degree in both Information Technology and Electronic Engineering Technology.
Catering to the Evolving Data Center and Cloud Solutions Industry
With the continual rise in popularity and adoption, the Data Center and Cloud Industry is at a booming phase. More and more companies are realizing the current IT trends and the advanced options available for them to improve their operations. They are becoming increasingly aware and savvier about disaster recovery, business continuity and security in general. PhoenixNAP recognizes these evolving changes and is making security and compliance-ready solutions available for companies, which require to utilize technology to support their business objectives in order to remain relevant. By being actively involved in the industry events and the IT community, phoenixNAP can tailor solutions and services that meet the current market demands, ensuring a proliferating growth rate for businesses of all size and stature. Through its solutions that cater to every IT need, phoenixNAP enables a wider adoption of the latest and advanced technologies to help these companies grow. Their OpEx model is of immense importance as it represents an ideal way to cut infrastructure investment costs while leveraging the optimum potential of enterprise grade equipment and services.
Delivering What Others Promise
Current business environment is incredibly dynamic, with a continuous need for innovation to stand out from the crowd and not amongst the crowd. phoenixNAP goes beyond and above their contemporaries by not only developing new products and solutions, but also by interacting with the people, educating them about the existing trends and available solutions. They have constantly developed new and valuable partnerships to ensure their continuous growth by providing the latest industry solutions to their clients and partners.
PhoenixNAP believes that it is their qualified staff with specific skill sets, ideas, and approaches that make them unique and capable of adjusting to any IT requirement a company may have. They are all about offering new technology, solutions, and developments to its clients, helping them to stay ahead in this cut-throat fast-paced market. Even in the global market, where uniqueness is much harder to achieve, phoenixNAP differentiates itself through its personalized approach, expertise and comprehensive service portfolio. Being a Global IT service provider, they realize that it is essential to have an acute infrastructure in place that supports all regions of their operations, and they are facilitating the same through their inter-connectivity.

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