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PGi: World’s Most Dedicated Provider of Collaboration Software and Services

Today’s incredibly dynamic and complex, UC&C marketplace is dominated by a few large, well-known vendors, collaboration providers and small start-ups. Clients are seeking more choices; they want help making collaborative decisions that work for their users. The risk and investment required to get it right in today’s intricate and rapidly-moving market, making it more important for customers to leverage specialists like PGi.
PGi: Conferencing Solutions for Every Business
PGi is the world’s most dedicated provider of collaboration software and services. For more than 25 years, PGi’s dedicated portfolio of products has served the end-to-end collaboration needs of enterprises. Accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, PGi’s award-winning collaboration solutions drive productivity and teamwork for approximately 50,000 customers around the world.
Noteworthy innovations of PGi:
Smart Calendar App. PGi launched iMeet Agenday nearly two years ago as one calendar app that unifies personal and professional calendars and makes it super simple to join a meeting in one click. iMeet Agenday presents all of your meetings and appointments in one easy-to-read format and then connects to conference calls and web meetings with a single touch. iMeet Agenday users can also check out LinkedIn profiles of meeting guests and get updated weather and driving directions.
 Webcasting. iMeetLive is a PGi product that makes it easy to create professional-quality webcasts and webinars for up to 10,000 people. The secure, cloud-based iMeetLive webcasting platform provides marketing and corporate communications teams with fully managed or self-service webinars for lead generation, town halls and other events.
 Services. PGi drives additional productivity and value for businesses through adoption and real-time service support of collaboration solutions. Beyond products and applications, the services part of their business is also becoming more critical as PGi helps customers manage the complexity of enterprise collaboration. The more value we can bring to our customers by driving adoption and utilization means clients realize the value of collaboration and can document a return on investment.
Productivity Apps. Their Modality Systems subsidiary has some unique productivity apps that are ‘add-ons’ for the Office 365/Skype for Business experience. As an example, they recently launched CustomInvite by Modality Systems to make it easy to create customized Skype for Business meeting invites directly from Microsoft Outlook. Equipped with custom company branding and key dial-in numbers and passcodes, the enhanced Outlook plug-in improves the user experience of scheduling and joining meetings and allows one-click entry for guests joining via a mobile device.
Leadership Dedicated to Bringing the Best Collaboration Experience
Theodore P. Schrafft, CEO of PGi is leading the group since the company’s private equity acquisition in December of 2015. Ted served as President since July 2006 and oversees the entire operations of PGi. He has more than 35 years of experience in the technology and business communications industries.
With extensive expertise in operations management, sales and marketing, Mr. Schrafft previously served in various capacities with the company. He also served as President of PGi’s former Voice and Data Messaging business unit and as Vice President of Corporate Messaging.
The Collaborative Advantage
Today, PGi are uniquely positioned with a new, strong capital partner, as well as a more balanced approach in their go-to-market strategy as they continue to evolve and succeed in this market. The good news is, collaboration is on everyone’s mind and there is no shortage of opportunity.
“After 25 years in this space, PGi has established credibility and built a customer list that’s second to none. We are well-positioned to be more agile and responsive than the other brands. Furthermore, we have the global reach, scale and credibility that our customers demand,” assures Mr. Schrafft.
Team PGi
PGi is synonymous with collaboration. Their products – and, by extension, their satisfied customer base – does not exist without the collaborative mindset exemplified by their team. The bright minds at PGi have streamlined the process of putting their heads together to take a concept from inception to reality with impeccable execution.
Team PGi provides their customers with top-notch products that incorporate cutting-edge technology for a seamless user experience. Their focus on the customer with a constant eye on innovation is driving the company forward in 2016.
Effulgent Days ahead
At the highest level, team PGi is being more deliberate about listening to their customers in every way they can. In July 2016, PGi will celebrate its 25th year in business; they have built the company by listening to customers and anticipating their changing needs in the collaboration space.