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Pericent Technologies: Simplifying Business Experience with Enterprise Solutions

Irrespective of the shape and size of an organization, an efficient Business Process Management (BPM) is of critical importance. BPM puts all the processes within an organization under scrutiny; it uses various models, analytics and metrics to make evaluations and identifies the needed improvements that will facilitate enhanced growth.
BPM solution might not be the definitive solution for every business problem, it is the driver which drives all other solutions in technology stack for that particular problem. It ensures that every system is compliant with their policies and each role works efficiently with clear accountability.
Incorporated as a private limited company, Pericent Technologies is one such organization that boasts decades of experience in delivering workflow, BPM, jBPM, BRMS and Complex Business Rules based enterprise-technology solutions. It caters its immaculate solutions to some of the most globally renowned companies, including Owens-Illinois, Genpact, GCG, Pepsico, Lombard, Reliance, Progress and Niyogin.
Automating Four Important Lines of Growth
Pericent’s dedicated engineering team has developed two in-house world-class enterprise platforms, launched in 2017, namely bpmEdge, an Agile & Robust Enterprise BPM platform, and docEdge, an Enterprise Document Management System. The company has so far garnered an exciting response across the industry, be it BFSI, NBFC, BPO Services, Healthcare, Telecom or Manufacturing sector.
Pericent realizes that every organization has Roles, Policies, Documents, and Processes at the core of its business and the company is on a mission to automate these four important lines of growth. It is doing so by innovating in – easy to interact, intelligent to perform, and integrated to deliver solutions and services.
An Industry Veteran Leading the Way in Bringing Forward Innovation
Sanjay Sharma, CEO/CTO and Founder of Pericent, is the visionary with extensive experience who has led the company from its very inception. Sanjay has played a pivotal role in building the company’s innovative and strategic approach to deliver technology services and solutions that cater to global enterprises.
The veteran with over 17 years of experience in the technology industry possesses an outstanding track record in leading, developing and delivering large and strategic business process solution. His skills and knowledge extend to analyzing & modeling, technical architecture, innovative business solution design, implementation, quality assurance, deployment and managing post production support for business-critical BPM applications for major corporates. To sum it up, Sanjay is a solution architect, BPM expert and a deep-rooted technologist.
The highly motivated individual has exceptional entrepreneurial skills to manage complex projects or drive technologies for business experience. Formerly, Sanjay has worked all across the globe, including Sweden, UK, and the US to deliver sound technology solutions for businesses. He is also the chief architect of Pericent’s bpmEdge and docEdge.
Straining impetus on the word ‘success,’ Sanjay mentions, “Success is more a qualitative term for us. If we can help our customer to grow and make them happy by assisting them through our technology solution, it’s big success for us.”
Addressing Industry Problems by Offering End-to-End Solutions
Over the years, because of a few unsuccessful implementations of BPM from big brands, CXOs are not aggressively pushing ahead with BPM as there is a high cost involved with its implementation. Decision makers are on a constant lookout for worthwhile resources or professionals who can successfully implement their mission critical business processes, through the software brought from the technology giants. Pericent is addressing this situation by offering an end-to-end solution, bpmEdge – a comprehensive BPM infrastructure platform for implementation, which would help its clients at every single step.
Additionally, Pericent makes it a point to constantly hire some of the leading industry experts as consultants to understand the specific areas of business concern and how one can overcome it through bpmEdge and its implementation.
The journey till date for Pericent Technologies has been dream run; from comprising BPM experts to having its own in-house engineered enterprise class BPM platform – bpmEdge. The company believes that it has learned a lot since incorporating in 2007 and has formulated a solid roadmap to build a BPM platform, which would make it the preferred choice of every organization.
Rising Above the Market Players
Though there are many players within the BPM industry, some of them are big giants carrying immense brand value and presence in the market for years, but since their channel partners are carrying out the implementation – the customers are suffering badly.
By implementing and integrating for its BPM platform, bpmEdge, Pericent provides end-to-end solutions to its clients, thereby enabling them to get better ROIs.
“Our strategy is straight forward; it is not just selling the bpmEdge software licenses rather selling that entire lifecycle right from the beginning,” Sanjay points out.
Future of Continual Expansion
With 10 years of legacy and a proven track record in the BPM industry and helping customers through technology solutions, Pericent believes now is the time that the company can make it big with its in-house engineered products.
Hemant Choudhary, CMO of Pericent asserts, “Looking at the market size of the BPM and DMS industry and the growth rate of the segment; we are pretty confident that we will capture 0.09% of the overall market share in next five years which is USD 11 million. Pericent Technologies is growing at about 50% (YOY) in terms of revenue and book value was up by 4X in FY 2015-16 compared to FY 2014-15.”
With a surging response, both domestically and globally, for both bpmEdge and docEdge since its launch in June 2017, the company is looking forward to the potential opportunities in the future. Pericent has a strong roadmap for both of its products, and its engineering team is constantly innovating at the product level to empower its platform with all new-edge capabilities, including RPA, AI and ML.

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