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PerfectForms: Enabling Businesses to Build Custom BPM Solutions without Coding

Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved from being the purview of big enterprises with deep pockets to being an essential element of success among businesses of all sizes, and in all industries. Established in 2008 and based in Carlsbad, California, PerfectForms is a web-based application development platform that enables anyone to build custom BPM applications without coding.
PerfectForms is designed so less technical users can automate business processes across all departments, including HR, sales, finance, IT, and others, resulting in measurable efficiency gains and smarter decision-making. Recognized as one of the 10 best-performing BPM solution providers for 2017, PerfectForms has disrupted the development of custom BPM solutions, empowering customers to create BPM applications that are customized to their needs.
Exclusive Benefits of PerfectForms
Plenty of BPM solutions exist, so it takes exceptional features to make one choice stand out from the rest. PerfectForms offers a web-based development platform that enables anyone to build online forms, BPM applications and reports without writing any code. The no code platform reduces reliance on IT, supports rapid application development, improves scalability, supports data integration, and offers a broad range of flexible design options for the user interface. PerfectForms empowers those closest to the business challenges to implement solutions directly, without any programming knowledge.
With BPM solutions built with PerfectForms, you can:

  • Reduce dependence on technical resources
  • Minimize development and deployment time
  • Easily modify and scale solutions to meet changing requirements
  • Enforce workflow compliance
  • Integrate with third party systems and databases
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs

BPM Industry Challenges
One of the biggest challenges in the BPM industry continues to be having strong executive sponsors or champions to help drive changes across an organization. Business processes can span multiple departments, and a practical, supportive leader can remove political obstacles, secure funding, and ensure cooperation with resources across departments. Additionally, the BPM industry focus is no longer solely about internal efficiency. Today’s BPM also encompasses external value creation. It is evolving to help drive strategy execution and decision-making, especially regarding reactions to market change. Implemented with skill, one result is ensuring better customer experiences.
A Leader Who Leads from the Front
Paula Selvidge, PerfectForms CEO, has a Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology, with an emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction, and a Black Belt in Six Sigma. Her academic research and career focus has been centered around improving experiences for customers through user interface design and process improvement efforts in software development. A poorly designed user interface degrades performance, increases errors and frustrates end-users, so product usability and positive user experiences have been a major focus with PerfectForms.
PerfectForms was founded specifically to address the pain and inefficiency of relying on developers to translate business process requirements into user interfaces and the challenges of communicating the requirements effectively. The cycles of rework to get it right can be so frustrating and time-consuming. PerfectForms enables anyone to build BPM solutions without coding, which empowers the person with the most knowledge of the requirements to implement the solution. This approach reduces reliance on IT, improves delivery speed and eliminates the need for detailed documentation.
Continual Focus on Providing Excellent Customer Service
One reason PerfectForms has been so successful is our commitment to remain focused on meeting customers’ needs and striving to exceed their expectations. Great customer service is a critical differentiator and can help ensure brand loyalists and brand ambassadors. Positive interactions at every point in the customer interaction, from sales to account management to technical support, deepens the connection with the customer and their brand loyalty. Every company makes mistakes occasionally, but customers are willing to overlook the occasional mistake, if a strong foundation of trust and customer service has been built.
The key to PerfectForms’ success is continual focus on excellent customer service and going beyond expectations. From technical support to product development, PerfectForms is focused on providing the best experience for customers. Everyone says they listen to their customers, but at PerfectForms, the first place we turn when planning improvement strategies is to customer feedback.
Future Prospects
Demand for no code platforms will continue to increase in the BPM space. Putting increasingly more powerful BPM tools in the hands of the actual business process stakeholders that enable them to meet their own needs, without coding, will continue to be a priority for the PerfectForms team.
PerfectForms continues to focus on user interface improvements that ensure ease of use, ease of deployment and expanded integration capabilities. Data must be easily shared across third party systems since business processes frequently span multiple departments and systems. PerfectForms is well prepared to tackle the challenges in the evolving BPM space.

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