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People Power: Simplifying IoT Deployment

Humanizing the Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t easy but one company has placed that goal at the center of everything it does.
People Power is an award-winning IoT software company that specializes in helping service providers deliver differentiated connected home offerings through their brands. They enable digital service providers, retail energy providers, telecoms companies, and manufacturers to rapidly connect, engage, deliver, and manage IoT devices and programs.
Its solutions are built with the future proofing and flexibility that IoT demands. By bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to IoT for recurring revenue in security, energy, and home care services, People Power solves real challenges for people every day.
A Committed Leader
Gene Wang is the CEO and Co-founder of People Power. He is committed to the development of meaningful, differentiated IoT solutions that address high-growth opportunities, and is leading the next wave of AI and IoT developments by revamping the technology behind smart home solutions.
Gene was previously the Chairman and CEO of Bitfone, an industry leader in mobile phone device management which was sold to Hewlett-Packard. He also served as CEO and Chairman at Photo Access, which was bought by Agilent in 2000. Gene led Computer Motion, a leading medical robotics firm, through a successful IPO in 1997 as its CEO.
As an Executive Vice President at Symantec, Gene managed four divisions and helped more than double annual sales. As VP and General Manager at Borland, he drove development and sales of C++ to more than a million users. Gene is also the co-founder of Gold Hill Computers, an Artificial Intelligence company.
Entering the Segment
Despite People Power’s current domination of the segment, it was not initially a part of their business plan. The company just happened to recognize an untapped niche – helping service providers create recurring revenue streams by offering new value-added services to their existing customers.
This new B2B2C game plan has allowed People Power to diversify and expand through service providers rather than build a consumer brand from the ground up. The company now leverages the respected brand power of its customers to deliver white-label energy, security, and care to consumers.
Meeting Challenges Head-On
People Power started out trying to help solve consumer energy efficiency challenges through mobile solutions. They quickly realized that businesses and building managers also wanted to control energy costs and reduce their own carbon footprints. Meanwhile, utilities providers had to meet government mandates to include renewable energy sources and reduce demand through energy efficiency.
With its global workforce, the company was able to create value and deliver award-winning user experiences to people around the world. It designed and delivered breakthrough energy efficiency projects for clients from Cape Cod to Hawaii, while helping consumers better understand how to save energy at home.
People Power’s next venture was smart home security with its free Presence app. Such innovative products and services resonated with both consumers and service providers but it was too early for widespread adoption as IoT was still a nascent technology. Today, the Presence app has been downloaded over 1.5 million times and sent more than 190 million video alerts.
People Power is also serving some of the world’s largest service providers, including Origin Energy (Australia), Innogy (Germany), China Mobile (China) and tier-1 US-based retail energy providers with white-label connected home solutions.
They continue to innovate and help service providers quickly add energy, security, and care services to their product portfolios.
An Exciting Future
People Power’s IoT system introduces machine learning and true intelligence into the connected home, something that no other company has yet been able to do. It enables service providers to offer unique microservices to consumers while shifting revenue models from hardware device sales to recurring service revenues, the Holy Grail business model for IoT initiatives.
People Power has recently entered into a commercial partnership with one of the largest utility providers in the United States to launch a total home and lifestyle security solution. Smart homes and security will meet to create smart security.
Another partnership and a U.S. government grant are allowing the company to delve deeper into utility and program management. It is also working with Stanford ChangeLabs to better understand consumer behavior and then design and deliver services that they truly need and want.
There are countless opportunities for IoT to completely revamp the smart home, energy, security, and care industries. The organization is completely focused on delivering highly-personalized, AI-powered solutions to automate desired outcomes.
People Power is working with service providers to help consumers monitor and reduce their energy consumption in ways they couldn’t before. It is simplifying how people safeguard their homes with smart home security and helping the elderly live more independently.
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