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Peloton Consulting Group: Your Digital Transformation in the Right Hands

The present and future of businesses have transformed drastically – thanks to the continuous technological evolution. With the help of the new technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and automation, businesses can now tremendously speed up their operations, to flourish competitively and increase revenue generation.
This helps companies to focus its workforce on tasks that are more intrinsic to the business and those that need a human touch. However, with the abundance of tech that caters to each business process uniquely, it’s not always possible for business leaders to figure out which technology best suits their requirements.
Enter Peloton Consulting Group, an organization that functions to solve this problem for businesses. The company analyses the needs of clients and then consults them to invest in the right tech accordingly.
Origin of Excellence
Peloton Consulting Group (Peloton) is a leading consultancy focused on digital transformation leveraging the cloud. Peloton’s customer-focused approach ensures that its clients’ vision turns into reality, driving meaningful business transformation. With the digital age disrupting entire industries, Peloton provides Advisory, Implementation, and Application Managed services.
Peloton specializes in services that make digital transformation a reality, leveraging Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Analytics for the cloud.
The company has the experts, leading practices, know-how, and capabilities to help clients realize the vision of digital transformation. Peloton believes that organizations that will thrive in the new digital age will provide value through hyper-connected capabilities that connect people, processes, and technology which is why the company partners with its clients to design strategies, implement solutions, and enable digital transformation.
Peloton serves over 500 North American-based multi-national companies across industries that include: Retail, Industrial Manufacturing, High Tech, Utilities and Energy, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Financial Services, Real Estate and Construction, and Engineering.
Talking about the company’s values, Guy F. Daniello, the CEO and Founder says, “Peloton is built on the power of connection. We prioritize our ability to connect with our clients, helping them to modernize business processes with integrated cloud-based applications and analytics. We value connectivity, diversity, and inclusion as a team and with the community.”
He further adds, “Our customers’ success is job ONE at Peloton. We pride ourselves on driving digital transformation that has a real business impact. The outstanding global team at Peloton truly cares and celebrates our customer’s success.”
Why Choose Between a Boutique Firm that is Responsive and a Global Firm with Robust Capabilities?
Peloton Consulting Group is a key leader in cloud-based solutions for customers. As a leader in the cloud revolution, the company is at the forefront of the market related to cloud-based business applications and the shift to the cloud. The company is committed to providing its customers local services with connected global resources.
The Peloton team helps companies realize the benefits of digital transformation by providing them robust capabilities on the journey to the cloud, transform the business focused on people, process, and technology. It assures that customers realize the benefits of their investments.
The company provides Advisory services to help its customers imagine the possibilities by providing them a blueprint of the roadmap to transform their business. It provides Implementation services designed to transform their business and deliver results. It also provides Application Managed services to ensure its customers have ongoing training, education, and application support needed to be successful.
Exemplary Consulting Services
Peloton offers and specializes in a full suite of services: EPM, ERP, HCM, SCM, CX, Analytics, and PaaS. It helps companies in leveraging solutions that realize the benefits of digital transformation through its full suite of services.
Peloton’s best practice Advisory services, help companies envision, benchmark, and assess their current processes and technologies to provide a roadmap and implementation blueprint incorporating modern best practices.
Peloton’s Consulting services ensure successful implementations that drive change across people, processes, and technology. Applying a Fit-to-Modern approach, they transform customers’ business processes to leverage enabling technology, such as Oracle, more effectively.
Peloton provides a differentiated customer experience by actively involving clients from the start. Using their proven Breakaway implementation methodology to deliver high-quality, innovative projects, Peloton teams focus on driving end-user adoption as they link business processes throughout the project lifecycle.
As a long-time Oracle and Anaplan partner, Peloton has also developed various Cloud Solution Accelerators to help customers reduce manual effort, cost of ownership, and increase accuracy, and efficiency.
Peloton’s Application Managed Services provides day-to-day operational support and solution enhancements. The peloton team works as part of the client’s team to maintain, upgrade, and provide education and training to ensure its customers’ long-term success. The company is focused, committed, and passionate about demonstrating progress, measuring results, and delivering practical solutions that produce real digital transformation.
Peloton is committed to providing its customers outstanding service with connected global resources. Throughout North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Peloton connects with its clients virtually and onsite to build lasting partnerships that drive business transformations.
By actively involving clients from the start of an engagement, Peloton values its ability to provide a differentiated customer experience. Leveraging their breakaway methodology, teams collaborate with customers to understand the unique challenges facing their business, align modern best practice business processes leveraging leading cloud-based technology, and drive end-user solution adoption.
Opinion that Matters
We asked Guy for his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies such as AI, big data, and machine learning have transformed the cloud computing industry, to which he replied, “The cloud computing industry and specifically cloud business applications are evolving rapidly. Cloud applications are leveraging and integrating artificial intelligence (AI), robotics process automation (RPA), big data, and machine learning into cloud-based applications.”
“Peloton customers are realizing the efficiency and effectiveness gains from these integrated solutions. The future is now and companies that are investing are becoming the leaders in their respective industries by realizing the business gains from cloud-based solutions leveraging modern and integrated technologies,” he added.
On a similar note, Matthew Conner, SVP at Peloton said, “Customers want and expect that cloud-based applications leverage artificial intelligence (AI), robotics process automation (RPA), big data, and machine learning into cloud-based applications. What at one point was just talk, is now being integrated and leveraged routinely in solutions for our customers.”
The Road Ahead
While interviewing Daniello, we asked him about his plans for further scaling Peloton, to which he said, “Peloton has acquired TRI Consulting Services a leader in Latin America and the Asia Pacific. We have been rapidly building and expanding our global capacities to service North American-based multi-national customers. Throughout North America we continue to hire and retain top talent.” expressed Daniello.
“A professional services firm is all about people. Peloton continuously invests in our employees and fosters a collaborative culture focused on cultivating top talent”, shared Kristen Connell, Chief People Officer at Peloton.
Illustrating Excellence
“It’s been so impressive watching the Peloton team over the course of our multi-system implementations. These Oracle solutions are the backbone of our support structure. Without them, not much could be done in this company. This will stand out as one of the highest quality implementations our company has seen. My sincere thanks in all that Peloton has done and is continuing to do for us.” – Senior Executive at North American Utilities Service Provider
“We are excited to be live on Oracle’s Financial Analytics solution in only 8 weeks. Peloton’s partnership and agile implementation methodology have enabled us to successfully drive solution adoption. The platform will significantly improve our analysis capabilities while providing an extensible environment for future analytic subject areas. With our joint success, we are expanding our Oracle Cloud footprint to Autonomous Data Warehouse for Manufacturing KPIs and analytics.” – Head of Analytics and Reporting at Leading Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer
“We’re grateful for Peloton’s work and guidance throughout the implementation process. On-time and on-budget is never said in system implementations and that says a lot.” – Finance Executive at Retail Delivery Services Company