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Peloton Consulting Group

Peloton Consulting Group: Driving Growth and Enhancing Performance through Digital Transformation

The technology sector, one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy, is also famously one of the best industries for job seekers. But there’s more to creating a great workplace than perks. The best workplaces not only walk the talk, but back it up with generous benefits, a strong culture and mutual trust between management and employees. One such best workplace in technology is Peloton Consulting Group (“Peloton”). Peloton is a leading consultancy that helps clients drive growth and enhance performance through digital transformation.
Guy F. Daniello is CEO and Founder of Peloton Consulting Group. He understands and values the importance of teamwork and leads the firm with a passion for customer service, innovation and quality work. His leadership is reflected in all aspects of the firm. He named the company based on inspiration he derived from cycling. A peloton is a group of cyclists working together as an integrated team. When cyclists ride in a peloton, they ride with 40% more efficiency allowing them to go faster. Peloton’s team of solution and industry experts come together to help their customers achieve business goals faster.
Providing Comprehensive Services 
Peloton provides a full suite of services to help companies realize digital transformation. The company provides Advisory services to envision, benchmark, and assess people, process, and technology to help customers understand the value of leveraging modern best practices. These insights result in a roadmap and implementation blueprint.
Further, it provides Consulting services to ensure a successful implementation that drives change across people, process and technology leveraging a fit to modern approach. Peloton uses its proven BreakawayTM implementation methodology to deliver high quality, innovative projects and ensure adoption begins at project inception. The company also leverages Cloud Solution Accelerators to help customers reduce manual effort, cost of ownership and increase accuracy and efficiency.
The company also provides Managed Services to help clients successfully support, enhance and ensure their transformation is successful.
A Culture of Values and Innovation 
At the core of Peloton’s culture are its values of Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Can-do-attitude, Service and Voice.
Innovation is in all aspects of its business and it invests in bringing new insights and technology to its clients. Peloton uses the latest business process best practices when it comes to helping their clients implement the latest cloud and analytics solutions. Their Breakaway™ delivery methodology provides customers with an innovative approach to project delivery that drives business adoption.
Internally, Peloton has built its culture of innovation based on collaboration and constant learning. The company holds weekly trainings named “Vitamin I” sessions (the I stands for innovation) where employees share new ideas and strategies for solution implementations, technical design, and process improvement. Peloton also facilitates “All Company Dialogues” which engage the entire organization – across the U.S. and globally. These sessions represent an open and honest discussion with the entire firm where all employees actively participate and discuss challenges and opportunities that drive innovative approaches and cutting-edge ideas. These ideas are then reviewed and prioritized to be embedded in Peloton’s go-forward business strategy.
Development of Employees 
Peloton values its people and works hard to strengthen its culture and learning environment. This starts with attracting and retaining people who have deep experience and love what they do.
Peloton invests in its employees by finding innovative ways to train, cross-train and work smarter. In the past year, Peloton modernized its internal technologies by introducing more virtual collaboration tools, enhancing its performance management processes to celebrate achievements and promote skill development, and further developing employees through technical, business and soft skills which are imperative to building a world-class team.
Additionally, in support of its Service value, its team members demonstrate their enthusiasm for helping those in the community by hosting quarterly community service events. These events give Peloton’s employees the opportunity to strengthen team connections and most importantly help improve the communities where they do business.
Benefiting Clients and Customers 
Clients approach Peloton looking for a lasting partnership and value the relationship they develop with them because of their commitment to honesty and innovation. Peloton leads the charge in helping clients realize the power of digital transformation by continuing to invest in building knowledge and capabilities and partnering with best-of-breed solution providers.
“I have worked with Peloton since the inception of the firm and believe they are one of the most customer-centric firms that I have worked with. They have a tremendous corporate culture that enables them to keep very talented people to help solve business challenges and add business value,” says the Director of Global Business Intelligence & Reporting at a $5B Global Management Consulting Firm.
“There’s no other firm like Peloton out there – bar none. They come to the table with their sleeves rolled up, ready to work and not afraid to get dirty. Their sheer knowledge, expertise and management made a past implementation of mine one of the smoothest I ever experienced. They are a class act,” adds the Director of Finance at a $16B Global Pharmaceuticals Company.