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Peachtree BioResearch Solutions: Determined to Deliver Flexible, Reliable and Scalable Clinical Development Services

The challenges in the pharma industry continue to rise. Declining R&D productivity coupled with the need for increasingly complex head-to-head clinical trials to prove superiority has resulted in a significant increase in clinical development expenditures. Pricing pressures have impacted return on investment.
The pressure on clinical research departments has never been so high. Timely completion and cost-efficiency are paramount to the projected return on investment. With limited internal resources, the reliance on contract research organizations (CRO) continues to grow. In 2008, the founders of Peachtree recognized this trend, but with a twist. Peachtree would invest in highly-experienced clinical research professionals with the requisite expertise in planning and executing clinical trials. Additionally, focusing on emerging to mid-sized companies, the founders believed the organization fit well in an underserved market needing attention and solutions.
Peachtree is a full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that specializes in providing clinical development services for emerging to mid-sized biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Peachtree was formed to ensure the balance between the level of attention the companies required and the experience of the operational teams provided were neither contingent on the size of a company’s pipeline nor the dollar amount of the services needed. It ensures that every company it works with receives flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions coupled with undivided attention, thus, ensuring both program and overall company success.
Delivering Superior Clinical Trial Support Services with Remarkable Agility
Peachtree is dedicated to delivering superior and customized clinical development services that enable its clients to complete their clinical projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Peachtree aims to build long-term relationships with its clients based on mutual trust, respect and integrity. Peachtree’s CEO, Kristy Nichols, mentions “Our goal?  To be most admired for the commitment to our people, partnerships and performance.”
Identifying the customer needs, the company provides a wide range of solutions .Peachtree’s core services include -study and clinical site feasibility, clinical project management, clinical monitoring and site management, medical monitoring, clinical data management, biostatistics, clinical quality assurance, and medical writing.
Dynamic Pillars
Kristy Nichols, CEO, and Sharon Hilton, COO are the dynamic pillars of Peachtree. These astute individuals had a vision to create a company to support emerging to mid-sized sponsor companies that were underserved by existing CRO models. True to their passion, Peachtree was founded in the same year.
Kristy has relevant experience of more than fifteen years in both medical device and pharmaceutical clinical development. Prior to creating Peachtree, Kristy served as a Global Director within Clinical Development for UCB, a Belgium based biopharmaceutical company focused on severe diseases in CNS and Immunology.
Sharon is a consummate, seasoned professional motivated by challenge and rewarded through the seamless implementation of key corporate initiatives that aid profitability, productivity and quality. She has been acknowledged for vigorously managing multifaceted projects, applying stringent standards and rallying cross-functional team participation that serves to elevate marketplace status.
Both with over 20 years of Sponsor and CRO-side experience had empirical knowledge of what the ideal CRO should be and set out to fill this void.
Ahead of the Curve
Peachtree is big enough to matter, but flexible, scalable, and reliable enough to execute a complex clinical program without the multiple layers of bureaucracy, commonplace with larger vendors. The company recognizes that its people are its most valuable asset. Peachtree continues to evaluate and implement superior technologies in clinical study management and data management. Its experienced and highly capable clinical operations staff has been instrumental in performing every task and applying this experience to run clinical studies efficiently, cost-effectively, and without sacrificing quality.
Peachtree’s Clinical Operations senior management leaders individually have over 25 years of clinical development experience including the management of multiple global programs in numerous therapeutic areas. These leaders are empowered, allowing straight-forwardness, responsiveness and flexibility in decision making. COO, Sharon Hilton states, “Providing solutions, not problems to our clients is paramount. Supporting our clinical operations teams, the company utilizes best-in-class study management, data management, and analysis tools.”
Tackling Challenges with Determination, Achieving Sustainability with Excellence   
With global sponsor-side experience, Peachtree’s founders witnessed the frustrations of working with CROs that assigned personnel with limited experience, and were unable to provide solutions to study challenges as they arose. The opportunity was identified to build a solutions-oriented CRO that required experienced clinical operations professionals to successfully implement their clinical programs.
Peachtree was fortunate to start with a highly-experienced staff assuming responsibility for over 25 ongoing clinical studies. This enabled the company to generate revenue from Day 1, and invest to improve in its processes and systems. Recognizing the need for sustainability and long-term growth, expansion of its client base was initially accomplished through networking and established industry contacts. It also recognized that each client has unique challenges and issues, and thus could not take a cookie-cutter approach to the business.
Now, entering its 10th year of operation in 2018, Peachtree is experiencing phenomenal growth and expecting this to continue. The company believes that its reputation as ‘solution’ providers with a highly-experienced staff, and continued success in managing clinical programs is the key to sustainability.
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