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PDFBear: Merging PDF Files With Little Effort

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Our time and energy are the valuable resources we have. We can rest and eat to gain strength, but we cannot bring time back. That’s why we find ways to save these resources as much as possible. Concerning office tasks, there are tools designed to help us. Working with a lot of documents, especially for email attachments, online publications, or report submission, is a bit challenging. Hence, having this in multiple amounts may be a problem. PDF is the best format of choice. It uses a small memory space, non-editable, and presentable. Thus, having a dependable tool for tasks concerning PDF files contributes to time and energy-saving strategies.

Moreover, there are different ways to combine PDF Files. Either traditional or through available tools. Gone are the days of tedious ways to combine PDF Files. PDFBear is here to help you. It is made to perform tasks efficiently and with ease. I’m sure a few mouse clicks don’t require a lot of effort. Why opt for the manual method of printing, scanning, and saving PDF files? You have the choice to make the job easier and faster. Make use of the available PDF tools to help and guide you on how to merge pdf files with ease and little effort.

Look for An Online Tool

When you are not a frequent user of PDF, using online tools is advantageous. It saves you the hassle of downloading and installing software. Installing the software takes time, and you have to make sure that your device’s operating system is compatible with what the software requires. Also, installing software affects the hardware of your device as it uses the device’s memory. There are occasions wherein software may slow down the device due to compatibility issues. Well, let me introduce you to PDFBear: An online PDF tool and does the job well.

It is 100% Free

What’s more exciting is that PDFBear is not only an online tool but also offers free features. You don’t have to encode any payment details to use their services. Convert, edit, and merge your files 100% Free. On the other hand, becoming a pro member gives you more freedom and much greater features. Pro members enjoy the following: unlimited tasks, maximum files per task, largest file size per task, unlimited storage for supported files, unlimited OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tasks, and no advertisements.

PDFBear: Accessible PDF Merger

Since PDFBear is a web-based tool you can use for free, you can do the tasks anywhere you are. Take note that you have to make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a web browser device. It is compatible with any internet browser you have. 

  • Access PDFBear through their website. 
  • In the middle of the welcome page, you will see the Merge PDF Icon. 
  • First, choose the files you want to merge or drag and drop the files. If you’re using it for free, the first file you select will be positioned on the first pages. 
  • Second, wait while the file is uploading. PDFBear will merge your files. 
  • Third, Make necessary modifications. 
  • Lastly, click on Merge PDF (click on Download if you want to have a copy of your file on your device). 

There are other options available aside from downloading the file. You can copy the link and share it with others. The link will lead them to the file on the PDFBear website where they can download it. You may choose to send the link through email. The files will only be available for 14 days, and it will be removed from their servers after that period. Thus, this is very handy when you need to share your files during group projects and reports. It saves you time and avoids the inconvenience of uploading your file again.

Final Thoughts

Tools are created to make our lives easier. Either it is a physical tool you can touch or like PDFBear, an online PDF tool. Moreover, we have the option to use it for our convenience. However, some do not welcome new technologies. They say it’s too complicated. Well, I tell you, give it a try. You will realize it is simple. Only a few mouse clicks and the job is done; it is not as hard as they think. If you are ready to save time and energy, make sure to visit PDFBear and make use of their technology.

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