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Payworks: Empowering Commerce Globally

With the ever-increasing use of cards and online payment systems over past decades, Point of Sale (PoS) payment gateways have been garnering a lot of attention. It was with these developments in mind that Payworks was founded.
The vision of Payworks is to make card payments compatible with all Point of Sale solutions through technology that is simple and easy to use. To make this vision a reality, the company provides clients with next generation PoS payment gateway expertise and solutions.
Using its technology, developers of PoS solutions for merchants can quickly and cost-efficiently integrate card payment functionality into their applications, and securely process EMV, contactless, and mobile wallet transactions at the point of sale.
With headquarters in Germany and offices in the US, the UK and Spain, Payworks provides its technology to leading acquirers and payment providers in North America, Europe and Africa.
The Accomplished Leader 
Christian Deger is the CEO and Co-founder of Payworks. He is responsible for setting and implementing the overall strategic plan and direction of Payworks, while also leading its senior management team.
He makes critical corporate decisions, and manages the overall operations and resources of the company. Christian has focused his career on enabling solution providers to move away from legacy technology and this has continued to be a major driver of his business strategy at Payworks.
Prior to founding Payworks, Christian built PAYRETO in Southeast Asia. It is one of the leading BPO companies for payment providers. Christian attended TU Munich, Georgia Tech and CDTM Munich. He holds degrees in Business Administration and Technology Management.
Supporting Growth and Internationalization 
Payworks supports its clients’ goals of growth and internationalization by supplying technology which is built to simplify rapid business expansion.
Developers simply integrate the powerful Payworks Pulse SDK into their internal systems. Once this integration with Payworks is complete, the solution can be used for global deployment without changing its original integration.
The technology Payworks has developed supports both acquirers and payment service providers working on a global scale, as well as merchants who need a reliable system on which to conduct international transactions.
Payworks clients have come to expect faster technology integration. Through a platform based fully on API, the company allows for fast and flexible integration of card readers into any PoS application and environment, regardless of whether it is stationary or mobile.
Since it offers a pre-certified solution that includes both software and hardware, the company’s clients are able to go to market faster. This can be a matter of days instead of months, as the case can be with less advanced solutions.
The company’s next generation payment gateway technology is operated in the cloud and provided as a Software as a Service model to payment providers. With Pulse, developers of Point of Sale solutions are able to integrate payment acceptance in less than 5 minutes. Additionally, with Pulse, Payworks has simplified card acceptance by offering a cloud-based, pre-certified, and easily accessible gateway technology significantly, facilitating innovation in the integrated Point of Sale space.
Entering the Segment and the Differentiating Factor 
Payworks saw the need for a modern payment technology platform to challenge decades-old systems that should be made obsolete. The company was inspired by the ability to bring new ideas for modernizing payment acceptance at the Point of Sale.
It has brought a new level of innovation into the market at a time when POS solutions were lacking the technology needed to keep up with consumer payment habits.
Payworks has a competitive advantage over other payment service providers because it is able to provide technology that does the heavy lifting for its clients. Payments and the Point of Sale are both intricate and the clients understand that they can trust on the company to be the experts they need.
Traditional gateways are locally hosted and expensive to run. They require specialized knowledge and merchants typically have to contend with complex setup structures. Another inherent problem is their limited ability to integrate card terminals with PoS systems and support card present only.
With Payworks, clients can expect a cloud-based and cost-efficient solution. It doesn’t require specialized knowledge, supports self service features, is easy to use and supports digital onboarding of merchants. The company’s technology is built for developers, and this enables quick integration.
Best of all, Payworks enables all payment channels while promoting global solutions.
Painting the Bright Future 
The company is witnessing great progress in the industry, but believes that there is still lots of room for growth and further progress. When it comes to the future, Payworks will continue to promote and develop modern payment technology at the Point of Sale.
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