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Payveris: Disrupting the Disruptors in Digital Payments

Payveris offers an industry leading cloud based open API digital payment and money movement platform designed to enable financial institutions to transform their customers’ digital payment experience and capabilities. The platform enables banks and credit unions to take complete control of their users’ experience, reduce operating overhead, costs, and risk; and accelerate the creation of new innovative payment experiences. The company’s secure cloud-based platform supports a broad ecosystem of digital payment and money movement services including electronic bill payment, presentment and management, person to person (P2P) transfers, external (A2A) account to account transfers and business payments all through a single unified platform.
Along with their open API, cloud delivery model and single platform approach to digital payments, Payveris brings extensive financial services industry and deep payments technology experience to everything they develop. They focus on developing solutions to empower their financial institution clients and partners to capitalize on the emerging market trends in payments while continually enhancing their solutions to provide their clients and partners a competitive edge.
A Unified Digital Payment Hub and Platform Approach
While Payveris’ competitors in the payments space offer payment services through disparate point solutions, Payveris’ separates itself by providing an innovative digital payments solution that supports a full range of payment and money movement use cases all from a single unified platform. The platform supports multiple funding methods, intelligent payment routing, an integrated messaging engine, and integrated fraud and transition risk management to support a wide range of consumer and business payments. Additionally, Payveris’ unified approach offers financial institutions the ability to consolidate redundant payment systems, reduce operating costs, improve fraud mitigation, and simplify access to user and transactional data across all payment types with the most advanced FI-centric digital payments platform in the market today.
Leveraging the cloud and Open API’s
Working with Payveris provides banks and credit unions with the opportunity to regain control of their destiny and better compete in today’s highly competitive landscape while improving the user experience and reducing operational costs.
Payveris’ digital payments platform features a 100% open API approach that provides their clients with the ability to take complete control of and reduce friction in user experience and create innovative new payment services much quicker. Through its open API structure, the Payveris digital payments platform enables clients to connect to internal and external applications and add features and transaction types without compromising the user experience.
By capitalizing on the value of cloud computing, Payveris is able to offer cost effective, high availability, secure, and scalable digital payment services at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. This enables Payveris to offer its services at a lower cost than their competitors and focus more of its capital on payments innovation rather than system maintenance.
Continuous Innovation is the Key
Payveris believes that technology can be the great equalizer for banks and credit unions seeking to protect their customers or members from disintermediation by the alternative and nonbank providers. However, banks and credit unions will need the technology a technology partner that not only enables them to innovate faster and keep up with consumer and business demands but in future, take the lead. Through their unique platform, Payveris believes that they can empower the traditional financial institution to innovate faster, take control of their destiny, transform the way their customers make payments, and recapture their position at the center of digital commerce.
The Benefits of Partnering with Payveris
Clients and partners value the control, extensibility and flexibility of the Payveris digital payments platform. By utilizing the Payveris payments platform, financial institutions can provide a completely integrated and seamless payments experience into their online and mobile banking channels. Financial institutions have also used the platform to solve unique and specific business challenges related to their business customers’ payment experience. Financial institutions value the positive user experience that it enables them to offer to their customers or members and appreciate the competitive advantage the technology offers them, particularly the ability to differentiate their payments offering from large money center banks and non-bank FinTech companies. This differentiation is highly valued to Payveris’ financial institution clients and the consumers they serve.
The Leader behind Payveris
Jeff Weikert, President of Payveris is responsible for leading all aspects of the company’s growing digital payment enterprise. Before joining Payveris, he spent 30 years in the financial services and technology industry in a variety of executive roles at notable firms such as Deloitte and Touche, Bank of America, SunTrust, Deluxe, CheckFree and RewardsNOW as well as innovative payment start-up, Verient. He has served and supported more than 3,500 banks, credit unions and service providers in his various roles.
Weikert earned his MBA in business administration and management from Georgia State University and a Bachelor’s degree in business and psychology from the University of Dayton.