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Todd Saylor, CEO Vision and Action Leader, PayServ Systems

PayServ Systems: Wired Differently HCM Services. Designing, Onboarding, and Training to fit the Users’ Needs

As HCM industry is evolving, many clients wish to have the best of Human Capital Management Platform to ease their HR processes. It should be able to help clients in overcoming their challenges by going beyond status quo. To make a difference in the HCM industry, it is essential to have a comprehensive HCM platform by using world class technology which should be able to deliver the best implementation, training, and support to its clients. Payserv Systems is “Wired Differently” from others in the HCM industry in a way that they utilize world class technology, its strengths and leverages its favors to assist their clients in overcoming their challenges and emerging from the status quo or even worse the larger land of mediocracy. Todd Saylor as the CEO and Vision and Action Leader steers the ship of Payserv Systems. Payserv Systems is a business services company, which implements and supports its Unified HCM Platform, WorkforceTHRIVE.
Enhancing Technology to Increase Capabilities 
The journey of Payserv Systems is unique in the sense that it has never been a company who rests on its laurels. In 2003 when it was founded, its goal was to be a high service, multi-state payroll provider. It achieved this relatively early in its evolution however as its organizational capabilities developed. It found that its software platform couldn’t rise to the “Rarified Air” it was capable of flying in. As a result, Payserv Systems made the decisive decision to enhance its technology to better fit its organization’s goals and capabilities of its team members. The resulting change was a 100% focus on the UKG Ready platform, which occurred in 2017. This was a critical stage in the company’s journey as it enabled its talents to be focused on a platform which had virtually unlimited capabilities and satisfy larger and more complex organisations. Since 2017, Payserv Systems has enjoyed managed growth while still reaching unprecedented heights in overall client satisfaction and engagement. In fact, PayServ is rated by its clients each time a Service Case is closed. Over the past 2 years, those survey results have yielded an NPS (Net Promoter Score) Score in excess of 93! For those unfamiliar with the NPS scoring system, scores can range from -100 to 100. The typical NPS Mark for an Enterprise Software or SaaS organization is between 30 and 40. PayServ’s 2 year aggregate score of 93 shows how a supremely purposeful commitment to excellence drives tangible results in client satisfaction and retention.
Developing Fully Integrated Software Solution 
HCM model of PayServ Systems was launched in 2003. It delivered ASO style services with an emphasis on HRIS Technology, soon to be called HCM services. It initially specialized on 50 employees and under companies and leveraged that development to grow its capabilities to support 500 employee and under company sizes. Todd Saylor’s goal was to provide industry service solutions provided by amazingly smart software savvy personnel. Its latest shift, back in 2014, leveraged that development through a wholesale software platform change and now it has landed on 1000 or more employee count enterprises supported through its WorkforceThrive HCM solution.
PayServ Systems’ purpose has been not only to have the best cloud based HCM solution in the country, but also employ the world’s best employees to grow, stretch and service the fully integrated End to End software and service solution. Todd has been in the payroll industry since last 30 years influencing, developing, and changing the Human Capital service industry. He has leveraged multiple businesses and funded the entire PayServ Systems solution independently without any investors or venture capitalist.
Maximizing ROI of Clients 
PayServ Systems employs and pays their personnel above industry standards to provide above industry services. The company offers exclusive CSS onboarding and support with a Wired Differently mentality to deliver optimal service and maximize client ROI. PayServ also offers the nation’s only Client Fund Management (CFM) solution. It is blazing a trail into the future of completely transparent tax fund escrowing for the client. Essentially, CFM Services provide a Joint Trust Account where client funds are staged for distribution to varying tax agencies. The client has view access to this account and is provided monthly reconciliation reporting that is balanced to the penny. Further, DD Verify® is offered to clients so that the same level of transparency can be achieved regarding Employee Direct Deposit Transactions.
Delivering Best Implementation Experience 
While the technology is world class, PayServ Systems is, at its heart, a Service Organization. The company strives to be the world’s best implementation, support, and training organization in the HCM industry. PayServ Systems is supremely purposeful in providing its team members “Above Market” compensation packages.
PayServ Systems focuses nearly 100% of its time and attention to: Providing the Best Implementation Experience its clients have ever experienced; Providing the most capable and responsive Service Relationship its clients have ever experienced; Providing its clients with Maximum ROI through complimentary client training, Engagement Surveys, Feedback Loop Webinars, and a commitment to educating all users regarding the evolving capabilities of this expansive platform and Ferocious real-time smart sheet client services Management.
Most Comprehensive HCM Platform 
Payserv Systems’ technology is powered by UKG Ready and offers the most comprehensive End-To-End Human Capital Management Suite available to the Mid-Market. WorkforceTHRIVE is a true single system that supports all aspects of HCM including Time and Labor, Payroll Processing, Advanced HCM, Reporting and Analytics. Many claim the above, but few deliver it. Some of WorkforceTHRIVE’s features are mentioned below:
Fully Responsive UI (User Interface) and Parity with the Mobile App: Whichever way one may access the system such as Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phone, Mobile App, etc., it is all the same design, experience, and capabilities.
Depth of Configuration: Many systems work well if used in a particular way. However, most businesses have their own personality quirks. This platform can automate just about any use case.
It has unique capabilities like full integration with Google Suite, Advanced Scheduling for Restaurants, Retail and Healthcare, Deep LOA Module and Learning. 
In addition, it also has Unified LMS for all system users. Learning Tracks, Quizzes and custom content are all delivered so that system users of all types can maximize their usage and value.
World Class Technology and Dedicated Support 
There are plenty of capable technology vendors in the marketspace, but Payserv Systems is ‘Technology Vendor’ that offers World Class Technology and Dedicated Support that goes a long distance in being the preferred choice of its clients. PayServ Systems is Wired Differently as a Service Organization who offers fantastic technology. It is this distinction that truly makes PayServ Systems unique.
Energetic and Purposeful Executive Team 
PayServ Systems is led by an extremely energetic executive team. Each with over 15 years of experience. Sam Fessenden, Heather David, and Todd Trent are all industry bellwethers and are supremely purposeful in technology, service, and excellence commitments.
Principle of Humble Excellence 
Following its principle of humble excellence, PayServ was born out of an idea that businesses deserve better service. It understands that HR is about more than payroll and staffing. With considering employees of organizations in mind, PayServ’s user-friendly software is designed to simplify all of HR processes of different organizations.
Need of Advisory Group of HCM Vendors 
If given a chance to change one thing about the business ecosystem in the HCM market, Todd suggests the Federal Government to include a representative group of HCM Vendors to act as an ‘Advisory’ committee when drawing up the finer points of new regulations. While many regulations are designed to strengthen and support businesses, the ramifications of the business sector’s compliance with them, often times diminishes or completely eliminates the actual gains of such legislation.
Making Most of Spectacular Software Solution 
PayServ Systems belief has only been ‘you are only as good as your company’s employees’. Even the best software is horrible when delivered by those who do not understand it. Todd has always employed employee mentality first. Meaning Work Life Balance, committing to its Employee’s Personal and Professional Development and Encouraging full use of Time Off and Flex Hours are critical factors to company’s success. Further, both Client AND Employee retention are critical aspects to PayServ and thus, it strives to offer “Above Market” compensation to each of its team members. “We pay our people like Managers but allow them to follow their passion providing Direct Support to our Client Partners,” says Todd Saylor. This allows PayServ Systems to offer the most spectacular software solution, WorkforceTHRIVE, when compared to any other vendor in the country. WorkforceTHRIVE software solution, combined with HR-first approach, ensures one’s employees are treated in the best possible way – from pre-hire to retire.
Versatile and Robust Software Platform 
“The reporting is soooo good! So much better than any other HRIS system I’ve used! Love it! Customer service is very responsive and friendly!” — Trisha Hunnicut, HR Director Federated Media
“I love that the software is so robust. We operate a staffing agency for the business aviation industry, and we have a wide variety of needs for onboarding, training documentation, and payroll needs. PayServ can handle anything we can throw at it. It works great for any size company.” — Jason Wardwell, VP Human Resources, Jet Pro Pilots
“A real time saver compared to other programs. Payroll processing is super easy and fast. Employee information is neatly organized making updates a cinch. There is a lot of versatility with reports, charts and graphs, and employee tracking.” — Denise Sousa, HR Director, Sauder Feeds
Advance from Average to Extraordinary 
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