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Sean Manning | CEO & Founder | Payrokk Vault

Payroll Vault: Navigating the Complex Payroll Services

In the current state of the corporate world, small enterprises are primarily concentrating on delivering their core services. Owing to this, enterprises are facing challenges in handling their administrative responsibilities. This has given rise to various affecting factors such as employee dissatisfaction, labour intensity, compliance obligations, etc.
Small businesses are looking to outsource their payroll services to save themselves from accumulating responsibilites. Amongst such service providers stands Payroll Vault, a one of a kind company who stepped into the market by re-defining payroll services.
A Leading Light in Payroll Services Payroll Vault focuses on designing customized payroll solutions, complemented with unparalleled customer service. It offers a boutique style, highly convenient and real-time solution to effectively support small business owners. Payroll Vault also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to start up their own full-service payroll business which keeps the company and services local to support business communities and maintain a personal touch.
Payroll Vault has leveraged technology to increase operational efficiency and the ability to effectively offer payroll across the USA by identifying trends in industry and payroll services for small businesses. The ability to pioneer solutions, before the advent of any problems or disruption arising within the industry, has enabled the company to be recognized as a national leader in the industry.
A Master of Leading People 
It was the mastery of Sean Manning, the CEO and Founder of Payroll Vault, to lead and manage a team that pivoted the company into one of the nation’s fastest growing franchise brands, and a position they hold uniquely in the world of franchising for their industry.
Exceeding the conventional standards of the payroll industry, Sean has inspired many entrepreneurs nationwide. A second-generation Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Sean’s mastery in superlative client relationship management and strategic marketing has propelled his status as a successful entrepreneur. His forward thinking attitude has led him to pioneer an innovative approach in the payroll industry. He was among the first to transition his accounting firm, Insperience Business Services, into a paperless environment in 2005, and implement the technology of client portals to increase access, efficiency and support for his clients.
Revered by his peers as a thought-leader, Sean is sought after as an eloquent speaker and invigorater in the industry for his out-of-the-box ideas and innovation. Sean doesn’t hire people solely for jobs, rather he offers them careers. He has created an unparalleled culture to inspire his team and clients to cultivate and succeed on every level. In 2011, Sean was featured on the cover of CPA Practice Advisor Magazine for his success with Payroll Vault, which then catapulted the company into the world of franchising. He saw the need in the marketplace for small businesses to outsource their payroll to a reliable service, and this is why he created Payroll Vault. He remains passionate about making a difference for the industry, his clients and his staff.
Delivering Sound Services 
Payroll Vault designs services for each of their clients. The local offices provide dedicated client service teams that deliver sound advice and consultation for clients to ensure efficient operation of their business and compliance. Clients are able to take advantage of solutions with ancillary services including: timekeeping, HR services, pay-as-you-go worker’s compensation, background checks, labor posters, pay cards, 401(k) plan, etc., helping them manage their business and employees with great proficiency.
Payroll Vault provides businesses with a trust first analogy. It provides resources which they need to remain compliant with ever-changing federal and state requirements. The partnerships with a variety of service providers enable the company to thoroughly serve their clients’ needs. Whether it is from the most basic and cost-effective service to the more robust ones, depending on their fluctuating operational needs, Payroll Vault always provides a lending hand. The company can design a plan and overall strategy that works for both the employer as well as the employee.
‘We are striving to boost the entrepreneurial spirit through our training and operational systems as well as our vision and planning framework. Our Vision is to be the most recognizable payroll company nationally with the highest opportunity and rate of success for our franchisees as well as every client that is serviced through Payroll Vault,’ said Sean Manning.
A Distinctive Approach 
A successful business journey creates several experiences that have an impact on the company and its future. However, the most noticeable part for Payroll Vault is the cultural development that allows its team to create and mold the culture. According to the company, by providing their teams a safe environment where they can experiment, try new concepts, make mistakes and learn from it all, brings together a cohesiveness to advance the business and everyone’s career, and creates a sense of excitement with new opportunities around every bend.
One other area that energized Payroll Vault to flourish organizationally is its commitment to a dynamic vision that is supported by a thought-out process.
While expanding a strong national footprint, Payroll Vault is highly visible within its local communities for its one-to-one client approach. By providing assistance in real-time for their clients, all client information stays local, and they don’t have any overseas call or processing centers. They understand that time is of the essence when operating and managing a small business. The company prides itself on being more of an advisor or consultant for its clients; hence their commitment to their local communities to help their clients facilitate business. Their goal is for each business owner to have the opportunity to work ‘on’ their business and not ‘in’ their business.
An Eye Towards the Future 
Payroll Vault is on its way to be the leading small business payroll partner and trustworthy provider of resources in local and professional communities across the nation.
“I see us continuing to expand – increasing our number of franchise locations and supporting franchisee satisfaction is at its pinnacle while preserving unrivaled and highly personalized client relationships and service,” stated Manning.
Showcasing Customer Satisfaction 
“Payroll Vault has been very professional, very helpful, and a great company to work with. We would definitely recommend you to others.” 
“The Payroll Vault team was very helpful for getting all my information ready to run my payroll and made me realize how much I need you! I am so happy to get payroll off my plate!”