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Sean Manning | CEO & Founder | Payroll Vault Franchising LLC.

Payroll Vault Franchising LLC: Re-Defining Disruption in the Payroll Industry’s Landscape

One of the relevant tasks when managing a small business is completing payroll. Employees need to be able to rely on being paid consistently without delays. Payroll stirs every aspect of a small business from the morale of employees to the financial stability of the company.
Though the market is filled with many payroll solutions providers, Payroll Vault Franchising LLC stands in the lead amidst this bustling industry. They fully manage the compliance-driven payroll tasks to better enable you to focus on managing your workforce and strengthening key community relationships.
Sean Manning, the CPA/CFE/CEO/Founder, has exceeded the conventional standards of the accounting industry and inspired entrepreneurs nationwide. Sean has mastered superlative client relationship management and strategic marketing which has helped his company grow remarkably. Revered by his peers as a “thought-leader”, he is sought after to speak and invigorate the industry with his out-of-the-box ideas. Sean is a master of managing and leading people. He doesn’t hire people for jobs in his companies, he offers them careers and has created an unparalleled culture to inspire his team and the clients they work with, all leading to growth and success for everyone on every level.
Starting from Scratch 
When Sean was managing his accounting firm, he came to the realization that he could better manage payroll for his clients other than operating it through his firm, as it was inefficient. Looking at the fierce competition back then, he knew he could give a higher level of personalized service. In 2008, he decided to launch Payroll Vault as a new organization, to provide clients with more efficient services and a hassle-free experience. With customized transparent services, no annual contracts, a local presence for the business owner to directly know their Payroll specialist, the company experienced tremendous growth and has become a nationally trusted brand.
Overhaul Approach 
Payroll ranks in the top 3 most outsourced business services by business owners. Globally, small businesses account for over 90% of the market. Sean seized this opportunity and started providing services to support the small business owners. Currently, Payroll Vault’s niche demographic is companies with 1-25 employees. Many of these businesses work on a do-it-yourself basis. Industry data shows that DIY business owners end up spending 18% more on their payroll than if they were to outsource it. By outsourcing, they can also reduce their risk for non-compliance expenses dramatically.
Out of the Ordinary
Payroll differs from its competition because it provides a one-to-one client approach. Locally known for its unmatched client services, the company has expanded its reach toward a national footprint. Payroll Vault understands that time is of the essence when operating and managing a small business. The goal of the company is for each business owner to have the opportunity to work on their business and not in their business. The client retention rate of 97% is unmatched in the industry. Additionally, clients are also able to take advantage of workforce management solutions, timekeeping, scheduling, human resources, payas- you-go workers compensation, background checks, labor poster, pay cards, 401K, and other ancillary services that helps business owners to manage their business, employees, and ensure compliance.
A Far-sighted Undertaking 
Payroll Vault Franchise LLC is a unique and experienced organization that is determined to help educate and support its franchise owners that chose to be a part of this great organization by sharing best practices relating to the payroll service industry.
Mission: “Our commitment as a payroll and workforce management leader is to stay Locally Owned and Client- Focused to help strengthen our communities, advance our Clients’ businesses and excite their employees under our nationally recognized and supported Payroll Vault brand.”
Vision: “Payroll Vault’s vision is to be the most recognizable payroll outsourcing company with the highest customer satisfaction.”
Technological Anchorage 
Payroll Vault has partnered with Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of business payroll software systems, to provide technologies required for start-to-finish payroll processing. The alignment with Thomson Reuters ensures Payroll Vault has one of the best software solutions available for their clients with secure and world-class data storage. All the franchise offices use client relationship management software to track client and lead data, reporting, KPIs, support information, and training library, and the software has an intranet system so franchisees can communicate and support each other.
Forthcoming Yearnings 
Besides ruling the universe of payroll services, Payroll Vault looks forward to massive growth with its brand and client count. With the recent slew of awards, accolades, and press, the company is certainly on the map in franchising.
Payroll Vault is a unique franchise concept and has a service offering that transcends all industries that have employees. Supporting the franchisees in their pursuit to success is paramount.
“Payroll Vault is a streamlined, easy access and a user-friendly solution for my business. I don’t lose sleep anymore worrying if my taxes are paid or if I’ve done the correct withholding for my employees.” Allison Choate, Owner The Joint BBQ, Wings & More Eddyville, KY
“I am impressed with the community support given day-today among not only the Payroll Vault home office but the Franchisees as a whole. The mutual respect and availability of support in the Payroll Vault community is outstanding.” Sean Pettit, Owner Payroll Vault San Antonio, TX