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PayMotion Bobbi Leach | CEO

PayMotion: B2B’s Preferred Software Team

In the hindsight of stating the observable, Albert Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
Indeed, technology has exceeded humanity. With technological ease at the touch of mere fingertips, we have made our world easy for us and those surrounding us. And within the financial world, now, we are heading towards a cashless society—a world where payments become more digitized and embedded in our everyday lives.
In the years to come, as people will use devices and other digital signatures to pay for their needs, physical currencies will continue to diminish. The evidence itself is in our hands, our smartphones, and digital wallets being used as digital payment middlemen.
Payments will become something we won’t even need to do anymore. It will become an entirely invisible step in the act of purchasing items. One can perceive a future where people will make their purchase and be automatically charged.
Such developments wouldn’t have been possible without the significant industry players taking on the edge of innovation to deliver their best to the payment industry.
As such, our next innovator in “2020’s Most Trusted Payment and Card Solution Providers” is PayMotion, a leading multi-channel payment platform for online merchants. It is an enterprise-grade platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses sell across the web, mobile, and social media storefronts.
Major Takeaways

  • Regulations in different countries
  • Products tailor-made for each market
  • Unified Compliance Management System
  • Partnered with PayPal
  • 14th annual Bronze Stevie Awards for New Business Intelligence Solution
  • 2019 Silver Golden Bridge Awards for Business-to-Business Product of the Year
  • 2019 Bronze Stevie Awards for Payment Solution of the Year · Ranked 5th in The Software Report’s Best Ecommerce Software of 2020 Awards

Meet the Exemplary Mind
Helming leadership duties at PayMotion is an exceptional personality, Bobbi Leach, the CEO of the firm. Bobbi has been leading the company since 2009 and has brought her wealth, knowledge, and experience in the tech industry.
Her leadership skills are responsible behind PayMotion’s growth, evolution, and what it is today; an end to end payment solution tailored for online businesses. She has guided the business and
its offerings towards the world of subscriptions, consequently making it possible for the firm to acquire the expertise in the industry.
Bobbi is much active in her tech community as she has been a guest speaker at local tech events, universities, as well as various women in tech events.
Expertise at Hand
PayMotion’s expertise and functionalities cover the entirety of online business owners. The firm concentrates on clients that offer digital services, products, and subscription-based businesses. Leveraging years of experience, PayMotion understands the needs in place, particularly markets, and thus has optimized its services and tailored accordingly.
“We pride ourselves in the way we offer our services, offering our clients an actual team of experts in payments that will help them and support them in growing their online business, at no extra cost, each step of the way,” asserts Bobbi.
Other than that, what makes PayMotion unique is its deep expertise in online subscriptions. Unlike others following a broad strategy of payments for all, PayMotion specializes in subscriptions. It has built a platform highly tailored for tracking sales from channel partners and thus makes it easy to manage businesses.
Furthermore, the firm has support business in multiple countries in North America and the European Union. Consequently, offering them localization capabilities that allow them to transact internationally.
The best of all, all these features are paired with experts in the field. They offer their knowledge and expertise at no cost to the merchants.
Security at Heart
PayMotion is a robust digital service provider; however, above all, PayMotion prioritizes to confront any security breaches and any theft of customer data.
In relevance, Bobbi shares, “Through our platform, we are able to track and monitor all access to our network and cardholder data in real-time and provide instant alerts for attempted breaches.” As part of the PCI DSS Level 1 certification, PayMotion adheres to regular scans, test protocols, and independent audits to meet and maintain these industry standards.
What lies ahead?
Revealing the plans, Bobbi cites that the firm will continue to grow as a business in the regions it serves. Herein, she plans to work on enhancing and optimizing the platform to serve the customers best and making room for upcoming clients too.
For forthcoming years, PayMotion will continue to innovate and create new features and technologies to keep up with the evolving payment industry to remain competitive and best serve the merchants.