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Payment Asia: Redefining E-Business Management Company

Digitalization’ has paved an entrance for many businesses to integrate with advanced technology. Be it a healthcare or security, through digitalization many have coped up to gain a successful stature in respective industries. Similarly, in fintech industry, Payment Asia, a leading e-payment technology and e-business management company which specializes in offering the most secure and innovative technology for the online and mobile payment solutions, globally. Moreover, it also devoted to introducing innovative payment solutions to merchants of the Southeast Asia region.
Into the Shoes of PA 
With the rise of the eCommerce, PA has transformed itself from an online payment service provider to a well-rounded e-payment technology and e-commerce management service provider offering both online and mobile omni-channel payment solutions, globally. PA believes that a payment system plays an essential part for today’s merchants to tackle the cutting-edge competition. On prior, PA sees payment processing as creating digital footprint from sales for the usage of business intelligence under digitalization.
As per the company, the reason behind decision, made by PA, of developing mobile payment solutions, and even move beyond to integrate digital marketing, e-commerce and business intelligence. This further will help merchants to draw awareness, boost sales, and develop cutting-edge tools for sales and marketing strategies. It offers an all encompassing package for merchants those seeking for effective ways to maintain their competitiveness.
Services at Its Best 
The company exemplifies that PA’ designated mobile application PA Pay helps merchants process offline payment through different payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, allowing merchants to provide from offline to online experience and vice versa. PA’ popular F&B reservation platform ‘ClickABite’ allows hotels and restaurants to accept customers’ reservation, confirm payment and generate redemption codes in a single platform which saves time and resources regarding booking, payment and seat allocation. On prior to that, the data footprint, i.e. booking record, generated by ClickABite, enables merchants to formulate specialised marketing strategies to targeted customers, an efficient way to explore potential and save loyal customers.
Leader’s Note 
The Strategic Development Director of PA, Victor Choy, is the man behind the successful business stature of the company. Being a 20-year veteran in bridging businesses between East and West, Victor is paving the way of the company to become a leader in the Fintech industry in Asia by creating an edge in its commercial offers.
Victor states that payment might be the last aspect in a commercial cycle, but it is also the start for new transactions. Through AI and big data, payment company can help merchants to understand and acknowledge their customers and grow market share through in-depth analytic in all their transactional data.
As a fintech company with strong R&D capabilities, Victor states that PA is one of the first in the industry to integrate digital marketing, e-commerce solution and business intelligence in its payment eco-system. This payment ecosystem is going to keep PA ahead of all commercial demands of our merchants and partners, as well as other competitors. He envisions the future of PA penetrating into other ‘emerging markets’ like North America that sees the importance of new immigrants or tourists from China through a close working relationship with strategic partners like Alipay and WeChat Pay.
A Step Ahead of the Competition 
PA claims that, over the years, it is humble to listen to the demand of merchants and integrate the payment flow into their business models. From the years of group-buying, cosharing, crowd-funding to the latest crypto currency, the company realize that humbleness enables us to immediately react to the fast-changing business world.
PA looks widely, thinks deeply, works efficiently and reviews thoroughly before realising the digital eco-system,” says Victor. To stay ahead from others, PA offers merchants the best complementary tools beyond payment processing to fully consolidate their business strategies and thus sustainably convert the traffic into sales. He also states the company do not see its merchants as clients but more as our business partner. In this relationship both PA and the merchants will work hand in hand on the same target to help the business growth together.
A Glance of Its Future 
PA believes in merchants’ success is its success. To commit to its motto, it would not stop fine-tuning its digital eco-system initiative and always stick to the needs of merchants to ensure they could benefit from its seamless and integrated omnichannel services. It also believes in paving the golden path for merchants to achieve their success in such a fast-forward digital business world.
PA’s dedicated client HK-based last mile logistics company Point2Point relies on our AI-driven e-business solution DRun to perform marketing, fleet management, settlement and customer service, and at the end records robust sales growth and great improvement of operation efficiency after the adoption of DRun. The founder of Point2Point pinpoints that only those who embraces management efficiency, equips latest technology and cares customised needs could survive in the city’s logistics market with stiff competition. DRun, developed by PA’ business intelligence arm Datatech, proudly receives appreciation from Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards for the remarkable effort to integrate technology with business to formulate ground-breaking solutions and initiatives that meeting the changing needs of business world.