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Paxata : Makes Data Worth Analyzing

Paxata is the only Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform for the enterprise. Paxata’s platform provides an interactive, analyst-centric data prep experience powered by a unified set of technologies designed from the ground up for comprehensive data integration, data quality, semantic enrichment, collaboration and governance.
Paxata focuses on delivering quantifiable business results, they approach everything with a mix of humility and confidence, and encourage brutal honesty from everyone they interact with. They created these values to help them as they grow and mature. This commitment makes them a company with employees who thrive and customers who know they are committed to their success. As Paxata continues to expand, these values continue to help them overcome challenges and build superior solutions.
Corporate culture is important to Prakash Nanduri, CEO and Co-founder of Paxata. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and enterprise software visionary, with over 20 years of experience in both start-up and large companies. Prakash was the co-founder and VP of Velosel (acquired by TIBCO), there he drove the strategy and growth of the company, securing over $40 million in venture capital financing. Prakash led the post-merger integration effort at TIBCO, then spent three years at SAP as the Head of Product and Technology Strategy within the Office of the CEO. At SAP he was responsible for key strategic initiatives, including the SAP Big Data (HANA) business strategy.
Builds Comprehensive and Flexible Data Model
Paxata balances the freedom that a business analyst wants to have (no coding, scripting, imposed schemas, etc.) with a transparent capability to allow IT to see what is being done to the data. The Paxata platform is accessible from any browser vs. client/server, and can handle all data, regardless of size or source.
The most powerful and unique aspect of the Paxata solution is how they have implemented machine learning, that uses proven technologies from consumer search and social media, namely intelligent indexing, textual pattern recognition, and statistical graph analysis. By applying proprietary, patent-pending algorithms to the linguistic content of both structured and unstructured data, the Paxata solution automatically builds a comprehensive and flexible data model in the form of a graph, reflecting similarities and associations among data items. The system uses the associations between the data to detect and resolve both syntactic and semantic data quality issues, rapidly improving the quality of large data sets.
Empowers the Information-driven Organization
Paxata has pioneered a whole new category in enterprise software: adaptive self-service data preparation. Their mission is to empower everyone within information-driven organizations who want to extract the most value from their data as they make decisions, regardless of the analytic tools they choose, their data sources or use cases.
Today’s information-driven organizations recognize the need for a platform approach that stops the pendulum from swinging between data lock-down and freedom-driven chaos. This platform, which Paxata calls the enterprise information fabric, needs to be built from the ground up for the next generation of big data and BI requirements, with a set of enabling technologies: distributed computing, artificial intelligence, cloud capabilities and dynamic user experience. Only with this fabric in place can organizations become truly information-driven-where their data is used for contextual analytics that transform their productivity, ability to innovative and succeed in ways they never imagined.