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Paul Hanson: Having the Characteristic “Passionately Committed”

A 100% positive person Paul Hanson, CEO of Zero Energy is well known for his level of commitment to the task and goals placed before him will certainly result in success. Anyone who has started a business knows that there are times where the immediate future can look very bleak. But Paul is a person who believes, ‘a positive attitude can drive you through it.’
Always been a go-getter in all aspects of his life, Paul is has shown his commitment and passion being an enthusiastic athlete.  Paul found great success through levels of commitment and passion that have since carried over into his professional endeavors.
Zero Energy has a beautiful story to share. 5 years ago a small group of like-minded friends committed to making the world a better, greener and more efficient place. There background was in home construction and renovation, an interesting field to make the world more efficient. But, as timing would have it, there was opportunity to marry their passions and skills. Before they knew it, Zero Energy was born in Phoenix Arizona in 2010. Since then, the company has moved its Headquarters to California, and the company has committed and executed more than 5,000 home improvement projects that enhanced the efficiency standards of homes across the state.
Zero Energy, ‘Saving Energy’
Zero Energy offers a wide range of products and services to its customers. The first and foremost service that Zero Energy offers is a free Home Energy Audit. In this audit, they perform a sweep of the home collecting 250 data points, which are then utilized with their patented algorithm and software programs to generate custom recommendations to first reduce a home’s consumption of kilowatt hours, and then they look into production based methods in order to create a self-reliant and efficient home.
Products that Zero Energy offers to reduce a home’s consumption levels are: Insulation, HVAC, Windows, Lighting, etc. These services and products ultimately reduce a home’s energy consumption, offering the families of these homes an opportunity to save money on their utility bills. Next, they look at ways to produce energy and recommend solutions to turn their home into an independent energy provider so that they can ultimately leave the utility companies behind.
 Vanquishing Competitors with a Unique Approach
Elaborating the new approach towards energy saving, Paul says, “Zero’s strategy differs greatly from our competitors. We are often viewed as a solar company and we do preform a lot of solar jobs however, our competitor’s strategy is vastly different than Zero’s. Typically, a competitor company will show up to a home, recommend a certain number panels to lower their utility bills and then they install the panels.”
At Zero, before they even get into the solar conversation, they examine your home, through the free Home Energy Audit mentioned earlier to look at your home, find where there are inefficiencies, identify how to fix those inefficiencies and then recommend ways to produce your own energy. They fix the problem entirely, opposite applying a band aid solution like many of their competitors.
Paul adds, “Our company is set out to help home owners live safe, comfortable and efficient lifestyles in their home. Cutting utility expenses is a byproduct of the whole home approach we take. The number one commitment as an organization is to leave every customer Glad they Met Us!”
“Go Green”
At Zero Energy, renewable energy is about more than just generating more solar energy. Renewable energy begins with learning to conserve the precious resources that we already have. Zero Energy takes every possible measure to ensure that your home is running at maximum efficiency.
If there was a hole in your oven, you wouldn’t turn up the heat to keep the oven warm. You would fix the hole first! The same goes for solar energy. Loading up a roof with solar panels does little for conservation when the rest of the house is losing energy through holes, gaps, and other inefficiencies.
That’s why Zero Energy Contracting always performs a FREE Home Energy Audit before beginning any renewable energy project. They conduct a comprehensive examination of your home’s energy system to determine just where it’s losing energy, whether it’s leaky ducts, poor insulation, or old appliances.
Zero believes in, ‘By reducing the amount of energy your home is wasting, your home has the potential to actually contribute positive energy to the power grid. You will no longer be an energy sucker, but an energy producer. Reduction is the true renewable energy.’
Glorious Journey of Paul with Zero Energy
Their business grew at a 100% rate year over year for the first 4 years they were in business. In their 5th year, Zero Energy pulled back to about a 50% rate as they started to expand into the new markets. Zero Energy plans to expand their footprint outside of CA to a national level in the next 4-5 years. Paul says, “2017 will include 1 or two new states with multiple markets in each state. The DNA of our growth team is focused on identifying strong producers and empowering them to grow!”
Paul thinks that the next 2 years provide an interesting opportunity as the energy space continues to mature. He intends to create an environment where people can truly create their own destiny. He asserts, “Empowering our employees to challenge themselves on a daily basis, get outside of comfort zones, and learn from mistakes will allow our team to reach our goal of having every home we touch glad they met us.”